2020 Great Wall M4 : photo price and equipment, video test drive

2020 Great Wall company is already far not a new name in the international arena. Moreover, its vehicles are in great demand in the public sector and beyond.

Photo 2020 Great Wall M4

One way or another, but the manufacturer from China on the progress will not stop. Since Russia is one of the main markets for their models, the company decided to expand its presence. And to do this 2020 Great Wall wants by updating its vehicles, as well as creating new ones.

So, one of the first on the Russian open spaces should expect an updated model 2020 Great Wall M4, which has experienced much good restyling.

We note immediately that this crossover refreshed not only appearance, but also a refined interior, and engine compartment can potentially receive much more interesting units than it was before.

As vehicle information is already more than enough to offer you a full review of the crossover, which came to us from China. Such a machine is noteworthy because it looks interesting, has good prospects, as well as soundly equipped with a small cost.

Exterior 2020 Great Wall Hover M4

If you are already familiar with dorestaylingovoy version of the photo and video content updated crossover 2020 Great Wall M4 without much effort, you can notice the changes.

Photo 2020 Great Wall M4 Front

Thus, the front end is now equipped with a new bumper, which clearly hints at the kind of sportiness. Massive grille cover the special inserts. Stylish optics perfectly combined with fog lights and daytime running lights. Interestingly, fog and daytime hodoviki performed in the same block, which looks really original. So designers would like to say a special thank you for such a decision.

Photo 2020 Great Wall M4 Side

Side view opens eyes to almost flat roofline, decorated with railings. Side doors are large enough and provide a comfortable embarkation and disembarkation of passengers and the driver. Neat exterior mirrors have received as a complement LED repeater turn signals. Use protective plastic around the perimeter makes it clear that this is a crossover, designed not only for city driving. The imposing wheel arches combined with the relatively modest size wheels. Theoretically, it is possible to put on Gray Wall and into something more impressive.

Photo 2020 Great Wall M4 Rear

The back part was quite small tailgate, on which established visor and supplemented stoplight. Also note the new diffuser insert and interesting, making the rear view rather original. Good optics, compact glass tailgate complete the attractive image of the crossover.


In terms of size there have been some changes, but they affected only the length. The updated version of the Chinese SUV is longer by 34 mm. As a result, the dimensions are as follows:

  • length – 3995 mm
  • width – 1728 millimeters
  • height – 1617 mm
  • wheelbase – 2383 mm.

Interior 2020 Great Wall M4

Of course, expect something new in terms of interior restyling when we often by Chinese companies are not going to. However, the 2020 Great Wall and then made adjustments.

Photo salon 2020 Great Wall M4

Front seats 2020 Great Wall M4

Front seats 2020 Great Wall M4

First of all, significantly changed the center console, air vents get an increase, a new block of HVAC equipment, as well as very attractive eight-inch touchscreen display with a multimedia complex is.

Interior Wall M4

The rear seat 2020 Great Wall M4

The driver will be at the disposal of a new steering wheel and seats can now be enclosed in one of several upholstery alternatives.


decomposition of the trunk

If we talk about the trunk, that is, the Chinese did not touch. Therefore, it is the old standard volume 337 liters. And if you omit the backrest of the second row, then it creates a space equal to 1251 liters.

Components Wall Hover M4

While it is not reported, it will go down in the basic version. However, it became known, what options will be available for the 2020 Great Wall M4. Because the base is not going to touch, we explore and optional equipment, which really is of interest:

  • Cruise control
  • climate control
  • sunroof equipped with electrically
  • sporty design package
  • aluminum pedals
  • TCS and ESP safety systems
  • alloy wheels
  • full power accessories, and so on.

The price of the new 2020 Great Wall M4

As is the case with a complete set, the price of the manufacturer of China in no hurry to call. While it is reported that the car will be available to customers in Russia next year. That is not clear, it is spring, summer, or have to wait until the autumn already.

The only thing that pleases, so this message from the official representatives of the company. They promise to make an updated version is only slightly more expensive than its predecessor. Moreover, the basic configuration after restyling could cost less than the version of the crossover to the planned updates.

Recall that the current to date version of the crossover is available in the networks of authorized dealers 2020 Great Wall in Russia, is available in three trim levels. Basic costing the buyer at 550,000 rubles. For the average should be given to eight thousand rubles more. But a top performance of toit about 597 000 rubles.

Specifications 2020 Great Wall M4

Rumor has it that a Chinese automaker is going to soon introduce a new version of the engine. Unfortunately, data on the level of speculation, and no official of the soil under a do not.

Because at the moment you can only talk about the engine, which will get a restyled version of the crossover from its predecessor. And it’s a few upsetting because 2020 Great Wall M4 will complement 1.5 liter petrol engine with a power of 99 hp with a torque of 138 Nm.

But if in the engine compartment has been no change (at least for the moment), in terms of gearboxes worth waiting for changes. So, in addition to the well-known five-speed manual box, for the crossover will be available automatic transmission. Of course, only an option.

No data on what exactly it will be for the automatic transmission, is not reported.

But the basic version has four-wheel drive will be available. The previous version in Russia is sold with front-wheel drive only.

It is not known whether the presence of all-wheel drive on the dynamic characteristics of the flow and impact. However, the actual data is 172 kilometers per hour top speed. At the same time acceleration from zero to hundred kilometers per hour at the crossover takes 12.9 seconds. As for consumption, the manufacturer claims on the combined cycle their creation consumes about 7-8 liters per hundred kilometers traveled path. In fact, consumption is slightly larger but much of the claimed no different.

Video Test Drive 2020 Great Wall M4


Restyling really went for the benefit of 2020 Great Wall M4 2016. Crossover has become prettier, more interesting inside, I received a number of attractive options. Plus tags promise to keep on the same level.

The only thing that upset, because this power unit. Yet for the crossover 99 horsepower – it otkrovnno little. Hopefully, the 2020 Great Wall come to its senses and realizes that it is necessary to set more impressive engines for such vehicles.