2020 Great Wall Hover H6 China-made new crossover

2020 Great Wall Hover H6 – a new crossover from the popular Chinese manufacturer. Who will meet in Russia on a completely new plant, for which the Chinese representatives have bought equipment related advanced technologies. This greatly pleased that Chinese manufacturers raise the level of production quality of its cars. First of all noted that the plant installed the latest welding and painting robots.

In contrast to the last line, a new 2020 Great Wall Hover H6 received a number of advantages. Brand new design, easy of course, but still eye-catching and harmonious. According to many critics of this design is borrowed from Volkswagen’a Tiguan’a Honda’y and CR-V. From Volkswagen Tiguan taken back part of the car, the door and lights, but on the Honda CR-V side part and according to some even of the cabin. But according to the magazine behind the wheel, this design is simply unique and are delighted that the Chinese took up their new car and nachili all do from scratch. If you’re interested, you can read the article about the 2020 Great Wall Hover H6, and online at the wheel by clicking on this link . As a result of the new body on Hover H6 dropped his weight and flotation capacity is its main drawbacks. Now, this is precisely the urban crossover.

The cabin was comfortable, low-quality wood plastic is no longer used, all good soft plastics. General view of the interior, so to say a passenger, not for serious all-wheel drive cars. Pleases roominess and space. In the back seat without any problems, you can collapse, even throw a leg over the other. Enough space in the trunk, and if used in addition of the rear seat, it becomes even more.

In completing the 2020 Great Wall Hover H6 includes 6 airbags, navigation, DVD radio with 4 high-quality speakers, climate – control, a tire pressure monitor. As is well known Chinese love their cars stuffed with electronics and the 2020 Great Wall Hover H6 was no exception.


The performance characteristics of 2020 Great Wall Hover H6 is happy only with a diesel engine, it has a capacity of 2 liters and 150 hp In this engine, the car picks up speed briskly and well managed. But the petrol 2-liter engine, this machine behaves so very sad, lost as much as a desire to travel. But happy one moment that Russian market will use the 2.4-liter engine, it is possible to 2020 Great Wall Hover H6 will be spirited. Transmission for cars this may be both automatic and manual.

The price for 2020 Great Wall Hover H6 seems to be acceptable. In the Russian market for the standard, it will be 699 000 rubles. For such a crossover, I think it is not bad.

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Conclusion: What would not say that the Chinese are once again licked appearance, they turned cool urban crossover at an affordable price. Beautiful strict, stylish design, excellent dynamic performance (I’m talking about a diesel assembly because not yet heard about the 2.4-liter petrol). Only here with looping capabilities they have calculated the rugged terrain. Well Chinese make progress possible in the future more interesting cars we see them.