2020 Great Wall Hawa N9 or the Chinese copied Prado

New Chinese car industry, which is called 2020 Great Wall Haval H9, became a party to the International Motor Show, which was held in Moscow this year. On their home debut for the SUV took place in April and on sale in China, he enrolled in the summer.

2020 Great Wall company has established itself as a producer of a good rather cheap, but quality and with a fine level of reliability of cars. Namely, crossovers and SUVs. Not so long ago appeared sub-brand, the name of which – Haval. These machines have become more interesting, smarter and more. Not surprisingly, many experts equate model series Hawa H2 , H8 and H9 to bright and potentially strong competitors for Japanese cars, European and Korean.

Incidentally, the 2020 Great Wall Hawa H9 is a large-sized SUV, which is quite surprised the Russian audience. This was achieved by a strong technical component of good-quality materials and finishes just did a huge selection of options and standard equipment.

The question, however, remains relevant – whether our customers are willing to pay big money for SUVs from China?


We can not say that the Chinese company designers much bother, working on the exterior. By tradition for manufacturers from China, it was taken as a basis for an existing popular car, which is slightly altered. In the case of N9 prototype became the Land Cruiser Prado 150 . In the photo and video materials can be seen that the machine fully displays the image of the Japanese SUV, but has its oriental notes. Plus, the Chinese decided to add some “frills” as winches, tow bar and powerful running boards on the sides.

2020 Great Wall Hawa H9 photo front

Although the novelty – it is, in fact, a copy of a Japanese car, still Hawa N9 could be called attractive, modern and interesting. The front end received a particular brand sub-brand Hawa. That is a huge trim grille in the shape of an inverted trapezoid, narrower headlights based bixenon powerful solid bumper with boomerangs on the sides that act as fog lamps.

2020 Great Wall Haval H9 photo Side

The profile looks quite classic model for an SUV. The long bonnet, large doors, large windows, flat roof, impressive food, as well as large wheel arches, where no problems have been installed in the base radius of 18 inches wheels. Of course, if you wish, you can install something more solid. Dimensions arches allow it to do.

2020 Great Wall Haval H9 2016 photo back

The rear part is decorated with a vertical dimensional optics, a large tailgate with a fairly comfortable fit, as well as trunks, where the spare tire and presumably should be placed. But that’s strange – in fact, the spare tire placed under the bottom, just near the bumper, which, in turn, proved to be very compact.

With regard to the external dimensions, they have 2020 Great Wall Haval H9 are as follows:

  • length – 4856 mm;
  • width – 1926 mm;
  • height – 1910 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2800 mm;
  • ground clearance (clearance) – 230 millimeters.


Here at the outset starts quite interesting compositions. The fact that the standard is designed for saloon car passengers 7, i.e. assumes three rows of seats. The interior turned out quite interesting, modern and stylish. Yes, and the manufacturer says that the quality of finish is very good premium. According to these reports, we will find it within textured and soft plastics, leather, wood, aluminum.

2020 Great Wall Hawa H9 2016 photo salon

The front part can be considered a functional and organic. Multifunctional steering wheel the driver can be adjusted both in height and depth. The dashboard is informative, well speedometer and tachometer are made beautifully and accurately. Plus there is a color trip computer. The center console multimedia system is located. Climate control unit installed in the correct, easy to manage driver’s seat.

Photo salon 2020 Great Wall Haval H9 2016

Between the front seats, we note a tunnel. That it has found its place gearbox. And it will be automatic with the ability to change gears petals placed on the steering wheel.

Photo rear seats 2020 Great Wall Hawa H9 2016

Rear passengers will hardly complain about the discomfort. Places there are more than enough chairs look good, and even in many respects original. Plus its own climate control unit, heating and entertainment systems will make the trip more comfortable.

Photos of the third row in the 2020 Great Wall Hawa H9

In general we can say that in front of us an enviable business-class SUV. Although the manufacturer has positioned it as a premium car, it is only a little bit not up to such a status.


If we talk about packaging, then there is a company from China did not skimp. Actually, it is the wealth of equipment is often the main reason for the choice in favor of the less prestigious Chinese cars, rather than European, Japanese or Korean, for example.

As a result, at the moment, you can call the following list of basic and auxiliary equipment provided to build 2020 Great Wall Haval H9:

  • leather trim
  • color trip computer
  • touch screen 8 inches
  • navigation system
  • advanced audio system powered by Infiniti
  • Internet access
  • Rear View Camera
  • three-zone climate control
  • air purification system
  • paddle shifters
  • four-wheel drive
  • heated front seats and second-row seats
  • climate control unit on the second row
  • entertainment system with color display in the backside of the front seats for rear passengers
  • impressive set assists, and security systems.


Wait for the 2020 Great Wall Hawa H9 on the territory of Russia there are not so long. The manufacturer said that in October or November, the novelty should appear here. Already in November, but because soon wishing to acquire interesting SUV will be able to finally do it.

Sold N9 will be in large cities, where there is a representative office of 2020 Great Wall. Of course, it is Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Novosibirsk and others. The price will be between 1.3 million rubles.

Photos SUV 2020 Great Wall Haval H9

Recall that China’s SUV sold since this summer. There for Hawa H9 asked at least 230 thousand yuan. This is about 1.35 million rubles. As you can see, the prices in Russia by Chinese special price tags will not differ.


Although the car very soon begin to travel on our roads, information about the technical specifications are not as much as would be desirable.

It is known that under the hood of the 2020 Great Wall Haval H9 will be two petrol engines, which are complemented by another turbo.

  1. The first engine has four cylinders and a working volume of 2.0 liters. It throws it at the expense of the turbine 218 horsepower and 324 Nm of torque. It works in tandem with a six-speed automatic gearbox.
  2. Senior engine already has a volume of 3.0 liters with six cylinders. This power unit is capable of producing 333 horsepower and 480 Nm of torque. It works in conjunction also with an automatic transmission, but this time with 8 stages.

2020 Great Wall also repeated and four-wheel drive control system. So, the Chinese SUV, you can select mode four-wheel drive cars, which are many. In fact, it is a copy of the system, called Multi-Terrain Select, which offers a Toyota in their SUVs and Land Cruiser Prado in particular.

Photo rear of the SUV 2020 Great Wall Hawa H9


Summing up, we can say about this car that begins to come to us from China? The Chinese have not yet stopped its practice of copying famous cars to create your own. But for this to court them nobody takes the course. But it is China that allows the European, Asian and Russian consumers get good cars at an attractive price. Even the reviews of the owners say that the Chinese auto industry has made a major breakthrough.

As for specifically 2020 Great Wall Haval H9, that, in fact, we have a high-quality copy of a Japanese SUV. It absorbed all the strengths of the Japanese, had its own peculiarities. But most importantly, the Chinese version is much cheaper than the Japanese.