2020 Great Wall Hawa H8 : the new crossover from under heaven

2020 Great Wall Company recently announced the launch of production and, consequently, sales of its new SUV. This Chinese car produced sub-brand manufacturer 2020 Great Wall – Haval.


  1. Design
  2. size crossover
  3. Interior
  4. Configurations
  5. Price for Russian
  6. Specifications
  7. Video Test Drive
  8. Conclusion

It is noteworthy that this is a fairly large car, which takes a bit below the level of the main flagship company among crossovers – H9, calculated on the full seven seats.

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-2020 Great Wall Hawa N9 or the Chinese copied Prado

The novelty in the face 2020 Great Wall Haval H8 seriously will not differ in size, and the car looks quite similar, it is well looked through on the photo.

Exterior Chinese crossover Haval H8

Looking at the 2020 Great Wall Hawa H8, did not immediately realize that the car in front of you Chinese. Painfully attractive and Europe this crossover. It is obvious that in China have learned to come up with an original design that will appeal to both local and foreign public. N8 looks like a nice, expensive SUV. Although in reality it is really is.

Photo 2020 Great Wall Haval H8 Front

The front part is decorated with a large grille trim, compact, but the original optics with LED filling. Below are located section of daytime running lights, the role played by LED strip. Even lower – fog lights, perfectly fit into the front bumper.

Lateral Crossover 2020 Great Wall Hawa H8

On the side we see the large, suitable for boarding and alighting doors, small exterior mirrors, exaggerated wheel arches, attractive wheels. Optionally, or may base for the Russian market, the crossover is equipped with roof rails.

Hawa H8 Rear

Feed quite weighty, but fully meets all manner of Chinese SUV. The boot lid is comfortable, large, rear optics designed, looks great at night.

Although the 2020 Great Wall Haval H8 year, decorated in the style of his older brother, there are obvious differences between the cars. First of all, are not so brutal H8 that is more plus than minus.


As for dimensions, here we can specify the length of a novelty – 4800 milllimetrov. This is about 100 millimeters less than the seven-seat flagship N9.

Length mm. 4806
Width mm. 1975
Height mm. 1794
Wheelbase mm. 2915
Ground clearance (clearance) , mm. 210

Internal urbanstvo Hawa H8

Front Panel

If you look at a photo and video materials will be evident how well the car is decorated inside and out. Yes, they present some disadvantages that are typical for the Chinese automotive industry, but it is obvious that the interior is made using quality, maybe even expensive materials.

Photo salon in the new 2020 Great Wall Hawa H8

The dashboard is not very modern, but it can not be called old. A convenient multifunction steering wheel, well-located button, the modern center console with multimedia display and so on.

Planting front passengers

Qualitative seat

Fits front and rear comfort, although the front seats a little lacking lateral support. When taking into account all the other virtues, such small things can be forgiven.

Rear sofa

Large trunk

crossover Components

At the moment, the exact details as to what specific configuration options for the Chinese are going to sell 2020 Great Wall Haval H8 on the territory of Russia, but few official comments representatives of the company were given.

Hawa H8 2016 2017 top

So, for the Russians exactly offer a complete set called Luxe. Will include the following equipment in it:

  • leather upholstery;
  • modern audio system;
  • sunroof with electric drive;
  • set of six airbags;
  • light sensor;
  • Rain sensor;
  • Stability;
  • fog lights;
  • LED daytime running lights;
  • multimedia system;
  • navigation system;
  • Rear View Camera;
  • climate control and so on.

As you can see, quite an extensive list of equipment. It is possible that we will offer more modest equipment.

Attractive appearance

The price of the new 2020 Great Wall Haval H8 in Russia

With regard to prices, it was not a mystery. The said equipment will cost the Russians to 2 million rubles from the start. As the cost of filling options can grow.

Many expect that the 2020 Great Wall Haval H8 offered with an initial or even secondary equipment, which will cost approximately 1.5 million rubles. Given the quality of the machine, as well as a dynamic brand that is gaining popularity is deserved, these tags are able to attract buyers and make the Russian market is one of the most profitable for the producer.

At the exhibition

Anyway, start of sales is scheduled for October. After that it will be possible to draw certain conclusions regarding the potential success of this, of course, interesting crossover.

Specifications 2020 Great Wall Hawa H8

About the dynamic capabilities of the car in the camp of the company Haval is silent. It is not excluded that Russia will change some specifications compared to Chinese.

The large grille

With the start of sales to expect plenty of choice of engines is not necessary. The company will begin implementing its new crossover is only one single engine. This turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine capacity of 2.0 liters. It gives it a solid 218 horsepower and its torque is 324 Nm. In tandem with the powertrain works as no alternative automatic dedicated six gearbox.


Well, at the moment 2020 Great Wall Haval H8 looks extremely attractive and promising. It will be incredibly interesting to see how this is adapted to the Chinese domestic market and will be able to win the trust of customers.

In the fields

Given current patterns of Haval, as well as paying attention to the quality and reliability of these vehicles, the potential of the huge H8. Attractive appearance, well-crafted and decorated interior, richly equipped, attractive price. Add to this a solid engine, and you get a serious competitor for a variety of segment leaders.

Of course, talking about the success of new products is too early. Nevertheless, there are grounds for it. And more than the objective.