2020 Great Wall Hawa H2 – and soon in Russia

2020 Great Wall company by leaps and bounds closer to world markets. What can we say, its vehicles for a long time represented in many countries around the world. It should be noted, the sales are not as bad as many skeptics expected.

Anyway, today we are interested in only one machine, and it’s 2020 Great Wall Haval H2 – year. Its official premiere at the Moscow Motor Show. Already this fall, the new product will be available for domestic buyers. It is worth noting that 2020 Great Wall Hawa H2 caused a huge storm of emotions, and positive during its first presentation in April at his home in Beijing.

In Russia, the novelty competition from China is more than enough. Moreover, as the European in the face of Renault Duster and Nissan Murano , and Asian – Chery Tiggo 5 , Dongfeng AH7 , Geely Emgrand X7 , and so on. Who knows, maybe the 2020 Great Wall will be able to impose the struggle segment leader – Model Actyon by company Ssangyong.

As is known, the company produces a series of GW Haval car. This H2 will be the youngest of them. What is important is that the crossover pleasant appearance, interesting interior, good equipment and even serious powertrains. But let’s talk about everything in detail and present to your attention a full review of the new crossover that will surely be interested in including domestic buyers.


For photo and video materials can be seen that the crossover is nice and attractive. So there is the 2020 Great Wall has made a serious step on the way to winning the hearts of motorists.

2020 Great Wall Haval H2 photo front

The solidity of the front end is achieved in many ways a huge false radiator grille and trapezoidal chrome dual jumpers. The head optics, though narrow, but produces amazing glow. Plus, it is decorated with LED strips that today is fashionable and relevant. Great bumper cutouts ducts, chrome rings, which are enclosed in fog lights … Here, even the words are not needed. It’s very beautiful and harmonious. Already amazing.

Photos side 2020 Great Wall Hawa H2

Side elegant lines, regular shapes, large doors, beautiful exterior mirrors that fit the body size of the wheel arches, stylish wheels, roof rails along the entire length of the roof – this is thereby able to create a very, very attractive profile.

Behind the 2020 Great Wall Hawa X2 she continues to surprise and delight. Compact accurate optics perfectly combined to huge bumper, a large tailgate, chrome accents and stylish stop signal based on light-emitting diodes. Plus we have a big spoiler above the tailgate glass, which on all length of a name written Haval.

2020 Great Wall Haval H2 – back of the photo

It’s hard to realize that this car came to us from China. Often, no offense to the local producers, they blindly copy the images of popular European, Japanese or American models, make far the most successful designer moves, or simply offering raw boring images. In this case, everything is exactly the opposite. This is clearly not a copy, and the personal development of Chinese specialists. And her little called successful. The car looks great from any angle. Replaced by a label in the name of a leading manufacturer, and the price can be increased twice. Outwardly crossover deserves.

Finally, a few words with respect to size. They have such a crossover:

  • length – 4335 mm
  • width – 1814 millimeters
  • height – 1695 mm
  • wheelbase – 2560 mm
  • ground clearance (clearance) – 180 millimeters.


Many feared that the bright appearance of the model hides the gray and dull interior. Fortunately, this did not happen. Inside, the car continued to amaze. Centre left a stylish, modern and even original. finishing materials used neat, the gaps between the minimum elements that speaks of quality fit.

Photo salon 2020 Great Wall Haval H2

The salon offers a two-color version, in which the bottom of the light, and the top is dark. Plus is supplemented with bright red accents in the door cards and on the seats.

2020 Great Wall Hawa H2 photo salon – front seats

The driver will be able to enjoy the convenience and versatility of the steering wheel, the modern instrument panel, TFT color display of the onboard computer on the three and a half inches, the modern front panel and very cool implementation of the central console, which is a decoration on the color screen of 8 inches, in charge of the work multimedia. Also, the center console was a place for the climate system controls.

If we talk about the seat of the first row, then they are quite comfortable and even have good lateral support. As an option you can get the drive to adjust the seat position.

Photo rear seats in the 2020 Great Wall Hawa H2

Behind sit also convenient. Legroom in the crown is more than enough even tall passengers. Plus there is no problem with landing in the interior, because the doors are wide and have a solid door.

Photos in the trunk 2020 Great Wall Haval H2 – year

That such exterior and interior are in our time to do the specialists from China. And the situation is happy, because the quality is growing, and the price level is attractive.


The exact configuration options and names are not announced, although the car is about to arrive to the official dealers in Russia. One way or another, but we are aware of a set of equipment that 2020 Great Wall will offer buyers of its crossover. It looks as follows:

  • adaptive cruise control with camera front view
  • Camera panoramic view
  • Keyless Access Salon
  • motor start button
  • LED daytime lights
  • LED taillights
  • repeater turn signals in the exterior mirrors
  • modern multimedia system
  • audio, phone, navigation system
  • six airbags
  • sky cameras
  • tracking system for road markings and its intersection
  • the blind zones tracking system
  • parktronic
  • leather
  • electric front seats
  • heated front seats
  • electric sunroof
  • ESP safety system, BAS, EBD, ABS.

Also, the manufacturer may offer a number of other little things that we have to tell you will not. We note only that the level of equipment of the car well, does not fit into the budget segment of crossovers and its hard to imagine a competitor for Renault Duster or Nissan Murano, for example. Hawa X2 must clearly be positioned one step higher and cost more than it asks for the manufacturer.

Photos of the new 2020 Great Wall Haval H2

Perhaps the decision to offer a maximum of at least due to the lack of a serious credibility to the manufacturer by the customer. Motorists still can not get used to the idea that cars from China are high-quality, reliable, reputable. Until now, the Chinese auto industry is most associated with poor quality, disgusting assembly and so on. Of course, in this company are to blame.

Anyway, it is unlikely many will object to get a chic crossover for 500-700 thousand rubles.


We have already mentioned, with whom intend to compete 2020 Great Wall Haval H2 -, in Russia and in the international market in general. We are talking about the budget crossovers. Given the excellent appearance and excellent performance and interior content, did not immediately guess that the 2020 Great Wall with a crossover claims only to a segment of state employees.

Either way, the decision is made and we have seen it is very positive. It is unlikely that many refuse to buy such cars, for which the manufacturer in his homeland requires 90 thousand yuan. If translated into rubles, while the starting price tag will be about 520 thousand rubles. Of course, it is for the base version. But the difference with the top performance of the crossover is not great. For maximum equipment manufacturer asks about 700 thousand rubles.


As we said at the beginning of this review, the new crossover 2020 Great Wall Haval H2 – year and pleasantly surprised by what he appeared specifications. Yes, provided the motors can not be called the crown of modern engine, but nevertheless.

First, we note that buyers will be able to choose the crossover with front-wheel or all-wheel drive. And this is a serious plus. Under the hood, can accommodate one of two petrol engines.

  1. Junior engine is represented by atmospheric petrol power unit volume of 1.5 liters and output of 105 horsepower at the torque of the engine -. 138 Nm.
  2. The second motor is much more attractive. He also has a gasoline engine and a similar volume of 1.5 liters. Only now his key feature is that the unit is equipped with a turbine. As a result, over one and a half liters of volume squeezed 150 horsepower, but still added 210 Nm of torque.

Each of these engines can be equipped with one of two transmissions – a six-speed manual transmission or a CVT same CVT.


We met with a great crossover, which we hope will be a very successful future. Nice to know that we will be on the market with a premium crossover budget equipment, excellent appearance, excellent facilities and even a good motor, it is not always what pleases the Chinese automaker.

New 2020 Great Wall Hawa H2 photo

Very interesting and reviews of the owners, who will be able to give my more objective assessment. Of course, on the basis of descriptions and data products, the machine seems downright chic. What are the X2 will hava in reality – time will tell. In the meantime, wishing to acquire such a crossover can prepare the order of 500-600 thousand rubles for its purchase. Soon the novelty will go on sale in our country.