2020 Great Wall Haval H1 – the most compact crossover Haval series

2020 Great Wall company 3 November announced the sales launch of its new car, which went down in the line titled Haval. As a result, the automotive community is now able to meet with 2020 Great Wall Haval H1 year, which at the moment is going to be sold only on the territory of China, and will soon start worldwide sales. It is likely that the crossover will get up to Russia.

2020 Great Wall Haval H1 photo

It is noteworthy that the modest size of the car, the manufacturer proudly calls his mini SUV. Unfortunately, the attractive appearance and somewhat menacing appearance does not make it a full-fledged off-road conqueror. Not the most powerful engine, the lack of all-wheel drive. Instead, solid plastic protection, good ground clearance and interesting wheels will overcome even the most difficult sections of the Russian roads, and successfully maneuvered on country and snow-covered paths.


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As a result, 2020 Great Wall Hawa X1 can be called quite interesting and in many ways an attractive car, making it a serious contender for a full review. Actually, it we offer you and to learn.


Poofitsialnym photo and video materials can be said that the Chinese claim to novelty is quite good sales. At least Hawa series has established itself with a good hand, which gives hope for further success. The rapidly growing segment of compact crossovers lets you look into the future optimistically company from China.

Photo 2020 Great Wall Haval h1 2016 Front

The front part of the set up in the spirit of all the representatives of Haval, plus have added a number of interesting and original solutions. Most X1 model recalls Hawa X2 , as well as senior H8 crossover . Clear optics, a powerful grille trim with a rich chrome trim, LED running lights, largely classical fog lamps and a large protective body kit makes the car looks quite crossover.

Gray Ox Hawa H1 2016 photo

Create as attractive as the front end, the profile failed because the matter is that the small dimensions of mini-crossover. However, the designers even on such a small space were able to make large doors, a high flat roof, perfect in its radius of the wheel arches as well as all the same plastic protection that is not afraid of scratches.

2020 Great Wall Hawa X1 photo

Behind we see a small boot lid, on the background of large stern marker lights with LEDs, a huge bumper, closed with plastic, as well as compact spoiler above the glass luggage, complete with LED stop signal.

A few words about the dimensions. We have already noted that the manufacturer calls his creation a mini-SUV. But this is not just a small SUV, it’s even a mini crossover, which may well be the most compact in its class. After all dimensions at 2020 Great Wall Haval H1 following:

  • length – 3898 mm;
  • width – 1729 mm;
  • height – 1621 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2460 mm;
  • ground clearance – 185 mm.

Also, the Chinese car company provides a choice of seven color options, including black, blue, yellow, orange, red, white and silver.

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2020 Great Wall has created a range of Haval, to demonstrate how to create a low cost, but very high quality in terms of interior and equipment vehicles. These words found in the study and confirmation Hawa X1 interior. For example, in the base of the buyer will receive a leather interior. Plus, the skin will be used to trim door panel and the front panel, the skin will be on the door armrests, on the steering wheel, on the cover of a transmission.

Photo salon 2020 Great Wall Haval H1

A choice to take one of the crossover with six trim colors. The standard he will be black and red. For an extra fee you can get black and green, black and blue, black and orange, gray and dark brown interior.

Front center console and dashboard are made in the spirit of the modern crossovers, that is all interesting, comfortable, practical and visually appealing. Multifunctional steering wheel, modern instrument panel, a color trip computer creates a tremendous impression on the car.

2020 Great Wall Hawa H1 photo salon

The driver and front passenger to stay comfortably as chair dense, high-quality tailoring, with pronounced lateral support. That is, the interior is very good. At least the photos and to journalists who attended the premiere, it shows.

Photo rear seats in the crossover Haval H1

You’ve already seen what has dimensions salon. This could lead one to believe that the back seat would be at least in all directions. But no, the engineers were able to properly dispose of a modest wheelbase that was enough space in the crown, in the legs and even the width. Maximum comfort is available for the driver and four passengers. Take the back way, as it turned out, very possible. Salon offers a comfortable ride even on long distances.

Picture luggage Haval H1

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2020 Great Wall offers three variants of equipment to its compact crossover. Starting grade is called City and includes:

  • alloy wheels of 16 inches;
  • LED daytime running lights;
  • LED rear lights;
  • front and rear fog lights;
  • mirrors elektroregulirvkoy and repeater turn signals with LEDs;
  • Cruise control;
  • electric windows on all doors;
  • central locking;
  • signaling;
  • multi-function steering wheel;
  • color trip computer;
  • leather upholstery;
  • air conditioning;
  • audio 4 dinmika;
  • front air bags;
  • parking sensors;
  • TPMS system, ABS, BA, EBD.

Luxury next grade even richer, and will provide, in addition to all of the base:

  • Security HBA, ESP, TCS, HHC;
  • color touch screen of 7 inches;
  • navigator;
  • Rear View Camera.

The most expensive equipment is called Premium. She gets all the basic and secondary equipment, plus adds:

  1. water-repellent glass;
  2. folding and heated mirrors;
  3. sunroof with electric drive;
  4. 6 audio dynamics;
  5. climate control;
  6. side airbags.

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While it is not clear whether the Chinese company is going to deliver its new product on the Russian market. It is also not made public the list of countries in which the 2020 Great Wall Haval H1 appears. Most likely, our motorists will have the opportunity to become the owner of a very interesting compact crossover next spring.

At the same China sales have started since the beginning of November. There for the initial version in the base of the asking 68,900 yuan. The most expensive version will cost about 83 thousand yuan. If we convert these prices in rubles, you get about 525 and 630 thousand, respectively.

If Hawa X1 still appear in Russia, this crossover will be an excellent alternative to other Chinese crossover from the 2020 Great Wall, to which X1 is a common platform – 2020 Great Wall M4. The latter, incidentally, now enjoys solid demand among Russian car owners.

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For a bright appearance, very successful and high-quality interior and a very attractive price in hiding, as it turned out, it is standard for a cheap car specifications. Disc brakes, electric power steering improve somewhat impressed.

However, the motor is somewhat disappointing, since it has four cylinders and 1.5 liters of displacement. Power of the power plant was only 106 horsepower with a torque of 138 Nm. Work this engine is a six-speed automatic or five-speed with the same mechanics, depending on the wishes of the buyer.

Pictures 2020 Great Wall Haval H1 2016

The car, of course, turned out to be very successful in everything except the engine. And if you need a crossover, we recommend patience and do not take it until the proposed 106-horsepower powerplant. That’s because in a short time to extend the range up to two motors in the company’s plans. And the new will be very, very interesting.

This is because in the same volume of 1.5 liters, four cylinders, the engine will get a turbine, which will give out 150 horsepower. That’s really what I want to get in addition to a chic appearance and how to budget the car cabin.

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2020 Great Wall has done a great job, and 2020 Great Wall Haval H1 year proved to be extremely interesting and attractive. The only pity is that it is impossible to feel, to explore the opinions of owners and thereby form a more objective assessment.

We hope that by the time the deliveries to Russia, the company from China have already started on a new engine assembly line, and our customers will be able to immediately take a mini-crossover with a sound for the size and weight of new items powerplant with 150 horsepower. While waiting for such costs. Yet the price of attracting and operating experience of our models Haval car owners suggests that H1 does not disappoint.

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