2020 GMC Canyon Diesel

Consolidated Diesel brother Chevrolet Colorado, existing side by side since their inception. Mid-size and economical pick-up, as part of the General Motors development strategy. Meet the 2020 GMC Canyon Diesel .

The diesel version of the GM C Canyon in was presented at the las

t Detroit Auto Show and immediately relished lovers of mid-size pickups. The refined and more refined design, in contrast to the Chevrolet Colorado You , shows a massive grille, something similar to a dryer for towels, relief bumper with chrome inserts and the small fog. It is worth noting that some of the features of a pickup reminiscent of an older model Honda Ridgeline. In profile, Canyon has an imposing wheel arches, flat step that helps get into the interior, as well as alloy wheels of 18 inches. Kormavaya part identical to pickup the Chevrolet : vertical headlamps stand, a massive bumper with side steps and a tailgate.

Interior trim is characterized more for luxury SUVs than for working “horses.” Tall front seats are reminiscent of luxurious seats last row of the cinema. Before the driver is a huge chetyrehspitsevy “bagel”, behind which are located succinctly analog sensors and a trip computer. MyLink multimedia system represented a 6.5-inch display, which is located below the climate control unit. In the more expensive models, pick-up is equipped with audio system from Bose. What else is worth mentioning because it is a large space provided to rear passengers. Despite its anti-aerodynamic body shape, all the passengers inside will be able to enjoy a quiet ride.

Under the hood is installed agile and hardworking diesel engine capacity of 2.8 liters. With the turbine, the power unit develops 185 hp power and 495 Nm of torque. At 2020 GMC Canyon Diesel mounted 6-speed automatic transmission, which transmits torque to all or only to the front wheels. In a list of pick-up capabilities include the ability to tow cargo weighing up to 3.5 tonnes.

It should be noted that the engine is very quiet, with minimal vibration. Steering seems to be more “soft” in comparison with the Chevrolet, but did not affect the agility and maneuverability of the machine. Brakes work confidently, tough and straightforward. So there is nothing to fear.

2020 GMC Canyon Diesel cost will be 20 $ 800 for the base version, the United States of course.

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