2020 Ford Transit

New commercial “horse”, with which the work will be easier and more comfortable.
The segment of vans full replenished with one more novelty – 2020 Ford Transit .

These cars are very popular in many areas and services, ranging from plumbers and builders, finishing the catering.

The new generation 2020 Ford Transit has received an updated design. The front end looks a bit futuristic at the expense of “stretched” headlights and hexagonal radiator grille with three oval sections, painted in matt black. It is worth paying attention to the almost complete absence of the hood, which indicates the location of the engine inside the cabin. On the side, a massive body has received several design touches in the form of shapes and curves. Which are actually functional factory “blanks”. Due to the large glass and side mirrors, the driver gets a good view. And the entire perimeter of the body especially surrounded by a black plastic rim, to protect from minor injuries. Behind the car was a huge barn, swing doors. The angle at which they are opened, is equal to 270 degrees. It is worth noting that a strong steel body holds Transit cargo capacity to 15.1 cubic meters, and its capacity will be enough to tow a trailer weighing in at 3.5 tons.

Interior van pleased good sound insulation, allowing the passenger to talk quietly at high speeds. Also, the interior offers two comfortable seats, cup holders, sockets 12 and 110 Volt, USB ports, air conditioning system and My2020 Ford Touch with a small display, “depressed” at the top of the center console. Pretty it looks original “pocket” for the phone to the right of the steering wheel. List of support systems including rain sensor, light sensor, collision warning system while driving through the intersection, the control system for dead zones and driver fatigue monitoring system, which, if necessary, to make vibrate the steering wheel.

Under the hood of one of the versions of the heavyweight maneuver is a 3.5-liter V6 engine with 310 hp power and 542 Nm of torque. Such characteristics are not able to boast of every sports car. The engine is equipped with 6-speed automatic transmission with SelectShift manual shift transmission, which is unlikely you will use. Suspension is quite simple and reliable: the front MacPherson struts and rear with springs.

New 2020 Ford Transit model year will cost at least 1.147 million rubles. For the money, you get the opportunity to carry any cargo to any place.