2020 Ford Taurus : photo, price and packaging, video

Company 2020 Ford has long been the start of his introduction to the Chinese market. Here there is a number of its models, some produced specifically for the needs and characteristics of customers from China.

However, the model Taurus has always been known only in their home country, ie the United States of America. Even if we can meet the Taurus, is it that the sample of the first generation. Meanwhile, the American automaker has begun to establish now the seventh generation. Production will start soon, and it will start exactly in China.

Photos of the new 2020 Ford Taurus

Currently 2020 Ford Taurus is designed to meet the requirements, needs and wishes of Chinese motorists. The American version will have to wait as much next year. This is the first time that the Taurus was in the Chinese market,

It looks promising car. Positioned as the new business-class sedan, designed for wealthy people and businessmen from China. In fact, it clearly demonstrates not only the appearance of the machine, but also its interior decoration.

There are quite a good chance that the car is officially present in Russia next year. It is also the emergence of the Chinese version of it, not for our American consumers.

Since the car itself is of great interest, plus the variant of its supply to us, is to conduct a detailed review, study the characteristics of new items, as well as to find out what exactly is going to attract to his 2020 Ford Taurus seventh generation.

Exterior 2020 Ford Taurus

In just one appearance already I want to give all the money and become a proud owner of this car. Exterior perfect, looks very cool, strictly, at the same time bold and assertive.

Photo 2020 Ford Taurus Front

The front part was branded trim grille hexagonal shape, which is traditionally and according to a new direction in design is set on current 2020 Ford models. In many ways, the front end recalls the execution of 2020 Ford Mondeo. Narrowed head optics looks like Hidden hunting predator, ready to shoot its LED headlamps. Trim the edges on the long bonnet highlight of status of the machine, as well as hinting at the presence of considerable muscles. Front bumper with wide air intake does not spoil the picture, but only adds to the machine solidity. Well look at the edges of the bumper section, where there was a place for horizontal ribbons fog lamps, made through the use of LEDs.

Photo 2020 Ford Taurus Side

Side view allows you to estimate the size of the machine. Sedan really long, since more than five meters. Sdes and corresponding large door high glazing consisting of three sections. Powerful leg supports elegant exterior mirrors, which possess a certain functionality. So arranged LEDs duplicate the signals turn signals. Plus, one can not ignore the new alloy wheels 19-inch, ten-spoke decorated. They look, frankly, superb.

Photo 2020 Ford Taurus back

The rear also received a new optics with LEDs, thoughtful boot lid, a solid bumper.

Generally very nice to look at this car. Even on a photo and video materials are not difficult to conclude that a new, seventh generation, in many respects superior to its predecessor, has a number of innovations in the exterior, it looks solid and presentable. It is unlikely that the sixth generation can be attributed to the category of business-class sedans. Too many sports notes of it were present. The new Taurus also Chinese businessmen definitely will not be ashamed to go to business meetings. Even against the backdrop of Mercedes, Audi and BMW 2020 Ford Taurus is unlikely to be lost due to its bright and attractive appearance.

Regarding the dimensions of the manufacturer does not tell the details. We only know that the length of the sedan has more than 5,000 millimeters and a wheelbase of exactly 2,950 millimeters.

Interior 2020 Ford Taurus

Getting into the car, you know why he refers specifically to business class. Excellent performance of the back row, great legroom provided to rear passengers, increased opportunities in terms of functionality and comfort.

Photo salon 2020 Ford Taurus

The driver will not feel deprived in terms of comfort and functionality. First of all, note the new multifunction steering wheel, behind which hides a modern dashboard. The center console is filled with a variety of control buttons, deflectors HVAC equipment, modern multimedia system with a large touch screen.

Also worth noting is the emergence of new niches and boxes for storing small things, other holders for the central tunnel, which are regulated and make it possible to place bottles and glasses of different sizes. When driving on a flat plot, when using the second hand in the management of the car is not needed, it can be comfortably positioned on a wide armrest.

Photo 2020 Ford Taurus back sofa

Rear sofa still be regarded as a two-seater. Of course, given the width of the sofa, put it three adults will not be difficult. But this is a business class machine, but because it provides for maximum comfort to one or a maximum of two passengers of the second row.

The main feature is the folding rear armrest, located below the special between the two dedicated seats. It not only offers a comfortable support for the elbow, but also functionality. She ensured the presence of a number of buttons and knobs. They are responsible for your multimedia system, panoramic sunroof control, changes in the work of air conditioning and so on.

Options Taurus

At the moment it is not informed that it will enter the list of available equipment for the new 2020 Ford Taurus year. Obviously, to disclose such information too early, because the sales should start only next year.

However, the complete set can be called indicative. It will include only the modern, high-quality equipment and materials:

  • leather upholstery;
  • multifunction steering wheel with a wide range of adjustment of the steering column;
  • an advanced multimedia system;
  • premium audio system;
  • navigation system;
  • phone;
  • Internet access;
  • two-zone or four-zone climate control;
  • Cruise control;
  • a full set of airbags;
  • complex electronic security systems and assistants;
  • Parktronic;
  • Cameras that provide an overview on all sides;
  • Blind Spot Monitoring System;
  • full LED optics;
  • original alloy wheels with a diameter of 19-20 inches;
  • multifunction armrest in the back seat;
  • heated rear seats;
  • electric front seat adjustment;
  • heating, ventilation, massage seats and so forth.

In fact, to list options can be infinite, as 2020 Ford will offer an extensive list of additional equipment for its seventh generation 2020 Ford Taurus.

Price 2020 Ford Taurus

Talking about the prices it is still too early. Of course, it is possible to adopt the predecessor cost which costs at the start of 27 thousand dollars in the United States. However, the seventh generation sixth clearly superior in all directions.

The car for the Chinese market is a solid business-class sedan, but because the price tag on his promises to seriously increase compared with the current Taurus offered in the United States of America.

Against the background of the Chinese interpretation of the 2020 Ford Taurus will be interesting to see whether he is the same for his home market, or acquire a somewhat simplified and more sporty look will be. While it is reported that external differences will be minimal, and will conclude in a modified grille trim. That is, in America, the Taurus will become a model of the business class. It is also interesting how the variation of the sedan will be in Russian. At the moment, the likelihood of its occurrence in the official dealerships of 2020 Ford in Russia is quite large. What is true, to expect its appearance in just not worth it. Questioned and the future 2016.

In China, the first customers will be able to get a brand new 2020 Ford Taurus this year. Probably towards the end of .

The car will be produced at the facilities of the plant, located in the Chinese city of Hangzhou. It is worth noting that this is a joint venture between 2020 Ford and Chang’an. plant an annual capacity of about 250 thousand cars per year. In total, his creation of the company spent more than $ 760 million. At the moment, everything goes to the fact that the investments themselves very quickly justify and will bring real gains.

Specifications 2020 Ford Taurus

Alas, about the technical characteristics of such an interesting car is not anything really reported.

power plant

We only know that in the engine compartment will house one of the representatives of the EcoBoost family. The power unit includes six working cylinders, and its working volume of 2.7 liters. Apparently, we can expect the power generation, approximate to around 300 horsepower. It is possible that they will be even more than three hundred. Yet EkoBust line motors are known for their improved performance and efficiency.



Apparently, the company 2020 Ford decided to radically change their approach to the model called 2020 Ford Taurus. The seventh generation of the sedan is strikingly different from its predecessor. The car became more serious, refined, solid and expensive. Moreover, both in their appearance, and then in terms of installed price tags.

It is unlikely that the seventh generation of the Taurus in the United States can be purchased for 27 thousand dollars. Most importantly, the price tags were not higher than major competitors, which Taurus is going to fight after its official debut. A serious opponents from 2020 Ford, as are Japanese and German car industry – Lexus, BMW, Audi and Mercedes.

In fact, looking at the information that has provided 2020 Ford at the launch in Shanghai, the car enough prospects bright. Let’s see how the situation actually is. We can only add that our domestic car enthusiasts certainly have not given up the opportunity to get another option when choosing a premium sedan in the face seventh-generation 2020 Ford Taurus. Something tells us that the price tags on it will be lower than those of competitors. And this is a big argument in the battle for customers.