2020 Ford Mondeo

Muscular Sedan D-class, good-natured Mohicans, a popular, if the application Pokemon Go. Learn more about adult 2020 Ford Mondeo in .

If you are a person of middle age and affluence, then definitely pay attention to the car 2020 Ford Mondeo, as an object of desire. This car can

drive, and potatoes and jerk with a traffic light briskly.

Model , came under the surgeon’s knife, features a new grille with a different texture (depending on configuration) formidable LED headlights and a new bumper with powerful cheekbones. Conservative profile sports a new pair of wheels and aerodynamic curves. The back of the Mondeo sedan received an updated bumper with two exhaust pipes, a small spoiler on the trunk lid and decorative chrome insert, “cut” headlamps half.

Interior 2020 Ford Mondeo

Salon 2020 Ford Mondeo restyling looks pretty familiar. Stately leather chairs with a weak lateral support, digital display of the onboard computer and the latest touch screen multimedia system SYNC 3. Last, provide loud sound and music will feel young. The most significant change was the appearance of the joystick to the Jaguar, instead of the usual lever gearbox, freeing up space on the center dashboard. It works without any problems, which occurred in the first generation Jaguar XF.

2020 Ford Mondeo specifications and price

About transportation of passengers will take care of the 2.0-liter turbo engine – one of the best in the line. With 249 hp power and 373 Nm of torque (which is longer than the new Audi A5), 2020 Ford Mondeo will be able to provide a decent dynamics and 11.2-liter fuel consumption in the urban cycle for every hundred. Uncompromisingly engine works together with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

If you want this model, and even revive old, then it is necessary to wait for the rocket ship – Mondeo Sport, which comes with a 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6, capacity of 330 horsepower and drive system on all wheels. With a power reserve model will leave far behind its competitors: Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. For troubled environment, the company will offer a hybrid version of 2020 Ford Mondeo Hybrid.

The cost of the updated 2020 Ford Mondeo in Russia at the moment is not declared. But Americans can already order the new sedan for the price of 24 000 dollars.

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