2020 Ford Mondeo Vignale – It is time in the series

Company 2020 Ford is considered today one of the world’s leading automakers. This is not surprising, because its model spread throughout the world, the demand for them is huge.

Machines sold under the name 2020 Ford, are characterized by their modernity, high quality performance, ex

cellent value for money, reliable powertrains, and many other components that play in favor of the American automaker.

When presented in Frankfurt in , Vignale concept, many were waiting, and when the novelty will be put into serial production. Even then, experts noted outstanding design the car, perfectly executed interior.

Basically, the concept is nothing less than a model of top-end performance of the new generation Mondeo models. To name 2020 Ford Mondeo Vignale company is going to only the most expensive version of the car. Roughly speaking, this is a top grade conventional Mondeo.

While conventional call Mondeo cars would be wrong. Too good he was for the last time. Mondeo was just the embodiment of the present level of business auto industry, but for the price category is quite had the right to stay in the middle class.

Mondeo many years made his image and reputation. It actively snapping up in all corners of the world, because the model combines superb quality, excellent technical characteristics, as well as very attractive price tags.

The decision to create an expensive, premium version of the Mondeo is justified. Moreover, the company is going to release on the market just two body versions of 2020 Ford Mondeo Vignale – sedan and wagon.

Zamanchevy appearance

front part

The front part had some changes compared to the original Mondeo. So, I changed the front bumper has been retouched optics, which now found a place for the LED fog lights. Raised grille adorned with chrome border and a grid made of chromium. The narrow LED foglights have also entered into the body of chromium. The front bumper has turned solid, give the car a kind of aggression, the swiftness of the image.

Photo side

On the side it is worth noting the ideal radius of the wheel arches, which will be placed rims alloy 20 inch radius. It is impossible not to draw attention to the chrome-plated door handles, as well as the housing rear-view mirrors, which not only made completely of chrome, but also wear LED repeater turn signals.

Photo rear of

The rear part is striking in its monumentality, exquisite optics. Powerful rear bumper is successfully combined with a comfortable boot lid that opens access to the internal space of the luggage compartment.

Photo salon

The interior of the 2020 Ford Mondeo Vignale is qualitatively different from the already excellent interior, which is represented in the current versions of the Mondeo.

Purely outwardly it looks very practical, solid, carefully. Just note the high level of ergonomics. A functionality – is generally a separate conversation. Take, on-board computer that supports the Wi-Fi function. Due to the constant access to the Internet is carried out a number of useful operations.

Photo salon 2020 Ford Mondeo Vignale 2016

Inside, you will not find any element that would be made of poor quality material. Yes, common plastic, which is quite logical for the car. But even he – the highest level, it is very pleasant to the touch, without a hint of creaking.

For multifunction steering wheel hides a modern on-board computer screen and dashboard that are ready to perform a number of tasks, and provide a wealth of information from all corners of the car.

Landmark innovation for the car 2020 Ford Mondeo Vignale and all current cars will be the emergence of intelligent anti-theft system. Also supplied with the car camera connected via Wi-Fi. It keeps track of who sits behind the wheel of the car. If this is an unauthorized driver, then the ignition system simply stops working. Start the 2020 Ford will be impossible, no matter how you tried.

As for the seats, then there is no special surprises. As always, the interior is made very high quality, the front seats have appreciable lateral support, comfortable headrests, lumbar support. Located on the back row will not be less comfortable, and all three passengers get ample space in all directions.


For modifications 2020 Ford Mondeo Vignale in the sedan and station wagon provides an identical list of basic and optional equipment. What exactly is the buyer will receive the standard version, but for that you have to pay separately – is not specified. However, the provided list is impressive:

  • leather upholstery;
  • adjustable front seats;
  • memory settings, position of the front seats;
  • heated and ventilated front seats;
  • large set of airbags;
  • multimedia complex;
  • modern sound system;
  • climate control;
  • Cruise control;
  • touchscreen;
  • multi-function steering wheel;
  • color trip computer;
  • intelligent anti-theft system;
  • Wi-Fi system, constant access to the Internet;
  • leather upholstery;
  • inlays of precious materials;
  • leather steering wheel;
  • full power accessories;
  • a complete set of security and assists safe driving;
  • Rear View Camera;
  • navigation system;
  • parking sensors and so forth.


Sorry, but about the price of the car manufacturer in the US is in no hurry to speak officially. Apparently, at 2020 Ford how to deliberate regarding the pricing policy.

Think over the question of cost is very important. The car really will be a real premium creature that is able to impose huge competition from the leading manufacturers in Europe and Japan. Because the price tag should surprise buyers, but at the same time be beneficial to the producer himself. Because even approximate figures we can not yet be named.

But the company noted that Vignale become a full line of high-end versions of the existing models of the manufacturer. So, in addition to the Mondeo, to the family with the prefix Vignale should join the new generation of crossover Edge, Minivan S-Max.

Sell ​​the premium version will be in separate rooms, customers will be given the VIP-service, the most refined and individual approach. In addition, 2020 Ford promises to provide VIP-service services, a lot of support after-sales service.

A pleasant surprise for owners of the new 2020 Ford Mondeo Vignale, as well as other representatives of the new line will be able to get free interior cleaning and washing of the body. These services will operate not only within the warranty period, and all the time that the buyer will own the American car.

Most likely, such services, as well as all additional equipment, all of the options and opportunities associated with the constant presence of Internet access will be offered only in the United States. In other countries, these components will not provide long until adequate infrastructure is displayed.


Unfortunately, even a hint of official information about the technical specifications of the mill 2020 Ford have been reported.

It is expected that the new engines will be more environmentally friendly, more efficient, they will use less fuel than current power units from 2020 Ford. There is talk among experts and that the role of the power plant will deliver a hybrid motor, the main role of which will be assigned to it an electrical component.

The idea is that the gasoline or diesel engine can feed the motor, and the movement will be fully implemented on electric. This principle is relevant to the Toyota Prius, for example, which is very popular in the United States. But this is only speculation.



When it will be an official presentation of the 2020 Ford Mondeo Vignale – is not yet clear. But apparently, the start of sales this year. Consequently, one of the closest car exhibition and will host the show.

There is also speculation that the prime minister will be purely for the US as the first couple to deliver premium Mondeo in Europe and other countries is not planned.

And because we have no choice but to be patient and wait until the company 2020 Ford will remove the veil from your 2020 Ford Mondeo Vignale, and will be able to finally present it in a completely ready-to-sell version. At the same time they will be announced prices and markets.

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