2020 Ford GT

2020 Ford GT was the star of the long-standing Detroit auto show, held in . Today, this car is real as never before. Meet one of 250 unique hypercar – 2020 Ford GT .

Squat wedge supercar with a muscular hood, aggressive bumper got white color, which allows you to clearly i

dentify which elements of the exterior are made of carbon fiber. LED lights make the car look like a stranger – this mysterious and such desired. Profile 2020 Ford GT demonstrates the huge 20-inch wheels, which can be seen behind the massive brake calipers red. On the massive wheel arches, enveloping panoramic windscreen, side mirrors are mounted on thin stalks. In the rear part, in the sculptural “cocoon” is the 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine with twin turbos. The singing voice of the giant heard two huge pipe sports exhaust system. For better aerodynamics rear bumper made of carbon, has a diffuser with a lot of “blades”.

Company 2020 Ford plans to assemble 250 cars a year. In this case, buying a car can be under three conditions: the vehicle will not be resold, the machine will not be exhibits, as well as your bank account will be not less than 400 000 dollars to pay for the purchase.

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