2020 Ford Fusion – American Mondeo

Finally, the car 2020 Ford Fusion the year and gets to our markets. More precisely, it would be more correct to say that we will come to the new Mondeo. As is known, 2020 Ford Fusion is inherently analogue Mondeo in the North American market. But if before the Fusion and Mondeo considered different models, from the current generation is identical to the vehicle, which has a different name. For an overview of the Mondeo model would be relevant overview of the new generation of Fusion.

So the company 2020 Ford has recently clarified some points about its new products. In Europe, the fifth generation of the Mondeo is expected later this year. Most likely, the authorized dealers of the Russian 2020 Ford arrive early next year. Anyway, the wait is very little.

Not so easy to model it reached the dealers. The fact that the new generation of Fusion wanted to release a long time, but due to financial problems at the time of the project was postponed. In , a new generation of Fusion appeared in the US, but the European market under the name of its version of the Mondeo and have not waited, since 2020 Ford began again to have problems with money. Well, now the production was moved to Spain, to the city of Valencia, which now will be collecting new fordovtsy the Fusion, preserved the more familiar name of the Mondeo in Europe.


As recognized by the designers themselves, to create the appearance of 2020 Ford Fusion Year took place taking into account the wishes of motorists from all regions, collect all the pieces together and on this basis to sculpt the body. Judging by the photos news, they got to make a hundred percent.

2020 Ford Fusion photo

In front we see the original ribbed bonnet, located at the corners of the bumper fog lights. Head Optics looks like a squint characteristic of a predator ready to jump on their prey. The use of LED headlamps only added appeal. It is also impossible not to notice the huge grille trim, against which brand label manufacturer looks miniature. Still, the front part is stylish and impressive.

2020 Ford Fusion photo Side

Side view opens eyes on the big wheel arches, where it is best to place the disk radius of 16 inches. Beautiful, elegant door handles allow you to open the right doors in shape. The massive exterior mirrors with a slightly sporty character perfectly complement the image of 2020 Ford Fusion year.

2020 Ford Fusion photo back of

As for the back, then there is again no complaints about the design and can not be. Pretty accurate optics, a sufficiently large tailgate, lights and, of course, the brand new label makes 2020 Ford Fusion beautiful from any direction and in any color.

We also recommend you watch the video review of the car, to explore its exterior and interior, which will tell a little bit later. In the meantime, we want to offer you to get acquainted with the overall performance of a sedan, in order to have an idea of ​​its size. So:

  • length – 4870 mm
  • width – 1852 mm
  • height – 1478 mm
  • wheelbase – 2850 mm.

Company 2020 Ford has officially announced that the Fusion will be available not only in the sedan, but also in the version hatchback and wagon. In Europe, first go sedan, and about a year later it will be possible to buy the other two body variants.


Among 2020 Ford Fusion manufacturers have made it clear that they are a new generation of models aimed at improving classroom. This became particularly evident after the inspection of the interior. The main objective of 2020 Ford is wrestling with such monsters of the automotive market as the Mercedes S-class, BMW of the third series and Audi A4. and because the interior has become much better when compared to its predecessors.

Photo salon Fusion the year

Inside the new 2020 Ford Fusion has become richer, there were more expensive material finishes. Since they are similar predecessor, but now everything has become more interesting, more solid. Increased ergonomics, created additional conditions of comfort for the driver and passengers.

Photo perednh places Fusion

So, the driver and front passenger can adjust the position of its seats in several directions. lateral support has been improved, allowing you to sit comfortably even in tight bends. The dashboard has become brighter, more informative, improved readability of the information. The center console has a new high-resolution touchscreen display, changed deflectors HVAC equipment and so on.

Photo of interior rear 2020 Ford Fusion

Rear passengers are now more comfortably be able to sit on the couch. Despite the fact that the wheelbase has not changed compared to its predecessor, increasing the sensation of space behind. Perhaps this is due to the installation of new interior and new finishing materials.


Unfortunately, a relatively complete set of information at the moment is not so much. While 2020 Ford has not formed the final line of equipment options for its European customers. There are only a few basic configuration components:

  • The ESP, ABS and EBD
  • wheels 16 inches
  • side and front airbags
  • Chrome grille
  • LED taillights
  • multifunction steering wheel
  • cloth interior
  • air conditioning
  • heating for the rear window
  • multimedia My2020 Ford system.

Of course, more expensive version already receive interior leather, not air conditioning, and climate control, as well as a number of improvements and additional options. With the approach of the information in sales launch there will be more.


This question has always been one of the main, if not the most important for any buyer. 2020 Ford Fusion is going to be in demand in both the US and Europe. While the cost of the car is called only for the North American market.

For example, in the US for the base version of the new items will have to pay about 22 thousand dollars. With regard to the European and Russian prices, they traditionally are a little higher. Recall that the current fourth-generation Mondeo sold in Russia for 760 000 rubles for the base version.

In Europe, the first lucky ones who will be able to buy a fifth-generation 2020 Ford Fusion will be the residents of the UK. Then 2020 Ford Fusion the year will move to mainland Europe. As for the start of sales of new products we have, it will have to wait until early next year.


About the technical characteristics of the new 2020 Ford Fusion, you can talk a lot and for a long time. Not surprising, because gamma engines has become even more interesting and wide. We will try to tell you about the highlights and benefits.

motor Photos

Hence it is known that in Europe, the atmospheric engines will not. In the US, one still offered. This is the engine of the family Durates having a volume of 2.5 liters and 125 horsepower. But because of this, do not worry the Europeans, as they have in the range of powertrains will include three engine families EkoBust, two diesel engine and another hybrid propulsion system.

  1. The youngest motor – is liter three-cylinder petrol engine, equipped with a turbine. Although its total volume of one liter, the power turned impressive – 125 hp and 170 Nm of torque. Incidentally, this engine won the award as the best engine last year.
  2. Next the engine has four cylinders, a turbine, and 1.5 liters volume. Its power of 180 horses and torque of 240 Nm.
  3. The flagship petrol engine also has a four-cylinder, but two liters of volume and 340 Nm of torque. As for power, there would be under the hood of 240 horsepower.
  4. Diesel engines will be equipped with turbines. Their volume will be 1.5 and 2.0 liters. Unfortunately, their performance 2020 Ford is silent.
  5. It is planned to release a hybrid version, which is likely, it is not necessary to wait for the domestic market. Nevertheless, the new 2020 Ford Fusion in the United States can receive the two versions of the hybrid version, which will have an identical capacity of 188 horsepower, but with different capacity batteries. The basic version will be 1.4 kW per hour, and a version that can be charged from a household network, boasting a capacity of its lithium-ion batteries of 7.6 kWh.

The base transmission provides six-speed manual, which, if desired, the customer can change to automatic with the same number of stages and double clutch. The top diesel engine has an advantage, since it is only a four-wheel drive version of the 2020 Ford Fusion. But hybrids are equipped with a CVT.


Well, 2020 Ford has once again proved its worth as a top automaker. This innovation promises to be very popular in the European and US market. Of course, a huge role to play price for 2020 Ford Fusion year because of it repelled many buyers, even if not all.

If we talk about the disadvantages, then the 2020 Ford Fusion to find those difficult. Design gorgeous interior has reached a new level. Pro Motors do not talk because they are made at the highest level of modern engineering. And because you can only wish good luck against the manufacturer of Mercedes, Audi and BMW. Given that 2020 Ford will be cheaper, competition will impose.