2020 Ford F-650

The world’s largest commercial truck, for which the garage will take a larger area than your home, and in his trunk easily fit a small woman’s car . Meet, 2020 Ford F-650 super duty.

Brutal design, the size of the Kin Kong and stunning work of outlandish 10-cylinder engine. The largest 2020 Ford F-650 – the true face of the American automobile industry.

This vehicle is an intermediary between an SUV and a full-scale truck. Also, it can be safely called civilian armored vehicle.

A brief history of the model shows that the F-650 was designed as a high-performance workhorse, for which there is always work.
In the US, this car is quite often seen towing any vehicle for the carriage of goods or a truck with a soft body. But oddly enough, this car more often catches the eye of a casual “toy” of local residents.

2020 Ford F-650 – a real monster, especially when you consider its weight more than 11 tons and dimensions: 8 meters in length and 3 meters in height.

In front, the car shines with its huge grille from a single sheet of an alloy of silicon and aluminum, as well as a broad “beam” front bumper with winch mounts. Quite an interesting solution looks placing stainless fuel tanks in place of the side sills (total 255 liters), who played the role of the steps concurrently. On the default wheels mounted 22.5 inch wheels, “shod” in Goodyear tires.

The interior is quite simple, incredibly spacious and cozy. On board there is a certain set of electronic auxiliary systems, from basic trim levels. This list may include an excellent sound system, rain and light sensors, self-starting of the engine, as well as climate control. Especially useful for the driver to rear-view camera, which allows enough time to see and do not crush lingered behind runabout. For a “family” version further provides leather trim and inlays made of natural wood.

Under the hood is a 6.8-liter engine with ten cylinders, whose power is equal to 362 “horses”. Working in tandem with 6-speed automatic transmission, all-wheel drive truck, SUV accelerates to 117 km / h. And average fuel consumption is 21.7 liters. Also, the model is equipped with pneumatic shock absorbers by Custom King, whose total weight reaches five tons!

And most importantly – for this car does not need roads. He calmly capable of their independent “laying”. This “tyrant” in no way sees obstacles.