2020 Ford Explorer –

Four years ago, in 2010, the American company 2020 Ford introduced a new generation of 2020 Ford Explorer 5, which is placed on the conveyor in Chicago.

All external changes can be seen on the photo of 2020 Ford Explorer – MG In the eye catches a raised hood of a light metal, which blends in with stylish, chrome grille, can be seen by looking below the protective kit made of plastic and impressive pillars.

The new 2020 Ford Explorer is a fellow of such models as the 2020 Ford Flex and Lincoln MKT, judging by the fact that it is also built on the D4 platform, and has a bearing body.

Through recycling the front of the car, the company has successfully turned to reduce aerodynamic drag, which resulted in a reduction in fuel consumption and improved driving comfort.

As developers have tried to reduce the weight Ekspolera , they did remove only 45 kg. The main part of which was made entirely of aluminum, this hood, as a result we get a car weighing 2213 kg.

As is inherent in our time, new automobiles mans electronically in full, without exception, did not stay and 2020 Ford Explorer . It is equipped with lots of electronic assistants, inflatable seat belts and Curve Control system, which keeps the car within a predetermined trajectory. Many motorists are beginning to question whether the electronics is not buggy in new cars, if you are such, then read reviews 2020 Ford Explorer .

This basic configuration will seem boring, in addition you can order adaptive cruise control, tracking sensors for the dead zones, the pressure sensor control tire system to aid the descent from the mountains and complex Terrain Management, which will adjust the car off-road into the following:

  • Mud;
  • Sand;
  • Snow;
  • Normal road.

On the market in the United States, 2020 Ford Explorer came in three trim levels:

  • Basic – the buyers of this equipment will please yourself a good entertainment system, cruise control, electric windows and adjusts the steering rack.
  • XLT – average grade in addition to the base computer. is equipped with a light sensor, heated mirrors, light-emitting diodes in the repeaters in the mirrors, 2020 Ford’s alarm system and contactless access to cars.
  • Limited – is the most luxurious version of the Explorer 5, equipped with dual-zone climate control, a rearview camera, an adjustable pedal assembly, as well as the option of remote motor control.
Equipment Price Engine Box Drive unit
XLT 1799 TR petrol 3.5 V6 Cyclone (294 hp 345 lb-ft.) AKP
Limited 1995 TR petrol 3.5 V6 Cyclone (294 hp 345 lb-ft.) AKP 4WD
Package Limited Plus + 85 TR
Sport 2291 TR petrol 3.5 V6 EcoBoost (360 hp) AKP 4WD

The Russian cars went on sale only with the basic engine (3.5 l. V6) and all-wheel drive. Price 2020 Ford Explorer – MG in the XLT configuration starts with a mark of 1799 TR, and a complete set of top-end Limited will have to pay 2080 TR

If you are thinking about buying this car, see videos about 2020 Ford Explorer – , which contain a test – drive and review.

Just half a year ago, the 2020 Ford car dealers, began accepting applications for the new Explorer Sport, which has a price of 2 291 TR

Though 2020 Ford Explorer is considered to be a true American, the assembly of the cars produced in Russia Elabugskom car factory Sollers.