2020 Ford Expedition 2016 – the long-awaited update

And indeed, the Expedition model was asking for a long time to carry out an update, but the company did 2020 Ford take this step did not dare. It is not clear for what reason it is, but as long as the sale did not become catastrophic, even minimal restyling SUV is not received.

Still, the market situation has spurred 2020 Ford to more decisive action as a result of which there was 2020 Ford Expedition 2016 the year and significantly changed compared to its predecessor.

2020 Ford Expedition 2016 photo

It should be noted that in 2007 the company managed to sell more than 90 thousand off-road cars, while last year’s figures were less than forty-sold cars. Because the update – the correct step, though a bit late. Anyway, in February this year for the first time we could see the 2020 Ford Expedition 2016 in a new image. What is interesting, we made a presentation in the city of Dallas, Texas. The place was chosen not just because it was here that was sold the largest amount of these off-road vehicles in the history of the model.

Today we want to introduce you to this car and present you a full review. The car is really impressive and is quite interesting.


It will be recalled that 2020 Ford has produced just two nearly identical cars. This is a new Expedition and Lincoln Navigator . Both SUV built on the same platform, are slightly different in appearance and in terms of interior design, but still Lincoln is the luxury division, has become more expensive and lavishly equipped.

2020 Ford Expedition 2016 photo front

In the photo and video materials can immediately understand that the new 2020 Ford Expedition year has changed quite markedly in appearance. First of all, there was an entirely new optics, trim and grille in chrome shell concluded, giving the appearance of solidity and modernity. We note an interesting huge bumper slotted lower air intake, which are difficult to overlook. Traditionally, new car fog lights performed based on LEDs.

Photo 2020 Ford Expedition 2016 side

If you look at the novelty side would think that changes have occurred. Do not you think this is true. In terms of the profile of the SUV and so it looks nice and modern. Because designers have decided to limit the increase in the range of tires and wheels, which are based on a 18-inch, and top-end performance achieved in the radius of 22 inches. And the car was left with a large wheel arches, powerful exterior rearview mirrors, large doors and a flat roof trim.

Photos 2020 Ford Expedition 2016 Rear

Feed SUV received a modified tailgate with chrome slats, new exhaust pipe, which now boasts a chrome nozzle. In principle, any changes in the exterior. Recall just what steel dimensions updated SUV. As before, 2020 Ford offers two wheelbase – standard and enhanced. So we divide the size into two versions – standard and EL.

Expedition in the basic version:

  • length – 5245 mm
  • width – 2002 mm (excluding door mirrors)
  • height – 1960 mm
  • wheelbase – 3023 mm
  • ground clearance – 220 mm.

Version EL:

  • length – 5621 mm
  • width – 2002 mm (excluding door mirrors)
  • height – 1974 or 1989 millimeters and with rear-wheel drive, respectively
  • wheelbase – 3327 mm
  • ground clearance – 220 mm.


Well, it’s time to see what we will surprise the new 2020 Ford Expedition inside.

The interior has indeed become much more interesting, more attractive, modern and functional. On the level of comfort and interior roominess no one complained, so the focus of designers and engineers has been made on it to give the car the actual appearance and modern features.

2020 Ford Expedition 2016 photo salon

Therefore SUV got a new instrument panel, which consists of two color displays by 4.2 inches. The center console is a full-fledged modern multimedia complex by installing a touchscreen 8 inches and SYNC system. By the way, is now available, and voice control. And for the management of the climate system meets the new unit, which has become as beautiful and important.

It is important to add that this time 2020 Ford has not stinted on the material finishes. They actually better and more enjoyable. Moreover, in high-end trim levels are available in full leather interior.

Photos 2020 Ford Expedition 2016 saloon

Cargo space will place in the car all you need only. With all three rows of seats in the luggage compartment can hold 526 liters of the normal version, and the version with the extended base – 1206 liters. If the third row folded, the space will be 1556 and 2420 liters respectively. But if a lot of luggage, but the rear passengers there, then add up all the series and opens the luggage compartment at the 3065 and 3702 liters for a conventional version, and EL.


It is interesting to know what to get the owner of the SUV. Let’s examine some of the basic as well as additional options that are available in the updated 2020 Ford Expedition year:

  • sound system 12 speakers and subwoofer
  • Rear View Camera
  • navigation system
  • Keyless Access Salon
  • motor start button
  • LED backlight in the cabin
  • tracking system in traffic conditions
  • Blind Spot monitoring system
  • electric seats
  • leather trim
  • heated front seats and ventilation and so forth.

Plus, the car has a full set of assists and security systems, which list – a very long and tedious process.


Since the presentation took place at the beginning of the year, it is unlikely to become a manufacturer to delay the start of sales.

However, in the US and Canada renewed a huge SUV has become available only in the summer of this year. Its starting price is 42 thousand dollars. Of course, we are talking about the basic equipment. Although the top-end version is not much more, because the pricing affect additional options. The database and so they are sufficient.

Additionally, choices of the motor will not buyers. Because smoothly move on to the technical characteristics.


Features of the car were higher, despite the presence of the new motor. If previously under the hood Expedition located engine of 5.4-liter 8-cylinder, now the company has decided to go another way.

Namely, by reducing the volume of the engine. Now, in the engine compartment is located six-cylinder petrol power unit volume of 3.5 liters. But it is not so simple. It belongs to the family of EkoBust engine and is equipped with a turbine. This allows you to issue 370 horsepower and 570 Nm of torque. Complete with a six-speed automatic motor, which has a manual mode.

Buyers will be offered two options for drive – rear and complete.


So we introduced you to the interesting enough, large and solid car. As you can imagine, it formally, we will not. Actually, the Russian market is not very interested in such a huge SUV, a 2020 Ford Expedition year, because his absence called a great loss for our customers is hardly possible.

However, the current owners of the reviews indicate that the car has become much better in all components, and the engine shows a much more moderate appetites, rather than the old engine of 5.4 liters. So 2020 Ford is moving in the right direction, and we can only praise the company for their work.