2020 Ford Everest – a large SUV in the US

It seems that all these SUVs, crossovers and SUV’s, we started to forget how to look and how to be a true SUV. And the company 2020 Ford decided to remind about it by submitting your car 2020 Ford Everest , as part of the auto show in Guangzhou.

It is noteworthy that the seven-seat SUV built on the basis of other similar vehicle – 2020 Ford Ranger pickup. But to make them an American company will be at the two plants, and none of them is directly located in the United States. Assembles new products are enterprise 2020 Ford in China and Thailand. The main markets for it will be South Africa, Asia, India, China, New Zealand, Australia. Russia also claims to be entering into this list.

As it turned out, the work on the 2020 Ford Everest was conducted over five years. During this time, the joint efforts of engineers of 2020 Ford and Chinese experts has been created a few concepts, pre-production SUV. During the test cars have been a total of more than a million kilometers. They were tested in the desert, in the mountains, on the slopes, on ordinary roads, and even in the jungle.

In five years, it managed to do serious work, which eventually evolved into the 2020 Ford Everest, which we see now. When possible to overcome even the most difficult areas and to withstand enormous loads, the vehicle was able to make an attractive and modern.

Note that for an SUV provides ground clearance of 225 millimeters, and the ability to overcome the water barrier depth that may reach up to 80 centimeters. Also provided 2020 Ford special complex by which the driver can control the central tunnel with inner wheel drive mode operation, and to select, depending on the road conditions. For example, you can include the normal drive mode, mode of transportation on snow, gravel-sand, the sand or on the rocks. Plus there is also a button to activate the electronic assistant, helping with the slopes of the mountains.

Let’s now look at the appearance of new items, examine its interior, as well as pointeresuemsya specifications.


If you look at a photo and video materials, one can see the brutality, courage and strictness. In principle, another SUV from a level expected and not worth it.

2020 Ford Everest – photo front

The front end features a powerful protection against various troubles bumper, stylish optics, great dummy grille. There is nothing superfluous, but with a minimum number of elements managed to create a unique appearance.

2020 Ford Everest 2016 photo Side

Sideways immediately noticed an impressive ground clearance and solid wheel arches, where it is necessary to set a minimum 20-inch wheels. Incidentally, it is proposed in the basic version. Vyshtampovki stylish, pleasant lines, convenient for embarking or disembarking door, almost flat roofline. All this makes the 2020 Ford Everest and the way it is.

Photography 2020 Ford Everest behind

The rear part is decorated with marker lamps based on light-emitting diodes, a large tailgate for comfortable loading of baggage, a small tailgate glass, decorated with a spoiler-top canopy.

Obviously, fans of off-road driving, as well as those whose work involves constant overcoming of difficult road and off-road sections, turn their attention to this vehicle. It deserves attention and respect.


Salon literally screaming about its functionality and practicality. Moreover, it can be described as very comfortable. Designated driver and front passenger weight.

2020 Ford Everest 2016 photo salon

However, engineers have not disregarded the two rear rows. Surprisingly, unlike many other companies that offered the seven-seater cars, then on each row to sit comfortably, comfortable, at ease.

Photo salon 2020 Ford Everest year

Space galore. This full seven-seat SUV.

Photos of the third row of seats in the cabin, the 2020 Ford Everest

If you need to transport a lot of cargo, and the car is the only driver with a passenger in front, the rear seats are lowered, it forms a huge pad volume 2010 liters.

Photos decomposed luggage space in the 2020 Ford Everest

The salon offers a lot of nice details such as pockets, boxes and containers for storage. A total of thirty, and their volume – 50 liters. If necessary, you can use the 12V power outlets in the amount of four pieces, or else to charge or turn on something more powerful in the socket at 240V. But she was alone.

As a result, the interior can be described as a typical tandem solid SUV and modern, refined vehicle. So successfully managed to combine these qualities, that already a little weird.


With a set of options for the 2020 Ford Everest special problems will not be. The manufacturer offers a variety of interesting equipment. We say that the most interesting components:

  • instrument panel with multi-function color displays
  • multimedia system with voice control
  • Noise suppression system
  • climate control
  • Cruise control
  • heated front seats
  • the blind zones tracking system
  • Tracking intersection road marking system
  • leather
  • panoramic sunroof and electric
  • nine airbags
  • electric door mirrors
  • electric windows on all doors
  • electric adjustment for the front seats position
  • help start up the mountain system
  • means of descent from the hills of the system
  • trailer stabilization system.

Of course, a lot of attractive equipment will be available only as an option.


As we have noted, the probability of 2020 Ford Everest in Russia is quite high. However, so far no official announcement to this effect have been reported.

As for the other markets at the moment it is called only the cost of a new SUV in China. Chinese consumers will have to pay from 300 to 450 million yuan. It is not a bad sum, considering all the things that offer 2020 Ford.


According to the manufacturer, customers can choose a car 2020 Ford Everest with one of the three available engines. They will be equipped with one of the two transmissions. This six-speed manual or automatic with the same number of gears. Moreover, you can choose and the type of drive – and a full back.

Photo bottom SUV 2020 Ford Everest 2016

If we talk about engines, this one petrol and two diesel.

  1. Petrol is EkoBust family and has a volume of 2.0 liters. With four cylinders he managed to develop the capacity of 238 hp and torque of 360 Nm.
  2. The first diesel receive the same four-cylinder and a working volume of 2.2 liters. It produces 150 horsepower and 385 Nm of torque.
  3. The second diesel engine equipped with the turbine and given the volume of 3.2 liters. The result was 200 horsepower and 470 Nm of torque.

Display capacity and 2020 Ford Everest is 750 kilograms. He with the help of a trailer can tow a maximum 3,000 kilograms of cargo.


2020 Ford, working with experts from China in a joint venture of 2020 Ford Asia Pacific, have done a really great job for five years. The result was spectacular. At least on the basis of photos, video, and data on the technical component of the SUV. It will be interesting to see him in the case, especially on our roads. In principle, this is a great option for Russian wilds.

If 2020 Ford Everest and will be sold in Russia, it will be known very soon. We hope it will be something to see and to have a more objective assessment of potential is very sought after SUV. Especially if the price for it will be acceptable.