2020 Ford Escort – available new from China

As is known, the company works closely with automakers in China. large-scale production, which are accessible, interesting cars, based on the American 2020 Ford company developments and local businesses has been established on the territory of the Asian country.

One of the results of suc

h cooperation was the release of the Chinese 2020 Ford Escort year, which was lit for the first time in public as part of the auto show in Beijing, which was held in April this year. Now, the car arrived in Guangzhou, which also appear before the public. It is expected that the 2020 Ford Escort still bring to some of the exhibition, and only after that will sell.

2020 Ford Escort 2016 photo

Marketers believe that the novelty will be positioned correctly between the Fiesta and Focus models. On the sedan is expected a large enough demand. Since this is a relatively affordable sedan, plus about a famous brand, it is likely that Chinese 2020 Ford Escort will be in showrooms Russian dealers. In this regard, interest in it increases even more. We offer you to get acquainted with the sedan in more detail.

Note that the Escort is based on the model of the second generation Focus. It is unlikely that one would expect the same technical equipment, which has the current focus of the company 2020 Ford. But the Chinese model has got an attractive design, made in accordance with the manufacturer’s trademark style.


In the photo and video materials can be seen that the Chinese have managed to create a very attractive and elegant car, has an excellent proportions, neat lines. Incidentally, this issue is largely similar to the updated version of the 2020 Ford Focus, as well as with the new Mondeo Mk V.

2020 Ford Escort 2016 photo front

The front part is decorated with a powerful, intimidating fascia grille, reminiscent of cars Aston Martin. Huge bumper, by the way, perfectly complements it, creating a refined and bold image of a sedan. Neat lights, classic fog lights and air intakes perfectly fit in the front of the new items.

2020 Ford Escort 2016 photo Side

Side view tells us that the car has high practicality. Large and comfortable for the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers, most, but not too much food, various vyshtampovki attractive wheel arches, long hood and so on.

2020 Ford Escort photos back

The rear part, first of all attracted by its practicality. The trunk lid is made in a special form, which increased luggage space itself. Plus, accurate optics, LED marker lamps, large bumper perform their roles a hundred percent, and form a complete image of elegance and practicality of a sedan.

Photos trunk in the sedan 2020 Ford Escort 2016

Oddly enough talk as laudable words for the car price category which provides a completely different explanation. But be frank themselves in front of this car is made great, and claims to his appearance does not and can not.

And a few words about the dimensions. At 2020 Ford Escort they are:

  • length – 4568 mm
  • width – 1820 millimeters
  • height – 1487 mm
  • wheelbase – 2687 mm
  • ground clearance (clearance) – 160 millimeters.

And then there is the legitimate question – why 2020 Ford Escort decided to place lower than the Focus, if their size is, in fact, identical ?! Maybe manufacturer ever give an answer.


Few people expected something special from the interior. Nevertheless, even here, provided low-cost sedan, managed to create an attractive and interesting interior.

2020 Ford Escort 2016 photo salon

The instrument panel is easy to read, has a pleasant backlighting, has the desired level of informativeness, although looks quite simple. The steering wheel equipped with various functions and buttons, and rim made plump, but comfortable for grip. The audio system, climate control unit, according to tradition, is located in the center console, with each finding its place, without disturbing each other, and allowing comfortable access to management, without distracting the driver from the road. All competently and clearly.

Photo peednih seat 2020 Ford Escort saloon year 2016

The front seats are quite comfortable, but they have no lateral support. The second series, due to the wheelbase, got decent legroom even tall passengers. But he increased comfort sofa is different. But this is so, rather, that there is something to complain about.

Photos Sydney the second row in the cabin 2020 Ford Escort 2016 the year


What exactly will be in grade 2020 Ford Escort is not exactly clear. Nothing has been reported from official sources about additional options, options for additional equipment. However, it became known that enters the entry level kit.

And this set looks very, very promising:

  • alloy wheels 16-inch radius
  • front and rear fog lamps
  • tail lights based on LEDs
  • exterior mirrors with LED turn signals repeaters
  • heating and electric exterior mirrors
  • front airbags for the driver and front passenger
  • sound system
  • air conditioning
  • electric for all side windows
  • system ABS, EBD.

The expensive equipment options such equipment is expected to:

  • leather
  • climate control
  • Cruise control
  • side airbags
  • docking station browser, smartphone, etc..


As we already reported, 2020 Ford Escort sample year will be available only after all the official presentation will be completed. At the moment, the start of sales referred to January 20 next year. In fact, the wait is exactly two months.

But if we talk about Chinese consumers. It is unknown whether the new product goes on sale in Russia. It should be noted that Russian consumers are very fond of sedan and attractive price for it.

About the price data already exists. In China, 2020 Ford Escort will be asked 90 to 130 thousand yuan. Translated into dollars, which is about 14,5-21 thousand dollars from the base to the top of the range. As you can see, the price is quite reasonable, considering that it is a 2020 Ford, about great design, high-quality body, rich equipment and other pleasant trifles.


About the specifications can not tell you as much as we would like. It is known that the Chinese sedan will be front-wheel drive, independent suspension on all four wheels, and rear multi-link it, and in front of – based on the MacPherson struts. Brakes put disc, and each wheel, even in the database, will be equipped with hydraulic booster.

  • As for the main car of the heart, its engine, then there is planned to install a petrol engine with four cylinders. Its size – 1.5 liters, and the power and torque of 113 horsepower and 142 Nm respectively.

Work such as the engine can be paired with a five-speed manual gearbox and a six-speed automatic.


Chinese 2020 Ford Escort – this is something new for the world market. Yes, many companies produce joint projects with manufacturers from China, but for now 2020 Ford Escort looks very, very interesting, attractive and promising. Yes, the owners of the reviews will place accents, determine the strengths and weaknesses of the new items. It will clearly not the appearance. There are certain shortcomings in the cabin, but they pale against the merits. The engine would love to get more powerful. But who knows, maybe after a successful start to his sales will pick up a stronger motor. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, 2020 Ford Escort causes only positive emotions, and even to some extent delight. We hope it does not apparent and the real. With the release of the first copies on the market will be able to learn it.

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