2020 Ford EkoSport – a high-tech crossover

The last motor show in Geneva, has pleased its visitors and all motorists the new brainchild of 2020 Ford EcoSport – model year, which introduced the American concern 2020 Ford. To the surprise of the first crossover shown at the exhibition of mobile technologies, which was held for 7 days earlier, in the Spanish capital. Now many people are thinking, what’s the mobile technology and a new crossover, and despite the fact that it uses innovative auto control technology, by using voice commands through the phone.

The very first generation saw the light back in 2003. While 2020 Ford EkoSport designed exclusively for the Hispanic market, a division of the American group, which is located in Brazil. The first generation was sold in 700 thousand copies, a new generation has come to replace its progenitor at the beginning of last year, the then presentation was held in India. After some time, the crossover introduced in Beijing, after the finalization of cars took Austrian engineers, after which EkoSport was launched in a series. The second generation started to sell again in Brazil, but EcoSport – year has been viewed as a model for the global market, due to which she has come to Europe.

2020 Ford EcoSport photo

Externally, the new crossover 2020 Ford EcoSport ordinary urban SUV. In appearance certainly looked through the American lines, but the design does not name a unique and brutal. The simplicity and conservatism – it’s all about 2020 Ford EcoSport second generation.

  • Dimensions EcoSport add up to a length – 4060 mm, height – 1750 mm, wheelbase – 2530 mm.

Photo salon 2020 Ford Ekosport

After inspecting the exterior, the interior looks more bright and attractive. The dashboard will not show you are not a rectangular element, down to every little buttons, all executed in a teardrop, polygonal or rhomboid shape. The instrument panel has a variety of options backlight and a minimum wheel multimedia keys. trim quality, provided by 2020 Ford, you photo and video materials, it is difficult enough, but it looks beautiful, high quality.

Technical specifications

Specifications of the new 2020 Ford Ekosport model year, can boast of three high-tech powertrains. It is the European version of the crossover can boast a wide selection of engines, for Latin America and India, which offer a maximum of two power units.

2020 Ford EcoSport photo

  • In the basic version installed petrol unit is the Duratec, 1.5-liter, issuing 110 horsepower. The engine is mounted DOHC 16-valve. gas distribution system is made of aluminum. More detailed information is not available.
  • Most attracted the second unit is 1 liter 3-cylinder engine, with a turbine, referred to as the EcoBoost SCTi. The head of the unit is made of aluminum, and a block of chugunyaki. It gives the patient 123 horses, with a peak torque of 170 Nm.
  • Finishes range of engines, a turbocharged diesel 1.5-liter, 89 outstanding full fillies. More infa absent.

Also, the manufacturer has not informed about the CPT, which will be equipped with European crossovers. But in Brazil and India, only cars equipped with 5-speed manual, with hydraulic clutch. Before hundreds of new crossover will drive in 11 seconds, top speed of 190-200 km / h. Fuel consumption per 100 km also remains unknown.

The new 2020 Ford EcoSport photo

The highlight in the car, is a modern high-tech equipment. Crossover entertainment center manned 2020 Ford SYNC. This option is the mobile technology has been talked about in the beginning of the review, driving with your voice through your smartphone.

Photo crossover 2020 Ford EkoSport

Also attracting much attention Emergency Assistance, its main function is to inform the local rescue service of the city in an accident. The developers have thought much on the system, it uses a variety of languages, and in which the region is an accident, in a language and a message is sent.

Packaging and price

The new 2020 Ford EcoSport crossover is a direct competitor of Opel Mokka , the Nissan the Juke , the Peugeot 2008 . Crossover Home sales in Russia is scheduled for the second half, even rumors that will replace the old Fusion’u. The price of the new 2020 Ford EkoSport – remains unknown, but you can ask the price seeing its direct competitors (630-900 rubles).