2020 Ford Eco Sport (grade and price, video)

Back in January , 2020 Ford India, arrived in the capital city of New Delhi, to spend a presentation of its new global urban SUV. His name – 2020 Ford EcoSport.

The Europeans were able to get acquainted with the novelty of the Geneva Motor Show in March , and our people have learned, as well as an opportunity to buy American subcompact crossover immediately after the presentation at the Moscow International Motor Show, which was held in the Russian capital in .

The basis for the creation of this urban SUV hatchback served as the sixth-generation 2020 Ford Fiesta. Many were initially confused modest size of the car, but in fact it not only looks solid, but also has a good performance capacity. Plus, the plastic body kits and an impressive ground clearance allowed 2020 Ford Eco Sport deservedly be called a full-fledged crossover.

Nice to see that the American automaker did not greatly delay the release of the first update. Already at the Geneva International Motor Show a sample of , 2020 Ford brought restyling version of its SUV. The changes affected not only the appearance, but also a bit of interior design.

Plus, a few were finalized used engines, added some interesting options in the box. In other words, restyling, though not seriously affected the exterior, but it made a very useful and entertaining innovation that allows us to carry out a full review of the 2020 Ford EcoSport sample year.

Photo exterior design EkoSport 2020 Ford

Just say, what to look for radical changes in appearance is not necessary. They simply do not have.

2020 Ford EkoSport 2016 photo front

The front part has retained its original trim grille octagonal shape with two large chrome jumpers. On top of this structure is located another small bridge, holding on itself label the manufacturer as well as if connecting optics. By the way, the optics slightly corrected, but the changes visible only under detailed study. SUV kept the powerful bumper with black plastic protection, as well as classic round foglamps positioned in trapezoidal sections.

Picture 2020 Ford Eco Sport 2016 side

Side of the car is design wheels, convenient to take their seats in the swollen wheel arches. Also, the machine boasts good design doors, powerful bodies outside mirrors and LED lights inside them, which act as stand-ins turn signals.

2020 Ford EcoSport 2016 photo back

The back part was, perhaps, the most significant change in the form of the lack of a spare wheel on the tailgate. However, it is the buyer’s prerogative. He may order a crossover with a wheel on the door and without it. Previously, all equipped with no alternative in this box for storage of a spare wheel. This SUV has retained an attractive optics, solid bumper.

It is safe to say that the car is better to choose it without spare wheel on the tailgate. For her, there is a place inside the car, but the trunk can be opened in a confined space. Given the fact that the 2020 Ford EcoSport is designed specifically for urban streets, confident movement of traffic and parking in tight spaces, the advantage is clearly not redundant.

Dimensions of Eco Sport

If we talk about the size, they remain unchanged and are as follows:

  • length – 4273 mm;
  • width – 1765 mm;
  • height – 1670 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2519 mm.

As for clearance, ie clearance, the previously it was 200 millimeters. Now the manufacturer has reduced it to 190 millimeters for reasons of improving the maneuverability and handling. Externally, it is not very noticeable, but the SUV really began to listen better steering. You can see for yourself in the photo and video materials, in order to verify this.

Photos 2020 Ford EcoSport 2016 saloon

Photo salon EcoSport 2016 the year

Like the outside, the inside was not a major change. The first thing that drew the attention of representatives of 2020 Ford, is an improved sound insulation. The problem is not that the earlier 2020 Ford EcoSport was very noisy inside. In this aspect, few complained. However, adjustments have been made, and it is possible to improve the sound of your loudspeakers, as well as to increase the comfort of the driver and passengers when traveling by far the nicest roads.

If you are already familiar with EkoSport model, then you are able to notice some changes in the interior. For example, the dashboard now looks a little different because it retouched used chrome edging. Looks panel thus more attractive and several sports. Plus, the handle, is responsible for the parking brake, changed its location.

The dashboard of the new Eco Sport

The rest of the car has maintained a comfortable interior, comfortable front seats, a good level of capacity on the back sofa, excellent ergonomics.

In principle, it is not surprising that changes in so little. Why change something that is a good solution ?!

Options 2020 Ford Eco Sport

Privlekatenaya appearance

Company 2020 Ford reported several options that will be new to their urban subcompact crossover. Since the remaining components of the configuration remains unchanged, it makes sense to talk about exactly what will be a welcome innovation for customers updated version of 2020 Ford EkoSport.

Therefore, such elements will be included in the list of options:

  1. satellite navigation system;
  2. Rear View Camera;
  3. Wiper rest heating system in the area;
  4. heating system rear-view mirrors;
  5. heating system of the front seats.

Of course, as the car will be equipped with the first modern infotainment system, allowing to control the car using a smartphone. Exactly the same will remain in place and other options that allow you to call the 2020 Ford EcoSport crossover modern hi-tech city. That’s it and that of the manufacturer positioned before the first world premiere.

Price 2020 Ford EkoSport

Price updated version EkoSport remains unknown, but accurately reported that sales in Europe will begin from the beginning of this summer.

Equipment Engine Price Fuel Drive unit Consumption maximum speed
Trend 1.6 MT (122 hp) 971000 petrol front 9.1 / 5.2 180
Trend Plus 1.6 MT (122 hp) 1061000 petrol front 9.1 / 5.2 180
AMT 1.6 (122 hp) 1111000 petrol front 9.2 / 5.6 174
Titanium Plus AMT 1.6 (122 hp) 1254000 petrol front 9.2 / 5.6 174

It is hardly necessary to expect that prices will change much compared with the current version of the SUV. For example, now in Russia for the base version subokompakta asking for 1.1 million rubles. Four-wheel drive version with the most powerful engine will cost 1,35-1,5 million rubles. That such prices should not wait for a restyled version.

Specifications 2020 Ford EcoSport

As we have said, in order to improve handling, engineers at 2020 Ford have decided to reduce the ride height from 200 to 190 millimeters. However, other measures have been taken for this purpose.

For a start, they made adjustments to the electric power steering settings and then sifted through suspension. There appeared a completely new shock absorbers, as well as other springs. All this suggests that EkoSport further adapted under difficult road conditions, which are relevant for the Russian settlements.

The increase in power was only one power unit. He is a diesel engine capacity of 1.5 liters, which previously gave out 90 horsepower, and now boasts 96 horses under the hood.

For the Russian market, unfortunately, diesels are not yet available. We offer two of the most powerful petrol engine. The first has a volume of 1.6 liters, and the second – exactly two liters. At the same time they are issued, respectively, 122 and 140 horsepower. Equipped with five-step mechanics or they dedicated six robotic gearbox.

What is interesting for Russian 2020 Ford special approach to assemble subcompact crossover. The fact is that specifically for Russian consumers provides for Electric auxiliary heater in the passenger compartment, air at the feet of the rear passengers and galvanized roof. Plus suspension settings are also adapted to our, let’s say, expensive.

In Europe, the range of engines is somewhat broader and to include diesel powertrains. All of them were somewhat modified. Emissions were reduced, but the power of modernization has not changed. But now all engines meet the stringent Euro 6 standards.

Video Test Drive 2020 Ford EkoSport 2016


Suppose this is not serious, but still useful for subcompact crossover restyled 2020 Ford EcoSport year.

Minor changes in appearance, the predicted failure of the spare wheel on the rear lid, the passenger compartment adjustment, improved powertrains, increased power of diesel, a popular engine in Europe. All this – the small steps on the part of 2020 Ford on ways to improve their product. The changes should not affect the price, but the new features will please consumers. Especially the inhabitants of cold regions, since many new features designed specifically for these operating conditions.

This car is a very good combination of small compact city car and a full-fledged crossover. And it is not in a high ground clearance. In the case of the 2020 Ford EcoSport is not to say that it is just to get plastic skirts and increased ground clearance hatchback. Before us is a real SUV.