2020 Ford Age 2016 – new second generation

As it became known, the new car 2020 Ford Edge 2016 is ready for serial production. According to official information, he would get up on the conveyor belt in January . It also reported that a new generation of 2020 Ford Age series will go on sale in February of the coming year. Traditionally, sales will begin first in North America, but you can safely expect that in Europe and Asia, the car will be available in the spring and summer of . When exactly will begin delivery in our country, it is difficult to say enough. Nevertheless, many local motorists are already looking forward to this new product.

In this article, we’ll show you what a car is a second-generation 2020 Ford Edge, tell about its basic advantages and features.

So, the new 2020 Ford Age established on a global platform 2020 Ford, which has been used in the latest series of 2020 Ford Fusion and 2020 Ford Mondeo . Recall that the first generation 2020 Ford Enge is available and actively sold worldwide since 2006. The new model, unlike its predecessor, will be a modernized and improved. As promised us, its creators, it will be safer and more stylish and functional. The car will be installed more powerful, but at the same time and more fuel-efficient engines. Recall that the new model will be available in more than one hundred countries around the world, so it will be adapted depending on the conditions of each region. Thus, for example, in Europe the model vehicle will expectedly be supplied with diesel.

Pictures 2020 Ford Edge 2016

Also uluchatsya overall specifications of the new model. wheelbase length will be increased by two and a half centimeters. The car will be slightly higher and wider than that, of course, have a positive effect on the size of the cabin. Due to the wide use of the power of the body frame in the overall design, as well as the use of rigid steel new 2020 Ford Edge should be more secure, reliable and easy to manage.
In addition, the creators promise a stylish and refined interior design, as well as the presence of a huge number of modern security systems, comfort and entertainment.

vehicle Exterior

Exterior of the new 2020 Ford Age is somewhat similar to the 2020 Ford Age Concept, which was shown to the public in in Los Angeles. It must be said that the new production model looks just as amazing as the concept.

2020 Ford Edge 2016 photo

On the front side of the new 2020 Ford Age it looks very impressive. Assertive, predatory and aggressive style is created with the help of huge false grille and powerful bumper and stylish headlamps, and impressive hood, which is decorated with ribs.

If you look at a new model of the car in profile, visually it resembles the body of an athlete who plays his muscles. Pretty impressive wheel arches and beautiful side edges only reinforce this impression on the doors. Simply put, in this model visually combines power and style.

Photo in profile 2020 Ford Age 2016

As for the rear part of the modern crossover, it looks quite neat and trim. The first thing that catches the eye is the huge wing spoiler, which is located above the tailgate, stylish and neat marker lights, manufactured with Led technology is incredibly powerful bumper and trapezoid exhaust system, correctly described by a stylish chrome in color.

Photo rear of the new 2020 Ford Edge 2016

Looking at all this, I want to say a very special thank you to the designers who worked on this model. It is safe to say that they really worked out well, and apparently the car looks very nice, powerful and solid. That is exactly the way it should look. To verify this, you can see the official video of this model, which is presented on the website of the developer.

Vehicle interior

Interior of the new model 2020 Ford Edge crossover is fully consistent with its chic appearance. It feels the same pressure and sophisticated style.

2020 Ford Age 2016 interior pictures

The interior is equipped with modern multi-function steering chair, which is equipped with a heating function. You’ll also see an incredibly stylish dashboard, equipped with a color graphic display. We are forced to note that the overall architecture of the instrument panel is very cool inscribed screen multimedia center, a modern audio system and control buttons ventilation and heating levels.

Photo salon 2020 Ford Edge 2016

Special mention are the passenger seat and the driver’s seat. They really made very high quality: good interior, comfortable seating form a comfortable support. Being in such seats is a pleasure.

Photo roof interior 2020 Ford Age 2016

So at least say those lucky ones who are lucky enough to pass the test drive this new car.

Photo tailgate 2020 Ford Age 2016 the year

Due to the changes that affected the overall structure of the car, as compared to its predecessor, the 2020 Ford Edge have slightly increased space in the cabin. This means that it is now in the car became even more space for the driver, passengers and luggage.


As a modern high-end car, 2020 Ford Edge can be equipped with a variety of new chips that will make managing them more comfortable. Some of these chips comes as standard, and some of them can get further. Also configuration may vary depending on the region, for which the car is delivered. We present the main types of chips:

  • Active radiator shutters that can be closed when necessary, thereby improving the aerodynamic performance of the body;
  • cruise control system is equipped with the function of warning that there is a threat of collision;
  • automatic start and stop of the engine system;
  • A tracking system for other vehicles in the blind spot of the car;
  • Camera front and rear view, with a review of 180 degrees;
  • The system helps the car parking;
  • The device allows you to open the tailgate without using their hands, for it is only necessary to carry out foot under the rear bumper;
  • Heating function steering wheel, driver’s seat and the front and rear passenger seats;
  • System to assist retention of cars in the lane ;
  • Built-in multimedia system that allows you to view movies, photos, and listen to audio recordings;
  • Climate control;
  • Set of nine airbags;
  • Leather trim interior trim parts.

View interior of the new 2020 Ford Edge can be seen on the official photos.


Talking about the technical characteristics, it should be noted that the new 2020 Ford Age refer to the modern type of car. Accordingly, its technical parameters are staggering their highest technical level, as well as a variety of engines and transmissions, with which the new model can be supplied. The creators offer five types of engines, three of them petrol and two – diesel . For gasoline engine include a two-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost, V6 EcoBoost engine to 2.7 liters, and the 3.5-liter V6. three options gearbox is also present.


So, we can say with confidence that the price of the new 2020 Ford Edge will fully correspond to the high quality of the vehicle. A more complete picture we can see when cars will go on sale and will be available for us reviews of the owners.