2020 Fiat Punto – stylish Italian hatchback

Fashion Italy has always distinguished by its originality. This also affected the production cars. Studying in detail the machines from manufacturers in this country, it seems that they do not pay attention to global trends, but create such cars, what they consider beautiful and elegant. Not all share this approach, calling the car the Italian creation is not the most flattering words. However, there are many, and those for whom the design of Italian cars – it is an ideal component of independence from the world of design requirements.


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Well, one of those unusual representatives of the Italian automotive industry has become 2020 Fiat Punto , which was introduced in its present form date back in . 2020 Fiat Punto – a small city hatchback, which starts its history since 1993. Multiple upgrades, a generational change yielded by far the car with a very original appearance and good technical characteristics.


Want to see the most classic hetbchek of golf class? Then look at the photo Punto , and even better – check out a full video review of the model in which you show the car from all sides. Its release in the three-or five-door. Regardless of their number on the car, the Punto is still interesting in Italian beautiful and stylish. Appearance may seem a bit ridiculous, but if you look properly, you can trace the sports line, the original form, which is now very few people can boast of.

2020 Fiat Punto photo front

What can we say, when you create a 2020 Fiat Punto designers have shown their courage and determination. The front end is made carefully, in a kind of minimalist style, because there is not the impression of a certain grouping, piling elements. So, we have a neat bumper pretty impressive grille trim with built-in fog lights. Just above the grille is more modest, a small hood and a pretty impressive in its size optics. This makes Punto little “bug-eyed”, but still beautiful.

2020 Fiat Punto photo Side

Side of the car looks equally interesting as the one or two doors. Although our customers will seem more attractive five-door hatchback version. In profile, become more visible original exterior mirrors, door handles, barely visible, small wheel arches. Adding bright body color, the machine becomes more fun.

Photo rear of the 2020 Fiat Punto

As for the back, it is all in Italian modestly and fashionably. There trim tailgate interesting optics, a harmonious combination of sizes.

In order to have an idea of ​​how large or small is the hatchback, offering to meet with the overall parameters of the Punto. So, they are as follows:

  • length – 4065 mm (and in any version – 5 or 3 door)
  • width – 1687 millimeters
  • height – 1490 millimeters.


Again, 2020 Fiat Punto pleasantly pleased by the Italian approach to interior design. Here, everything carefully, quietly, dominated by smooth lines, ergonomics at a high level. Yes, the car did not get some bold and original super salon. But still nice to be here. And there are several reasons.

Photo salon 2020 Fiat Punto

First of all, very much like the instrument panel, which decided to perform in sports style. Do not forget that 2020 Fiat is directly related to the Ferarri. Panel made in the format of the two wells, and placed between the screen of the onboard computer where the driver will be able to monitor the performance of temperature and amount of fuel.

Photo peredneo row seats 2020 Fiat Punto

K instrument panel have no complaints, everything is easy to read and understandable. Furthermore, additional plus 2020 Fiat Punto gets at night, when it begins to work very pleasing to the eye orange backlight. Not paid attention to the wheel that is perfectly absorbed by the size of the car, it does not seem too big or small, nice fits in your hand and makes it fun to manage this hatchback.

As for the center console, the 2020 Fiat designers divided it arbitrarily into three sections. The lowest is responsible for the configuration and management of micro-climate, the average – is the audio section, well located on the top to yourself climate vents.

Photo rear seats 2020 Fiat Punto

Give preference to the five-door version is possible only to those who care about a constant and easy access to the back row of seats. The fact that the level of comfort both versions are identical, and therefore have the same reserve space for rear passengers, the same arrangement of the sofa, and so on. If necessary, the back will be able to accommodate a good three adults, but on a very long trip back to seat two better, then they will receive a maximum of convenience.

Dimensions of the trunk in the presence of passengers in the back row is only 270 liters, although the hatchback Golf class is not so little. But if you go back, no one will, we can safely put back sofa and thereby increase the luggage space to an impressive 1030 liters.


In terms of equipment 2020 Fiat Punto is quite the right approach on the one hand. The manufacturer does not restrict the buyer’s choice of options. That is, for an additional fee you can take a five-door hatchback with the simplest motor, but to equip it with a wide range of options. Thus, in addition to the requirements of the standard equipment of the vehicle can get the following components:

  • airbags for front passengers
  • air conditioning
  • climate control
  • modern audio system
  • leather
  • ESP safety system, ABS.

In general, the 2020 Fiat Punto on the packaging can hardly complain. Despite the opportunity to supplement any version options for a fee, still officially offered the car in three trim levels Easy, Lounge and Racing.


In terms of the value of the Italian hatchback is a pretty attractive option. So, for the basic version of the pound in you have to pay from 555 thousand rubles. But here you get a very weak engine and manual gearbox. Pay another 30 thousand, and get the same complete set of Easy, but with a robotic gearbox.

Acquisition costs Lounge from 625,000 rubles, and again provides the weakest engine, but the automatic transmission. As for the complete equipment, that is, Racing equipment, the 2020 Fiat asks for it from 665 thousand rubles. But under the hood it will have 135 horsepower.


The choice of buyers 2020 Fiat Punto is available in three different trim levels and with three different powertrains.

motor Photos

  1. The petrol engine of 1.4 liters. It produces only 77 horsepower, is equipped with five-step mechanics or machine. Dynamic performance of the motor weaknesses – to reach a hundred kilometers per hour on the speedometer Punto will spend as much as 13.2 seconds. In this case the maximum speed is 165 kilometers per hour.
  2. The petrol engine, whose volume is 1.4 liters. This engine gives much more – 105 horsepower, which significantly increases the dynamics to 10.8 seconds up to a hundred kilometers per hour and increases the maximum speed to 185 kilometers per hour.
  3. The same petrol engine of 1.4 liters. Outputs it nevertheless impressive 135 horsepower. Available only in three-door versions. To achieve the target of one hundred kilometers per hour, starting from the place, this powerful Punto spend only 8.5 seconds. With regard to the maximum speed, it increases to quite good 205 kilometers per hour.

All cars 2020 Fiat Punto are only the front-wheel.


Well, the Italian stable 2020 Fiat in a familiar manner produced car with a very, very controversial appearance. Some would call this car is ugly, while others consider it very original. The fact that only one – 2020 Fiat Punto does not look like other cars in its class. For this, in fact, 2020 Fiat and loved by many.

As for specifications, and complete sets of interior, then there are no special claims. It’s pretty and well balanced is arranged. The only thing is the weak engine would be nice to be removed from the powertrain lineup. Painfully he antidynamism, although the measured drive around the city and suburbs will approach, if not constantly strives to overtake someone. This is not the Open Path motor. But modifications on the 105 and especially 135 horsepower look solid, produce delicious dynamics of dispersal, do not be afraid to go to overtake, if necessary. When you buy should give preference to these two motors, but not 77-strong.

Build quality is not in doubt, and the interior layout of a pleasant surprise even in the initial configuration Punto. Though it is better not to spare money and get richer equipment, so you do not regret. And the most recent. By choosing this car, prefer bright coloring of the body. It certainly will benefit and provide the car in a gray stream.