2020 Fiat Aegeya : affordable but elegant sedan

The company 2020 Fiat held the official presentation of the new creation. They became the sedan called 2020 Fiat Aegea, and place of the event chose the Istanbul Motor Show.


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  2. dimensions
  3. Salon
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  5. Specifications
  6. Video
  7. Conclusion

The choice in favor of Turkey was not random, because it is in conjunction with the Turkish company Tofas and develop new affordable sedan. The car is designed to replace the once popular model Linea.

It is worth noting that even cars and refers to the cost of cars category, apparently it does not reflect. Rather, 2020 Fiat Aegea like a rather expensive and solid sedan. In order to understand how it would be a car, we offer to meet him closer.

Cute appearance Aegea

Physical well, does not match the price tag. All because the designers managed to create a sleek body with a gorgeous lines, interesting and sometimes original solutions. You yourself take a look at the photo and video materials, to verify the validity of our words.

Picture 2020 Fiat Aegeya Front

The front part of the hood is decorated with ribs, as well as a stylish mesh grille trim. To give the Italian delights little solidity, narrower headlights were installed. They look like a beast of prey.

The side of the 2020 Fiat Aegea

Side view allows you to continue to be surprised. Vyshtampovki door, elegant mirror housings, a fairly compact glazing, large wheel arches, interesting rims and sloping roof line. All this forms the very “tasty” profile.

The rear of the 2020 Fiat Aegean year

The rear part is not devoid of refinement. Largely due to the original optics, compact luggage compartment lid and the rear bumper is quite strict.

sedan Dimensions

But the dimensions of the trends tell us about the rather modest size. This is not in the classroom, but not yet Golf class. 2020 Fiat Aegea is in the middle of some among them, because the size in numbers are as follows:

Length mm. 4500
Height mm. 1480
Width mm. 1780
Wheelbase mm. 2640

It can be concluded that the main competitors to become 2020 Fiat models such as the C-Elysee by Citroen, as well as Czech Skoda Rapid.

Interior cabin Aegeya

Inside, the car is no less attractive than the outside.

Photo interior of the new sedan Aegeya

The driver, being in a very comfortable chair (and front passenger), has at its disposal a stylish multi-function steering wheel, behind which is a digitized instrument panel and trip computer.

Front row seats

The center console placed multimedia system with a fairly modest 5-inch display. With his side set three blocks of climate control and auxiliary systems. But rejoice not worth it, because almost all of the above is the prerogative of expensive configuration. In the basic version of the interior will be much easier.

Driver’s seat

The Italians claim that the seats in the cabin will be enough for five adults, and reserve space provides comfort even on long journeys.

Pleasantly surprised by a luggage compartment volume of 510 liters, which increases due to the lowered backrest of the second row.

Options and prices 2020 Fiat Aegea

Currently, 2020 Fiat has not said how much it will cost the purchase of a new budget sedan 2020 Fiat Aegea. However, it is known that in November this year, the car will arrive in showrooms of authorized dealers in the territory immediately 2020 Fiat forty countries. Whether you enter this list Russia – is unknown.

Exact prices will be announced closer to the middle of autumn. For reference, one of the main competitors for the Italian sedan Skoda Rapid in the face at the moment is from 14-15 thousand dollars. Therefore it is logical to expect that 2020 Fiat Aegea will manage from the start about the same amount.

Review this topic:

– Of Skoda the Rapid Year – new liftback

Production capacity at the plant will establish a company-partner 2020 Fiat – Tofas. Most likely, the issue will be carried out only on the territory of Turkey. But the supply of planning to carry out in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Also, not reported anything regarding the configuration. But it is known that customers will receive when ordering a maximum “packing”. This will:

  • multimedia system;
  • a multimedia display on touchscreen 5 inches;
  • The voice control system;
  • navigation system;
  • connectors for USB and AUX;
  • Rear View Camera;
  • multifunction steering wheel.

About the rest of the list of basic and optional equipment will be known later.


The car is built on a 2020 Fiat Aegea Small Wide platform. Front MacPherson strut , rear semi-independent torsion beam system. Electric Power Steering supplemented, disc brakes all, but they are still ahead and ventilated.

Rear optics

If we talk about the most interesting technical features, that is, engine compartment, there is the manufacturer offers four engines to choose from.

  1. Two petrol engines with four cylinders, capacity will make 95 and 120 horsepower.
  2. Two turbo diesel with 1.6-liter – MultiJet. Their capacity is unknown.

At the same time in the company of 2020 Fiat say that their most economical engine, to whom certainly be a turbocharged diesel engine, will boast a rate of 4 liters for every 100 kilometers traveled path on the combined cycle.



Well, although at the moment the information is not as much as we would like, but some conclusions can already be drawn.

Serious Predna part

First of all, the machine has excellent appearance. With this you can not argue. Against the background of bright body design is no less interesting looks salon. Of course, the preference is to pay expensive equipment, since there is almost everything you need modern car owner. How much will such a “stuffed” modification – is another question. If 2020 Fiat will be able to maintain a reasonable pricing policy, while Skoda and Citroen have to fear a new player.

So far, it looks promising. Especially if the diesel engines with the turbine will be able to boast a capacity of more than 130 horsepower. These characteristics attract those looking for an inexpensive but high-spirited enough car.