2020 Ferrari 488 GTB : photo price, performance and video test drive

Early February this year was marked by the presentation of a new sports coupe from the company 2020 Ferrari. We are talking about the model 2020 Ferrari 488 GTB, which must be formally presented to the international community under the Geneva Motor Show, which will take place in March th

is year.

Photos of the new 2020 Ferrari 488 GTB year

The legendary Italian automaker did not wait for the month of March, and provided some information now. Thus, the Italian stable has decided to stir public interest in his new sports car.

However, the new car is difficult to call. In fact, we have an improved, updated version of another model – 458 Italy. The machine has changed outwardly, received the new components in the cabin and is equipped with a now a powerful turbocharged engine, which replaces the still atmospheric power package.

It is noteworthy that 2020 Ferrari has decided to make the updated version of the new name. Anyway, today we will try to find out about new product as much as possible.

Exterior 2020 Ferrari 488 GTB

Many who are not particularly observed the novelty 2020 Ferrari 488 GTB, can say that the car is very similar to its source. In many respects they are right, but the differences between the sports car had accumulated a very decent amount.

Photo 2020 Ferrari 488 GTB Front

The front part is decorated with a completely new bumper and a large air intake, which, as you know, is not only performs a decorative function. Also appeared in front of the double spoiler gives the appearance even more sportiness and audacity. The boot lid is re-arranged almost completely.

Photo 2020 Ferrari 488 GTB Side

Side note modified wings, perfect radii of the wheel arches, which are located inside the elegant aluminum wheels. Also on the sides of the designers have added other thresholds, air ducts located in the immediate vicinity of the rear fenders.

Photo 2020 Ferrari 488 GTB back

Behind the car it looks even smarter than before. Largely due to different exhaust system, modified diffuser in the rear bumper, as well as entirely new optics, which is now entirely based on light-emitting diodes.

Apparently, despite a number of changes in the external appearance of the car, the 2020 Ferrari 488 GTB size to keep the old:

  • length – 4527 mm;
  • width – 1937 mm;
  • height – 1213 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2650 mm;
  • ground clearance – 115 mm.

Chic Salon 2020 Ferrari 488 GTB

Say at once, compared with the original model of the interior 2020 Ferrari inside the 2020 Ferrari 488 GTB was a minimum of changes.

Photo salon 2020 Ferrari 488 GTB

In fact, the only difference lies in the fact that the ducts have received some modified form, plus the various systems of control buttons positioned a little differently.

Photo 2020 Ferrari 488 GTB steering

About the interior of any 2020 Ferrari can talk endlessly, but the photo and video materials are able to do so much better than any words. Too distinctive and gorgeous interior, in order to pick up to it any epithets.

Excellent sports steering wheel, instrument panel unmatched, unique chair, the highest level of trim, the highest quality materials. It is for this and like 2020 Ferrari, so appreciate these cars and do not give them even a lot of money for the purchase.

Components 2020 Ferrari 488 GTB

It would seem that may be included in the packaging of a sports car? Only the best of everything. This often these machines are deprived of the set of lotions and accessories, without which imagine modern road car is quite difficult.

2020 Ferrari 488 GTB year

It is understood that 2020 Ferrari – this is not a car that you will move slowly, steadily. This machine is designed for speed, and therefore be distracted by extraneous, superfluous things can not be here.

Because the equipment list can announce something like this, because the official representatives about bundling the Italian stable has not yet been told:

  • HVAC equipment;
  • alloy wheels to choose from;
  • leather upholstery;
  • decorative trim with carbon fiber, leather and other materials;
  • a whole range of security systems;
  • advanced audio system;
  • LED optics;
  • multifunction sports steering wheel;
  • etc. airbag.

Price 2020 Ferrari 488 GTB

As about the packaging, 2020 Ferrari has not said anything about the prices. Most likely, the first batches of new items will be available to customers by the summer of this year.

The only thing we can call on a current price, dorestaylingovoy 2020 Ferrari 458 Italy. Its price starts from an impressive mark of 230 thousand dollars. On the territory of the Russian sports car in coupe sold for 11.37 million rubles. And it’s starting price. Depending on the level of equipment and additional equipment, the price tag could rise significantly.

Technical characteristics of the 2020 Ferrari 488 GTB

But the specifications – this is precisely what the Italian Konyushkov decided to tell more than the detail.

First of all, the Italian engineers have paid special attention to aerodynamics. As a result of the impressive progress, as the drag coefficient of the sports car now stands at 1.67. Among all the 2020 Ferrari is the best indicator.

Plus, the downforce has been improved, the level of which increased by 50 percent when compared with the sports car 2020 Ferrari 458 Italy. To achieve such results helped the developers of technology that 2020 Ferrari uses to create fireballs to participate in a series of Formula 1 races.

Under the hood, 2020 Ferrari 488 GTB is now a brand-new eight-cylinder power unit, equipped with two turbochargers. As a result, the power of the engine made 670 horsepower and its torque has reached the mark of 760 Nm. Drive the car extremely rear, and a pair of motor semidiapazonnaya robotic box with two clutches.

The new engine 2020 Ferrari 488 GTB

On acceleration from zero to hundred kilometers per hour the 2020 Ferrari 488 GTB takes 3 seconds flat. At the same time the mark of 200 kilometers per hour acceleration takes only 8.3 seconds. The maximum in the sports car you can accelerate to 330 kilometers per hour.

If we take into account indicators of the 2020 Ferrari 458 Italy, its naturally aspirated eight-cylinder engine to 570 horsepower accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour and 0.4 seconds slower.

New 2020 Ferrari took the traditional test lap on the track in Foirano. On his left in a sports car one minute and twenty-three seconds. For comparison, a 2020 Ferrari 458 Speciale with its 605 horsepower took half a second longer, and the usual Italy loses an upgraded version with turbo all 2 seconds on the track.

It is noteworthy that the 670 horsepower under the hood does not interfere with sports car performance to show decent fuel economy. Thus, on the combined cycle for every 100 kilometers traveled path handsome Italian spends about 11.4 liters.

Video Test Drive 2020 Ferrari 488 GTB


2020 Ferrari 488 GTB years – a modernized old sports car, gets a new name. Improved he quite significantly, particularly with regard to appearance and performance.

Of course, since the 2020 Ferrari 458 Italy sold since 2009, it was time to change it to something new. And, frankly speaking, an alternative now she gorgeous.

What to rant. 2020 Ferrari 2020 Ferrari is always, regardless of the name of a particular model. This is the machine for everyone, but not for everyone.

It will be interesting to see how successful will be the sale of 2020 Ferrari 488 GTB. Its predecessor, the atmospheric engine was about thirty different international awards, that is, the new version has to strive for. With the start of sales in 2009, by 2010 more than 1.2 thousand of these cars were sold worldwide. The statistics at the end of the company 2020 Ferrari, unfortunately not published.

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