2020 Ferrari 488 GTB

No one can stand in the way of progress, even if much wants it. Right now, for example, the entire automotive industry massively reached for turbochargers, and even some companies, well-known for its excellent, super-strong penalties as the 2020 Ferrari , could not long resist this trend


The brand with the prancing horse at this year’s Geneva Motor Show exhibition presented the new 488 GTB, which has become a substitute for the 458 model with atmospheric 4.5-liter V8. 488 GTB equipped with a turbocharged eight, which, despite the smaller size (3.9 liters), not lost in a power – 661 hp This is almost the same horsepower as the new McLaren 675LT, only with more torque and much higher than the figures Lamborghini Huracán in all respects. Even new the R8 the Audi the V10 Plus is not to be compared with the 488.

But the new 2020 Ferrari 488 GTB – it is something more than a turbocharged engine. It has also been updated electronics, modified body, improved aerodynamics and upgraded interior.

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