2020 Ferrari 458 Spesiale : a charged Italian convertible

2020 Ferrari Company is not engaged in production of rare limited edition of its vehicles, which are more powerful, faster, better and more beautiful production versions.

Recently connoisseurs met with a charged version of the coupe, created based on the 2020 Ferrari 458 Italy. After a while there was also variation in the back of a convertible. It is from this supercar and we want to introduce you today.


  1. Design
  2. Dimensions
  3. Salon
  4. Configuration and price
  5. Specifications
  6. Video
  7. Conclusion

The novelty is called the 2020 Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta, which is quite logical for the car. The fact that Aperta translated as “open”. To distinguish the car from the external source code is rather difficult, but possible. Especially if you have already had to deal with such a great car like the 2020 Ferrari 458 Italia.

Before us is a sample of the sports and fast convertible, which dream of millions of people around the world. But it is necessary to understand this 2020 Ferrari, so get this car is not for everyone. Plus add to that a limited series of new products, resulting in a 2020 Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta become a tasty morsel for collectors and fans of the brand around the world.

We will try to inform you in detail with a charged Italian gig, consider it from all sides, to look into the interior, to learn about the equipment, as well as access to the main – Performance. In addition, many will be interested to know how much it appreciates this creation manufacturer.

Stunning Design 2020 Ferrari 458 Speciale

As we have said, the 2020 Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta looks very similar to the source code in the coupe body. Because the silhouette remains recognizable. But this does not take away all its advantages.

Photo 2020 Ferrari 458 Spesiale Front

The front part is crowned with a powerful long bonnet and aerodynamic shape with two large air intakes, which are divided into sections and placed just above the wings of the front wheels. Sports bumper is an innovation, supplemented by a huge air intake. It is necessary to motor cooling performed more efficiently. The front bumper has also received additional holes for a similar problem. Narrowed vertical optics based on light-emitting diodes perfectly completes the architecture of the front of the machine.

458 Spesiale side

Side witnessing a new aerodynamic body kit, huge, muscular wheel arches, designer wheels, which have a base made of light alloy and boasts a diameter of 20 inches.

Rear part

The rear of the new optics boasts round-shaped LED-based lamps, a modified bumper, which now got even more elements of aerodynamics, as well as with two tailpipes of the exhaust system quite impressive diameter.

Of course, the car looks great with whatever side you look at her. Not surprising, because in front of us a 2020 Ferrari. This is not an over-valued brand, as some believe. Such statements can only come from those who never personally acquainted with any vehicle in the performance of 2020 Ferrari, as well as those who are aware that he would never be able to afford such a car, and this is mad.

Of course, we should not forget that this is a convertible. The manufacturer has not forgotten about the roof that can be raised and lowered. Unlike many other convertibles, in this case a roof made of hard aluminum. It does not interfere with the structure and quietly folded up the driver’s command. For this work corresponds to the drive, which spends about 14 seconds to complete the process of raising or lowering the top.


If anyone is interested in the size of the 2020 Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta, then this car in the back of a convertible relevant are the following figures:

Length 4571
Width 1951
Height 1203
Wheelbase 2650
turning circle 11m
Weight 1340 kg

By the way, the weight of the machine is to talk separately. The company paid special attention to reduce the weight of the convertible. To do this, a large number of carbon fiber were involved. This will keep the strength, but also to remove the extra kilos. Those able to immediately eliminate 90 as compared to the source code.

Salon brand new 2020 Ferrari 458 Spesiale

Just look at the photos and videos to understand what level of interior decoration, we’re talking. In principle, only one manufacturer’s name speaks for itself.

If you talk more specifically is involved here alcantara and carbon fiber lightweight components made with enough original blue tint.

Salon 458 Spesiale

Before the driver is located three-spoke sports steering wheel, flattened at the bottom. Buttons on the steering wheel can be controlled by the front optics, adjust the suspension to work, start the engine and, of course, include signals turn signals.

High-quality finish

The dashboard is made in a rather classical style with a large tachometer yellow color, which is combined with a much more modern displays in the amount of two pieces, located on either side of the dashboard. One screen is responsible for displaying the speed of data transmission time round, heated brakes and so on. Second – this is a multimedia screen.

The central tunnel

Separately, the original is located long the console on which the driver selects the mode of transmission by pressing the corresponding button.

Sam interior has two new chair-bucket, with clearly sporting destination. The pronounced lateral support only confirms this.

As for the trunk, it is present there. Moreover, its volume is 230 liters, which is not bad for a sports car. And the stock of fuel should be enough for a good distance, as the tank accommodates 86 liters.

Options and Prices

Talk about the complete set in this case is not entirely appropriate, since the car will be offered for many of Idividualny order. That is, each customer will be able to choose what he needs in his convertible.

After the presentation of the 2020 Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta, which took place in Paris, the manufacturer announced that sales will start in . The order is already open, and the prices named. For a copy of limited edition sports cabriolet charged the Italian manufacturer will have to pay at least 250 thousand euros.

Steep wheels

And the price is really the minimum, as a variety of additional options will cost more in the whole state. Although this is unlikely to stop those who can afford to part with such sums of money.

But even the rich have to hurry. The fact that the 2020 Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta is produced in a limited series. In total 499 cars off the assembly line.


Since 2020 Ferrari names its convertible sporkarom, the specifications and he must be appropriate. Now we try to check.

So, under the hood is located eight petrol aspirated engine, the volume of which amounted to 4.5 liters. Due to numerous upgrades, extracted from it the power to 605 horsepower. That is, for every liter of engine capacity for approximately 135 horsepower. And this is even without turbocharging. As to the torque, here it reaches the level of 540 Nm.

Expressive bumper

Works in conjunction with the motor semidiapazonnoy robotised gearbox supplemented with double clutch. Due to this, acceleration from zero to 100 kilometers per hour takes exactly 3 seconds, and to 200 kilometers per hour – in 9.2 seconds. When compared to a charged version of the car in the coupe, the convertible yield 0.4 seconds. It is caused by a roof, which affects the aerodynamics.

A special system that prevents slippage, provides a sharp and effective acceleration. The maximum on this convertible can accelerate to an impressive 325 kilometers per hour.

According to the manufacturer, for every 100 kilometers traveled path in the combined cycle the car will ask about 11.8 liters. How these figures correspond to reality – it is unknown.

Of course, a major upgrade compared to the source code has undergone suspension, brake system, transmission. For example, transfer switch box 20 percent faster, and for complete inhibition at 100 kilometers per hour will require about 31 meters.

See test drive a 2020 Ferrari 458 Speciale


It would seem, where else to seek a 2020 Ferrari 458? This machine is elegant and beautiful in every way. But 2020 Ferrari would not be 2020 Ferrari, if it had not sought to complete perfection.

View from above

No wonder this company is considered one of the best in the world in elegant supercar that combine incredible beauty and superior performance. That’s a 2020 Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta proved how great can be convertibles. This machine is the same great fit to ride on the streets of the city, and go on a real race track, ahead of very, very many. If not all.