2020 Dodge Viper – the famous roadster

2020 Dodge Viper revived! That’s just over a year ago, fans met the restyling version of the popular sports car. Indeed, there is something to be happy, because after 2010, when the production 2020 Dodge Viper was closed, the world, literally, bid farewell to the eminent roadster.

It is good that nothing happened, because “Viper”, in addition to what is a powerful, beautiful sports car, also has a really remarkable story, which of the competitors in the class can match anybody. Against this backdrop, even a change of ownership and the manufacturer does not look anything depressing, especially after the last model came out in the series. Now you can be 100% sure that the Chrysler, requested “the reincarnation» Viper own elite units as SRT, will not change the traditions, and the fact that the company approached the case Legends Revival very responsible, no doubt. Of course, not without innovation (quite modern and relevant).

It is interesting that the manufacturer is positioning the car as “a fast, powerful and sporty, but much more secure.” This is an incredibly high accident rate dorestaylingovoy model that explained simply: the majority of owners, sitting behind the wheel, trying to squeeze out of the roadster “maximum”, forgetting the restive nature of “Viper”, under the hood, which even then were more than 800 hp

To understand whether this is actually, as well as see the benefits of closer restyled “Viper”, with which the majority of our fellow citizens are well acquainted thanks to the famous game GTA, where the advantages of 2020 Dodge Viper disclosed in full, is intended to present an overview. Assistants will become traditional in this video and photo materials.


2020 Dodge Viper photo front

The front of the SRT Viper differs little from the city of dorestaylingovoy model, sloping hood carbon fiber limited vyshtampovki that terminate stylish triangular headlights, in the middle of the hood looks intriguing hole tiny inlet. In the midst of a large, streamlined bumper “Viper”, is another, incomparably larger air intake, characterized by two double crossed straps, eloquent Recalling the new owner of the car – the Chrysler Corporation. Bumper ends protruding skirt, located on its sides looking stylish aerodynamic elements.

2020 Dodge Viper photo Side

Side 2020 Dodge Viper – demonstrates gently upward to the stern of the glazing line, steep bend of the roof, the huge wheel arches. Individual attention: the original “break”, ending beneath the front struts, through which created the impression that the “Viper” consists of two parts, “inserted” into one another, and located right in front of the rear wheel of a powerful pipe exhaust system. Special mention deserves the new disc design: for the latest updates Viper SRT now Rattler were created 5 spoke alloy wheels, allowing the side of the car look even more original roadster.

2020 Dodge Viper photo back

Stern looks stylish and modern thanks to a more aggressive form of lampshades lighting, integrated spoiler and direct longitudinal vyshtampovki, emphasizing the original outlines of a large rear bumper, the middle of which is a kind of imitation of the air intake.

Evaluating the exterior restyling “Viper”, it may be the impression that the Chrysler stopped at a relatively shallow facelift. In fact, this is absolutely not the case. Whatever may sound absurd, the most dramatic changes in the external part of the 2020 Dodge Viper SRT took place where the naked eye can see, they did not! The hood, roof and trunk is entirely carbon fiber doors – aluminum.

Photo 2020 Dodge Viper

Framework “Viper” is still tubular, but now made of light alloys, whereby rigidity increased by 50% and the weight became smaller cars 44 kg and 1521 kg is now. More than just flattened shape of the body helped to “Viper” hitherto unseen aerodynamic performance: an air resistance coefficient is 0,365 Cx.

Change in Ownership affected the dimensions of the 2020 Dodge SRT Viper :

  • roadster length is now 4463 mm,
  • width – 1941 mm,
  • height – 1246mm,
  • under the former terms of wheelbase to 2510 mm,
  • as well as a small ground clearance is only 127 mm.

Tread roadster are Pirelli P Zero: front 295 / 30ZR18, behind – 355 / 30ZR19, dress up on alloy wheels.

Designers have provided several options for color American roadster, very bright yellow, black, red, white, blue, as well as the possibility of putting on the body classical longitudinal bands of different colors.

In general components of the exterior creates an aggressive and rapid way of 2020 Dodge SRT Viper, which feature traditional roadster with modern solutions.


Changes in the interior of the 2020 Dodge Viper SRT -, are much more visible than in the exterior, which is particularly pleasing given the numerous criticisms salon dorestaylingovoy model. Chrysler designers have taken into account the negative feedback, and now the interior of the Roadster differs an abundance of high-quality leather, present even on the front panel, as well as a choice of three different color design options.

2020 Dodge Viper photo salon

Sports seats with Kevlar frame are unsurpassed lateral support, and set down 20cm, thereby increased the possibility of setting up an individual. Convenient steering wheel trimmed in the lower part and is completely covered in leather, is also on the steering wheel designers were able to place a huge amount of control elements – music, cruise control and telephone. In the middle of the instrument panel is a 8.4-inch touchscreen. monitor, multimedia system Harmon / Kardon delivers superior sound quality.


Price 2020 Dodge Viper SRT starts at 97,395 USD., Which makes the “Viper” one of the most accessible of existing sports cars today. Cost 2020 Dodge SRT Viper GTS, having improved performance, much more: 120,395 dollars.


Specifications “Viper” in principle not changed: suspension remained independent, with double wishbones in front and behind, at the same time change the location of levers fasteners, allowing improved parameters and geometry handling roadster. Disc brakes Brembo developers added aluminum 4-piston calipers, also appeared in the traction control of the drive wheels. Especially for the Viper GTS has improved the ESC system, possessing with 4 modes, each with different levels of control of the driver’s actions electronics.

Photo Motor 2020 Dodge Viper

The power unit V10 2020 Dodge Viper weighs 10 kg less than its predecessor, having a volume of 8.4 liters. (640l.s., 814Nm), each copy is hand-assembled. Motor aggregated with 6 mortars. Manual transmission, which is characterized by a sharp and fast operation. Fuel consumption roadster is in the range of 20 liters. – But it concerns only a relaxing driving on the track in case of aggressive driving in urban areas this figure rises sharply -. To 45-50l.

While driving 2020 Dodge SRT Viper, thanks to the launch-control (launch control system), automatically selects the optimal speed of the power unit, then monitors their constant value – it contributes to the rapid start. In this case, the driver only needs to engage the gear, and then squeeze the clutch, so that the first roadster accelerates to 100km / h in just 3.2 sec. At the highest possible speed over 330 km / h. However, the pilot must take into account that such a lightning-fast acceleration is required to squeeze you to the chair, and may even cause transient loss of vision that can trigger the occurrence of an emergency.


Concluding the review is traditionally mention the positive and negative features restyled 2020 Dodge Viper. The first undoubted advantage of a restyled version of the 2020 Dodge Viper SRT is the fact of its occurrence. Impressive redesigned, and the massive use of advanced materials, not only to reduce weight and aerodynamic performance roadster, but also greatly increase the strength of the body. Among the shortcomings should be noted very little clearance, due to which the “Viper” is able to ride only on perfectly flat surfaces, as well as a huge fuel consumption.