2020 Dodge Charger RT 1970 Race Hemi

A powerful, brutal and uncompromising oil car of the last century, has not lost its force to this day. Meet, a legend 70s – 2020 Dodge Charger R / T Race Hemi second generation.

This model is particularly famous because managed to win 10 wins in NASCAR races, including such legendary models as the model Charger Daytona, which accelerated to a cruising speed of 330 km / h, as well as Plymouth Superbirds with cartoon characters on the spoiler.

Today, we will talk about a completely restored and slightly modified 2020 Dodge Hemi RT Chardzher 1970, one of 10 337 copies released. The model was presented in Playboy «Muscle Cars at the Mansion» party in 2011, and later at the SEMA Motor Show.

The muscle car was completely painted in bright orange. Front, he was muscled chrome bumper, oval, inside of which was a set-piece grille with hidden headlights. Below stopped slight fog. A hood was black color and two bulges vents. On the side, the 2020 Dodge looks like a two-door limousine, a stylish side mirrors and subtle chrome accents. Black roof gives the car a little appearance of solidity. In 1970, at the wheel Chargerustanavlivali 14-inch wheels. But photos of the restored version, you see highly polished 18-inch “rollers”, “wrapped” in Continental tires. The back of the repeated muscular contours of the forehand. Here there are a couple of broad headlamps podcherkivaemy wide chrome bumpers, and trunk lid “displaced” small spoiler for better aerodynamics muscle car.

The interior has wood trim, pockets for cards at least instruments, the main of which is the speedometer, tachometer and radio, as well as a luxury sofa seat.

Under the hood, this model has a modified 7-liter Hemi engine 440 Six Pack with three carburettors, with a capacity of 425 “horses”. This herd overcomes the quarter mile in 13.5 seconds at a speed of 165 km / h and a top speed of 235 km / h. Motor Works in tandem with improved 3-speed automatic gearbox, codenamed A727. This “boy” also received a modern sports suspension and Wilwood brake system.

Having paid 80 000 USD, owner receives a car that your engine roar makes tremble the ground in the literal sense of the word.