2020 Citroen C4 Aircross

The first time the city of small size crossover 2020 Citroen C4 Eyrkross was officially put on display to the public in the spring of at the Geneva Motor Show. It was then shown a young copy of Peugeot 4008. We would like to review in detail to consider this model, appreciating photos and

videos, design as the exterior and interior of the 2020 Citroen C4 Aircross crossover newcomer of the year, to know the technical characteristics, equipment and the cost of the French friendly cars for the Russian market .

Perhaps we all know that the French trends in the automotive industry are the development counterparts of the Japanese companies Mitsubishi ASX. In the field of production of SUVs Peugeot 2020 Citroen is actively cooperating with the company. Of all three crossovers – Peugeot, 2020 Citroen and Mitsubishi, which are based on a universal platform GS, newly 2020 Citroen C4 Aircross has the most winning look. Designers work hard in their quest to find those special details exterior car that could effectively isolate it from a number of other cars.

Looking at the front of the car body, you Zrazy also pay attention to the manufacturer’s logo, which is stretched across the width of the grille. There are two chrome slats that smoothly flow into the components of the front lighting, exciting little side parts of the body.

The model has a massive and wide bumper accommodating large air intake. The last point of the bottom of the bumper feature round foglights, and above them are narrow slits ducts, which are decorated with LED strips.

2020 Citroen C4 Aircross Photos

Profile of auto news its shape almost identical to its Japanese twin brother Mitsubishi ASX. Here there is a silhouette with vyshtampovki and ribs. The only difference is that you can see, these are different wheel arches, which the Frenchman come with protective plastic covers have a refined form.

The wheel arches are designed for 16-18 inch wheel sizes, which, depending on the trim level SUV, equipped with steel or alloy wheels of radius 16 with 215/70 R16 tires. It also fit wheels from light alloy size 18 and 225/55 R18 tires.

2020 Citroen C4 Eyrkross pictures in profile

2020 Citroen C4 Eykross has a beautiful and original design aft rear roof pillars and lights lighting large sizes and unusual shapes. The luggage compartment is limited to the door with a slight glazing and top boot spoiler located.

The French manufacturer has given the bumper and aerodynamic shape designed to decrease it unpainted plastic edge. Aircross C4, being a true Frenchman, different charm and excellent compared with ASX model has a more stylish look.

  • In size C4 Ayrkross possesses standard for small crossover measurement length he 4,341 mm, width 1,799 mm (accounting external mirrors – 2,125 mm), a height of 1625 mm, if there roof rails, then 1 635 mm.
  • The wheel base of car is 2670 mm, and the clearance for SUV – serious enough size – 195 mm.

If you decide to order, you have the option to individually choose the color of the enamel of 8 different colors: not metallic – WHITE Antarctique, pearl – WHITE Pearl and BLACL Perle, and metallics – GREY (Papyrus, Cool Silver, Titanium), RED Chili , BROWN Mangara. If we compare the interior with the exterior, inside the new model 2020 Citroen is not very original, unlike its Japanese donor. In Russia, the new car will be offered in three trim levels: Tendance, Dynamique and Exclusive. In general, everyone will be able to choose the car by itself, starting from the fullness of his purse.

Photo salon 2020 Citroen C4 Eyrkross

The design of the front of the interior, including the instrument panel and console, is fully consistent with the appearance of its Japanese twin brother. Creative and comfortable three-spoke steering wheel is a remote control, and control multimedia computer system and telephone. The instrument panel is backlit blue and complemented by a color or monochrome screen of the computer. The console is placed sound system, which is the buyer’s preferences can be simple (CD MP3 and radio with four speakers) or the same heaped with power up to 710 W Hi-Fi Rockford. As an option also available, and the touch screen. At the request of the motorist as the additional equipment can be included, and a rearview camera, panoramic roof with lighting, GPS navigation. If you wish, your car can be equipped with rain and light sensors, Xenon, Cruise-Control, as well as heated front seats.

2020 Citroen C4 Aircross photo salon

The driver and the passenger seat are comfortable and cozy profile, lateral support, made in the form of special rollers. Steering column can be telescopically adjusted in 2-dimensions. These handy devices are designed to deliver the ultimate comfort to the driver.

Importantly, in the car there is support for USB, AUX, automatically folding and heated mirrors, air conditioning or Climat-Control, keyless access to cars, as well as many other advanced technologies and features.

Photo rear seats 2020 Citroen C4 Aircross saloon

Passengers sitting in the rear seats, can accommodate no less comfortable than the driver and the passenger sitting next to. Because space in the cabin more than enough. But even though the manufacturer and calculated in the cabin for three, but only two can most comfortably.

The trunk is the C4 Aircross the 2020 Citroen

Regarding the luggage compartment, where capacity can be controlled by manipulation of the product with the rear seats. And it is from 384 liters to 1.5 m2.

2020 Citroen C4 Aircross Photos trunk

Salon is equipped with a variety of materials. It meets high quality soft plastic, pleasant tactile fabric on the seats. It is difficult not to notice the luxury chair kits, which are finished in natural leather Perfore gray or black. All components and parts are assembled and perfectly matched to each other.

Specifications: front suspension is based on the MacPherson strut and rear multi-link is, front and rear cars mounted anti-roll bars. Brake disk system is equipped with EBD and ABC, and Brake Assist (braking assistant). There are also electric power steering, the characteristics of which can be changed depending on your speed. By electronic wizards that are available in the car, you can select MASC system and PFI. The first produces dynamic stabilization, the second is the traction control. SUV, which is offered to customers, can have both 2WD front, so a full drive 4WD.

There are diesel and petrol engines, which cause the car to move. Russian customers can get petrol only. Proposed HDI engine that runs on diesel fuel, 2 types: a volume of 1.6 liters and 110 liters capacity. from. and second, for up to 1.8 liters and capable of developing 150 horsepower. Both versions are equipped with a six-speed manual transmission, and are assumed for sale in European countries. The engines on gasoline for the new 2020 Citroen C4:

  • The 1.6-liter (117 hp develops) in combination with 5 manual transmission is available exclusively with a forward drive. This engine provides a dynamic in the 100 km / h in 11.3 seconds, and guarantee maximum speed (182 km / h). According to the manufacturer fuel consumption is 4.9 liters more than in the country and more than 7.5 liters in city movement.
  • The two-liter engine can be operated with a 5 speed manual. In this case, the speaker to the first one hundred kilometers is achieved with 9.3 (10.2 s), the maximum speed – 200 km / h (or 190 km / h), the fuel flow rate is more than 6.3 liters (6 5 l) for driving on suburban highway and less than 10.1 gallons (10.2 liters) in the city.

These characteristics are relevant to the version of 2020 Citroen C4 with front wheel drive, but you can order all-wheel drive cars. Thus, you get a lower speed and dynamic performance, but the difference is only a few fractions of seconds. With the puck-control knob fully drive the car very easy and convenient. After all, this washer handle has 3 modes: 2WD – the work of front-wheel drive, 4WD Auto – torque distribution along the axes, 4WD Lock is – traffic on the roads slippery and unstable, when almost the entire torque transmitted to the rear wheels.

Photo 2020 Citroen C4 Aircross

Regarding the characteristics of the behavior of cars on the road, in the general habits in 2020 Citroen C4 in a way very similar to the behavior of his relative Mitsubishi ASX. Qualitatively made chassis gives absolute confidence in safe driving on a flat road, and on a small road. Suspension superbly held any surface roughness. If we move in a straight line, moving SUV is expected and even somewhat reminiscent of a hatchback. The steering is sensitive and responsive to even the most non-essential “signals”. All electronic assistants, which is equipped with a brand new French, perfectly cope with their work, allowing the driver to manage exclusively in emergency situations. As urban crossover, 2020 Citroen C4 Aircross can not cope with a strong off-road. By the way, a very important point for those who have decided to opt for this model: a 1.6 – liter gasoline engine a bit weak and slow phlegmatic approach. The most suitable option for movement in all situations is a 2.0-liter unit.

Video Test Drive

In Russia, the price of urban crossover from the French manufacturer starts with 849 thousand. Russian rubles per Aircross 1,6i 2WD version with an initial complete set Dynamique and increased to 1204 thousand. For variation 2,0i 4WD CVT generously equipped and Exclusive. If you want to buy a car with additional options for the type of the original trimmed seats with leather combination, the front seats on the drive, the smart audio system at 710 watts, panoramic roof, proprietary signaling you should remember that they raise the cost of a brand new Citroën C4 and tangible.

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