2020 Citroen Berlingo – the second restyling of the van

Vehicle 2020 Citroen Berlingo second generation was introduced in 2008. During this time, the car has gone through two rather serious restyling, the last of which took place in the framework of the Geneva Motor Show in early March .

Compared with the first generation model, the van becam

e clearly better, more modern, more elegant. He is no longer perceived as some kind of truck. Such a machine may well be a good acquisition for a large family. After Berlingo spacious, has a decent luggage space, allows you to easily gather with a bunch of things and go on vacation, travel, refuse truck services, when required to bring impressive in its size loads.

The second generation Berlingo built on the platform, which was developed jointly by representatives of the French alliance Peugeot-2020 Citroen. In fact, the Berlingo – Peugeot Partner company is the second generation.

Despite the two spent updates Berlingo retains its original dimensions:

  • length – 4380 mm;
  • width – 1810 mm;
  • height – 1801 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2728 mm;
  • ground clearance (clearance) – 180 millimeters.

And that if we talk about the passenger version of the machine. But there is a modification of TREK, which is positioned as vsedorozhnaya. Its ground clearance increased to 200 mm and the height was raised to the level of 1865 millimeters.

Photos of the new 2020 Citroen Berlingo 2016

The car can be equipped with a conventional otdvizhnoy door, and swing with two doors. As for the boot volume, it amounts to 675 liters with all the seats up or 3,000 liters, if you omit the backrest of the second row. As before, you can get the optional seven-seater cabin modification, but then the volume of the luggage compartment is seriously hurt.

Now we can talk about the upgrades that have occurred in the second restyling model. The updated version has a noticeable difference in the background even after the first version of the modernization of the second generation Berlingo.

Photo exterior design 2020 Citroen Berlingo 2016

In principle, the focus of the designers have given it front. The sides, exactly as the back, left virtually unchanged.

New 2020 Citroen Berlingo 2016 Front

In front of the machine can now boast a brand new bumper, which is complemented by re-registration of air intakes. In the photo and video materials is perfectly clear. Plus, the manufacturer changed the fog lights, making them more stylish appearance. The role of the daytime running lights LED ribbon carries, is located in one section with foglights, but to a higher level. Do not forget about the retouched head optics, a modified grille trim. Indeed, the front has changed significantly. And it is very pleasantly pleased.

Picture 2020 Citroen Berlingo 2016 side

Side of the machine may have a different appearance, depending on the set of wheels and the option chosen tailgate. The roof rails are located, which once again confirms the thrust of a cargo model.

Photo Berlingo 2016 Rear

Behind the machine offers large, convenient for loading and unloading doors, stylish optics, as well as a fairly classic bumper.

Of course, the Berlingo is different when it comes to all-terrain modification or a strictly cargo version. Still, the main interest is just a variation of the passenger, so that all the focus will be given to her.

The palette of colors that are offered as part of the premiere of the second generation of 2020 Citroen Berlingo and after the first of the planned restyling, extended for another two options available for the second upgrade. The official names of colors – it is Moka Grey and Cumulus Grey. In fact, – two variations of gray shades. The look is, incidentally, a very interesting and attractive.

Photo salon 2020 Citroen Berlingo 2016

Inside the van it was much more interesting than many expected as early as the second generation of the presentation. Many thought that the interior will be about the same as that of the first generation. But they were wrong. And this is very good.

The interior looks quite unusual, even for French automakers is in the order of things. Comfortable three-spoke steering wheel, a classic instrument panel with two large radii tachometer and speedometer. The front panel is located on-board computer with red illumination, and on the center console – just four of the duct and a new multimedia system, which includes a seven-inch touchscreen display. As you can imagine, it’s only available for a fee. But it is, and it can not but rejoice.

Salon Berlingo 2016 the year

Also, the center console was a place for music control units, climate and other systems, the amount of which depends on the configuration.

The car literally filled with all kinds of shelves, drawers and hidden sections for storing small things and not so. So it’s unlikely that all will lie somewhere in the mind.

Comfortable front seats

Front seats have, though not serious, but noticeable lateral support, the ability to adjust the position of seats for themselves.

Depending on the configuration, the back can accommodate three or five, in fact, the individual seats. Sofa is not offered. In addition, in terms of functionality, this version of the design looks better seats.

Little has come under criticism optional third row. The knees will be located high enough because of the high floor. Although it can hardly be considered a serious fault. But the cargo version will be offered with three seats ahead. Two passenger seats differ significantly in terms of driving comfort, since the latter – a marked lateral support and a good lumbar support.


2020 Citroen offers several fixed complete sets, as before, plus the specific list of optional equipment.

All this can be combined into a pretty impressive list of “chips”, which can boast of this van:

  • HVAC equipment;
  • on-board computer;
  • information and entertainment complex;
  • multimedia touch screen 7 inches;
  • navigation system;
  • sound system;
  • airbags;
  • heated front seats;
  • Rear View Camera;
  • frontal collision avoidance system (running at speeds up to 30 kilometers per hour);
  • a set of security systems;
  • LED daytime running lights;
  • LED front fog lights;
  • LED taillights;
  • steel wheels;
  • alloy wheels and so forth.

The price of the new 2020 Citroen Berlingo 2016

It is noteworthy that the price tags on the updated version have not changed compared to the previous modification. In principle, this was expected. However, it is not known how much further will ask the manufacturer for multimedia complex, for example.

However, for the version with low-power diesel engine is required to pay 16 thousand dollars, and for starting the petrol engine – about 16.5 thousand dollars.

Configuration Multispeys, which is positioned as a full-fledged family minivan, will require the buyer to part with the sum of 18,500 dollars at least. And for the passenger version of the most powerful new engine will have to pay more than 20 thousand dollars.

Equipment Dvigatl Price Fuel Drive unit Consumption maximum speed
Dynamique 1.6 MT (110 hp) 969000 petrol front 11.2 / 6.7 169
Tendanc 1.6 MT (110 hp) 1045000 petrol front 11.2 / 6.7 169
XTR 1.6 MT (90 hp) 1167000 diesel front – / –
AMT 1.6 (90 hp) 1252000 diesel front 5 / 4.4 165

As you can see, the prices look quite good considering the possibilities and the level of equipment of the machine. If we talk specifically about the Russian market, here the current version Berlingo in basic equipment is available for 970,000 rubles, while the top-end equipment worth about 1.2 million rubles. Who wants to get all-terrain version of TREK, will pay about 830-880 thousand rubles.

Specifications 2020 Citroen Berlingo

After the first update of 2020 Citroen Berlingo sample offered in Europe with two petrol engines of 120 horsepower and 95, as well as directly with four different diesel engines, the power of the weakest of which was 75 horsepower, and the most powerful – 115 horsepower.

Side view

In Russia started selling new van from April . Offered two petrol engine capacity of 110 and 120 horsepower at a volume of 1.6 liters for domestic customers. Plus is available diesel engine. With the volume of 1.6 liters, it produces 90 horsepower.

All engines come with five-speed basic mechanics and front-wheel drive. Diesel versions as an option can be equipped with a robotic gearbox.

For a sample version of the van 2016 model year received a completely new diesel engine BlueHDi with a volume of 1.6 liters. It has three versions, where the initial impact has a 75 horsepower, the average produces 100 horsepower, and the most powerful – 120 horsepower. All engines meet the stringent Euro 6 standards and are complemented by a new six-speed gearbox. Only the engine power of 100 horsepower is optional offer robotized transmission.

Videos 2020 Citroen Berlingo 2016


Before us is a multifunctional vehicle that is popular precisely because of this. Several modifications of the exterior and interior, plus opportunities for the internal configuration of seats depending on the situation faced by the driver.

Most of the Berlingo is acquired in the cargo version, and used as commercial vehicles or in Multispeys modification, as a family roomy minivan.

Not surprisingly, the Citroën holds for the second restyling of the second generation model. Yet, the 2008 version of the sample was very successful, which is why the need even in to build a third generation as such, no. The car has a more decent life cycle due to a successful platform and rich equipment. claims also present extremely difficult in terms of reliability and quality.

Perhaps we will see after some time not just another restyling, but a completely new generation of 2020 Citroen Berlingo. But it is certainly not happen in a year, or even two.

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