2020 Chevrolet Orlando – all you need big family

Indeed, the car from the American manufacturer 2020 Chevrolet, which was named the 2020 Chevrolet Orlando deserves special attention among those who have a large family, or who are thinking about creating such. Of course, no one interferes, and lonely person buy a 2020 Chevrolet Orlando – year, however, fully assess its capabilities, it can be in the presence of a large number of people.


  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Configurations
  • Price
  • Specifications
  • Conclusion

It is important to note that this is not a standard family station wagon to five seats. Salon has just three lines, which perfectly pomestyatsya passengers any configuration. Often it happens that the optional third row is rarely used, and it can seat except children. In Orlando, everything is different. It is a full range of comfortable seats. Plus, each successive number is slightly higher than the previous.


Many experts point out that the design – not the strongest side of Orlando year. Perhaps they are right, because the competition in the minivan class looks quite gray. But we should not now assume that this is some ugly and featureless car. Sami see photos and videos, read the review of new items. Obviously, all with appearance is not as bad as it seems. The car is interesting, quite original and very practical.

2020 Chevrolet Orlando photo front

The solidity of Orlando does not hold. Just look at the front part, to evaluate the brand grille, a large label manufacturer, large, yet harmoniously fit into the design of the headlights. The front bumper is massive, has a special section for the air intakes, fog lights, and even the so-called aerodynamic lip.

The new 2020 Chevrolet Orlando pictures in profile

Inspection machines Profile makes it clear that in the machine may be driven even on steep hills, ride on difficult sites. The clearance allows. Plus, there are massive protectors to prevent damage of the body. The windows are located high and have a relatively small size. Nevertheless, in Orlando, this approach looks beautiful.

2020 Chevrolet Orlando photo back

Behind there are no complaints. Moreover, here you will see a vertical roof racks, functional rectangular tailgate, beautiful bumper, parking lights, made in a rectangular shape. Yes, nothing super special, but still there in this car zest, its own uniqueness in the body parts.


Well, it’s time to look inside the car. What do we see here? Well, the driver’s seat has some similarities with Opel the Tourer the Zafira .

2020 Chevrolet Orlando photo salon

The center console and the dashboard is really similar. However, those who are familiar with the model range of 2020 Chevrolet, learn here another representative of the company – Cruze. You are not mistaken, in Orlando really very much taken from Cruise. This steering wheel and instrument panel, climate control unit, music and so on.

Photo salon 2020 Chevrolet Orlando

  • First row

    • Comfortable front seats are heated, so even long journeys will become a problem not. You can adjust both the depth under the steering column and height that allows the driver to configure any build a place for themselves. The center console is slightly inclined, that does not prevent comfortable reading data. If you open the cover of the audio system, you will gain access to another boxes. Generally the car is where to lay down different things and little things. Position gearbox controversial. Some believe it is quite inconvenient, others do not care.
  • Second row

    • The second row can comfortably accommodate passengers even very tall, and several. The backrest can be split and allows to adjust the tilt. Tunnel transmission is sufficiently low that it does not interfere with the feet. Have their vents from the ventilation system. At the height of a lot of places, and the legs will be what to do with. Unfortunately, the high thresholds slightly complicate the landing in the car.
  • third row

    • On the third row wading, pushing one seat from the second row. The opening is large enough so that there is not difficult to climb. Places are designed for adults, but it would be better if there sit the children or young people.
  • trunk

    • Since we are talking about a car with three rows of seats, expect a large tailgate is not worth it. Its capacity is only 89 liters. But if you omit the third row, then he immediately increases to 466 liters. By the way, removing the third row, formed a full flat floor. Moreover, the sum is still the second row, while continuing to create a flat surface. In this case, you can already accommodate 852 liters of luggage up to the line of windows and 1478 liters up to the ceiling.

Photos trunk 2020 Chevrolet Orlando the year


The car 2020 Chevrolet Orlando a few complete sets. Each of them has its own designation of the index LTZ, LT, LT + and the base LS.

Ordering a car in the basic equipment, you get:

  • the radio
  • air conditioning
  • Separately foldable seats 2 and 3 series
  • folding front passenger seat
  • with electric heating system
  • two airbags
  • ABC system.

Acquisition expensive (LT and LT +) will provide:

  • climate control
  • armrests for the front seats
  • stabilization
  • six airbags.

The top-end performance car is offered in addition to:

  • cruise control
  • rain and light sensors
  • parking assistant.

As options for a complete 2020 Chevrolet offers leather seats, DVD player and screens for the rear passengers, the navigation system. Plus extra charge in any of the complete sets are available mats, protective curtains and a variety of other accessories.


The car 2020 Chevrolet Orlando the year pleasantly surprised by not only its features and capabilities, but also part of the cost. So, for the version with petrol engine in the initial configuration will need to pay 760 thousand rubles. Maximum equipment will cost up to 910 thousand rubles.

Version with a diesel engine is traditionally more expensive – 990 000 in the LTZ package. Paying a little more than 1 million, you will get in addition to leather upholstery and modern navigation system, plus a premium audio system.


Orlando car built on the basis of GM Delta II platform, which is global and is used to build cars such as the Opel Astra, 2020 Chevrolet Cruze.

Photo Motor 2020 Chevrolet Orlando

Family minivan is offered with three different powertrains on the choice of the buyer, but only two motors are available in Russian. Diesel engine power 131 hp We decided not to deliver. But there are no less attractive gasoline and diesel engines.

  1. The petrol engine of 1.8 liters. Produces 141 horsepower, is equipped with six-speed automatic or five-speed mechanics. Weighing in at 1.5 tons, the car accelerates from zero to a hundred in just 11.6 and 11.8 seconds, depending on the case. Maximum speed at the same time – 185 kilometers per hour. This engine consumes 7.3 to 7.9 liters and mechanics with a machine gun in the combined cycle, but the city expected to increase to 10.5 and 8.7 liters respectively. However, as practice shows, the real consumption is 11-14 liters per hundred in the city.
  2. The diesel engine of 2.0 liters. Its capacity is 163 horsepower, comes with automatic transmission only six steps. Before hundreds accelerates the car in 11 seconds, but the maximum speed is already 195 kilometers per hour. Combined cycle consumption shows in 7 liters per hundred, but the city reaches 9.3-9.5 liters.


Well, many reviews of the owners make it clear that 2020 Chevrolet has released excellent family car, which largely meets the requirements of the modern consumer. Yes, the car suspension is tough enough as it was originally designed for high load capacity. When loaded the cabin is not strongly felt.

Novelty has a modest but elegant design, fully in line with his class, but does not look like a boring family wagon. A certain resemblance to the crossover does Shevvrole Orlando the year desirable acquisition for many fans of the brand and for those who simply appreciate in cars practicality and comfort.