2020 Chevrolet Colorado

Attractive as a model, functional as a Swiss knife. Pickup 2020 Chevrolet Colorado , ready to compete with crossovers and his “classmates”.

Strong and athletic, 2020 Chevrolet Colorado made his debut in . Outside view of the new generation changed to a great extent: coarse and square shapes are stylized and brought up to date. The front of the pickup truck looks brutal and imperious. All thanks to new headlights, a wide grille, which is bisected by a chrome insert, and sports bumper with “blanks” for protivotumanok. It should be noted that at the edge of the front bumper is a special plastic shield threshold. Profile Colorado looks very pleasant and harmonious. Inside the square wheel arches installed 16-inch wheels with six spokes. Automatic gas tank flap – a pleasant change in the new product. The only thing missing – a protective side sills. Sublime aft is equipped with vertical headlights, a powerful rubberized bumper with steps on each side, and a place to install the tow bar.

In the interior the driver and passengers come through the door-a-half baby’s undershirt. The front seats are quite comfortable, while the rear can travel only a few blocks away. The very nice interior design pleases the abundance of modern devices and good quality material fit. Before the driver, behind the steering wheel, is an informative instrument panel with on-board computer. On the center console, depending on the configuration, it can be installed head unit with small display or a 8.0-inch touchscreen MyLink multimedia system display. Another advantage is the excellent sound insulation cabin, which will not meet the competition.

Colorado tech list includes automatic differential lock, protection from rollover, collision warning system, a rearview camera and monitor system for lane.

In addition to its practicality, pick-up is able to comfortably ride at a cruising speed of 120 km / h. In so doing, it helps the 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that generates 200 hp power and 259 Nm of torque. This power unit allows you to haul loads of up to 660 kilograms with ease. Works engine is mated with a 6-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive or full. More expensive equipment will be equipped with 3.6-liter V6 engine with 305 “horses” power. The car has excellent handling and ride, which is good for everyday use. Another one big plus of the car, as compared to full-size pickups – the ability to easily park.

In the US, prices for 2020 Chevrolet Colorado model year will start with a mark of 21 000 dollars.