2020 Chery Tiggo FL – Convert crossover

No, unfortunately, 2020 Chery company has not released a new generation of its crossover 2020 Chery tigo FL. However, the car has gone through quite a significant and successful restyling. Indeed, now the 2020 Chery Tiggo FL looks even more attractive than its predecessor, was a more interesting design, but also a little moved away from its prototype, which is the Japanese Crossover Toyota Rav4. All are constantly joking and comparing the two cars. It was enough to change the nameplates on the body, and an inexperienced motorist would have been looking for, where Chinese, Japanese and where.

Let’s look at this case, a restyled version of the crossover from China, will discuss his external changes, consider the technical details, and more.


As we have said, 2020 Chery Tiggo FL was created based on the Japanese crossover image. Restyling version allowed a little bit away from Toyota, and get a more personal design.

Cherie tigo FL Photo

Ahead of the body took place the most significant changes. In fact, the old Tiggo there’s nothing left. Here you new lights, new, band daytime running lights, LED elements, a completely different bumper with a very expressive form and well-streamlined design. The lower air intake has become much more than in the previous version, as well as closed plastic elements, in the best traditions of the modern crossover. Very successful left trim grille, chrome surround received favorably accentuates the elegant design solutions. Add to this a neat hood with beautiful lines, and get an entirely new, more aggressive appearance Tiggo.

2020 Chery Tiggo FL Photo

But if you look at the car in profile, it gives the impression that in front of you again, the previous modification, to have dorestaylingovoy version of the crossover. Actually, there is nothing wrong with what’s designers did not change anything. Side of the car is always looked cool and distinctly reminiscent of Toyota’s crossover. Oh, it was too good Rav4, to the designers of Cherie make adjustments here and try to make it better. Of course, the point is, the changes, but nothing drastic.

Cherie tigo FL Photo

Behind the expected changes are not worth too much. If you look closely, you will see a new side lights, modified optics, LED arrangement in the same dimensions, rectangular brake lights on the sides of the rear. Actually, that’s all. But even these small details made it possible to make the car more interesting, fresh. Restyling like crossover has given youth.

To give some perspective on the size of the machine, we offer to get acquainted with its dimensions:

  • length – 4390 mm (105 mm longer dorestaylingovoy version)
  • width – 1765 millimeters
  • height – 1705 mm
  • wheelbase – 2510 mm
  • clearance – 190 mm.


Best of all, if you look at the photo of the car, as well as spend a virtual overview of using video on the renewed crossover from China.

Inside there are very pleasant change. Obviously, the car has become not only interesting from the outside, but more solid inside. finishing materials more expensive, nicer and richer architecture even in appearance. Experts say improved noise isolation, which is important for a modern car.

Cherie tigo FL photo salon

Driver will surprise the new steering wheel, now a multi-functional and has received interest from aluminum insert. The instrument panel is also completely new, has two pairs of dials, screens on-board computer. If any light readability at a high level, even a bit surprising, given the origin and value of the car, which we will discuss later.

Photo Interior Cherie tigo FL

Interior designers thought not only about giving the cabin a better appearance, but also how to have worked ergonomics. Controlled system on the center console to switch the music, turn the air vents and other elements easy and convenient, everything is in its place, nothing prevents the hand, which is nice.

Armchairs got elongated pillow, because of what has become a more comfortable fit. Anatomical shape, combined with lateral support create the required conditions for the convenience of the front row of the passenger and driver, allowing you to travel long distances without problems. The driver’s seat can be adjusted in six areas include heating. The only downside to the driver’s seat – is adjustable steering column, which can be moved in height only.

Photos trunk 2020 Chery Tiggo FL

Behind easily accommodate three passengers at once, and with the required comfort. Yes, the transmission tunnel can deliver a certain inconvenience, plus a sofa chair designed as two seats, but still comfortable enough to sit in the middle. Especially, if the building occupants – is two adults and a child. It is important to note the possibility to shift the entire range of the rear seat back and forth.

By moving the seat can be adjusted and the amount of luggage. Thus, when the standard position chairs the amount of luggage will be 520 liters. If they are to shift forward, then the volume will increase up to 790 liters. You can also fold the back row, but a flat floor not work, and increase the amount of free space is not essential.


Ever since the appearance of the first 2020 Chery Tiggo FL these crossovers were completed more than good. Moreover, even in the basic versions. Of course, against the backdrop of strong competitors Chinese crossover was necessary to take steps to get its customers. Over time, the Tiggo FL gained enough popularity. Despite this, the approach to the equipment has not changed, for which a special thank you Cherie.

So, restyled version of 2020 Chery Tiggo FL is available in two versions – Comfort and Luxury.

Comfort includes the following equipment components:

  • power steering
  • steering wheel with height adjustment
  • LCD board computer on the dashboard
  • with electric heating system
  • electric windows on all four doors
  • heated seats front and adjustments in six directions
  • air conditioning
  • signaling
  • central locking
  • parktronic
  • foglights, front and rear
  • sound system with the ability to play MP3 and CD.

Luxury Package in addition to the equipment of the basic version will provide:

  • sunroof and electric on him
  • leather
  • music system with built-in hard drive.

As you can see, 2020 Chery Tiggo FL equipment more than serious and rich. Even the so-called basic version includes such equipment, for which a number of manufacturers will request an extra charge, and high enough. Now we will introduce even with prices updated crossover, so that you may feel the attractiveness of the car.


  1. For the basic package with all the equipment listed above official dealers in Russia are asking from 555,000 rubles.
  2. For improved version will have to pay 575 thousand rubles.

As you can see, the prices are slightly different, and improved equipment does not include items specially required. Is that the interior made of leather.


Under the hood of the updated 2020 Chery Tiggo FL there should be four engines to choose from. Unfortunately, in Russia are imported crossover with only one power plant. However, we acquaint you with all engines, as later they drop off and promise to us.

  1. The petrol engine of 1.8 liters. Its capacity is 132 horsepower. The same engine was mounted on dorestaylingovoy version.
  2. The petrol engine which amounts to 2.0 liters. Its power – 138 horsepower. It is also an old acquaintance of the unit fitted to the previous version of the crossover. Only when buying 2020 Chery Tiggo FL with this engine can be ordered optional all-wheel drive.
  3. The petrol engine with capacity of 1.6 liters and output of 126 horsepower. This is representative of a new, more economical range of engines from 2020 Chery.
  4. Turbocharged petrol engine of 1.6 liters and 150 horsepower.

In the basic version, the engine is complemented by a manual gearbox five stages, but for a powerful turbo engine and has provided CVT.


Well, Cherie progresses and markets all the more interesting and fresh cars. Tiggo long I needed updating. Although the company did not produce a new generation, and cost only a restyling, the changes still occurred quite global. Starting from the exterior, ending with new powertrains.

2020 Chery Tiggo FL – is a comfortable, inexpensive, solid crossover, in which equally well move around the city and beyond. Availability of new motor allows to speak about the fuel consumption decrease, although on older engines with this no problems.

Perhaps the next generation of Cherie tigo appears after a couple of years. Until then restyled version of exactly stay relevant and in demand.