2020 Chery QQ in – a stylish Chinese cars

Before you compact hatchback 2020 Chery QQ , which can rightly be called a city car. On China’s car market appeared in March this year, the price of the translation from RMB to rubles amounted to about 188 thousand. In this review we look at the design and appearance of the car interior, consider the external dimensions, specifications, and so forth. Rate of Chinese design of the compact can be from photographs shown below.

It should be noted at once that no revolutionary innovations in the design of an updated version of the 2020 Chery QQ, you will not find. However (and it must be admitted), the CD became even more original and distinctive. It appeared certain style, characteristic only of 2020 Chery models. The precursor was also copied from the famous Chinese model Daewoo Matiz. The new version of Cheri Cucu received large dimensions if it grew out of its “short” pants. New dimensions are length, width and height of 3564.1620 and 1527 mm, respectively. Wheelbase 2430 mm.

Seen at close range, we will see a friendly front part of Cherie. The feeling that this is a kind of hero of the popular cartoon. Lights head optics resemble eyes are wide apart. On the sloping hood original vyshtampovki we see that something similar on the eyebrow. And completes the picture of the “face” of a large front bumper with air intakes, stretched reminiscent smile.

If you look on the CD side, it is clear that over the lateral part of designers have worked. We have before us the bright side, stylish vyshtampovki, window-sill line rising and opening the rear door handle, which originally placed on the glass frame. Openings doors have smooth outlines, they are large enough to provide a comfortable fit second-row passengers. Rear doors in general it should be noted separately so they were organically combined with a vertical stand roof and look simply beautiful.

Feed 4-door compact Chinese too bad. We see located high on racks taillights, tailgate glass door compact, bumper too large and has a smooth lines and elegant insert with additional LEDs.

According to the general opinion of the editorial board of our portal, Cherie Cucu looks very attractive. The designers were able to achieve that this hatchback is simply doomed to popularity among the fairer sex.

In addition, the manufacturer offers a body painted with bright, catchy and cheerful tones of enamel. You can order the body to stay in any of the ten colors: white, lemon, orange, silver, yellow, light green, red, blue, dark green, blue aquamarine.

All this taken together makes it possible to assert that the 2020 Chery QQ stylish cars, having only his inherent charm.

But Cheri Salon Kuku any frills no different. What is surprising is necessary to make a footnote in the low cost hatchback. Before us is a hard plastic insert cheap “aluminum”, the seat of the first and second series of unpretentious flat. However, the interior of the fabric looks pretty well and soundly. The driver’s seat is not very convenient and comfortable, but it is equipped with hydraulic steering. The dashboard is unhelpful, and the feeling that it copied from a cheap scooter. Also on the front panel you will find a couple of shelves for different things.

Front interior space enough to fit two adults with growth of up to 185 cm. Chinese developers claim that the interior is designed for five people. In fact, the seat of the second row in the best case, a more or less comfortable to be able to feel two passengers only.

The volume of the updated version of 2020 Chery Kuku luggage compartment too modest to 190 liters. But it is necessary to lower the second row of seats, and the volume increased several times up to 570 liters.

A little about the technical characteristics of the new 2020 Chery QQ, . The updated version of the Chinese engineers have kept the design of suspension predecessor. The front MacPherson strut classic. The rear suspension trailing arm. Brakes front disc, rear drum.

Updated “cuckoo” is equipped with a 3-cylinder gasoline engine of 1 liter capacity and 69 hp Motor aggregated with 5-speed manual or 5-speed “automatic”.

The engine for such a compact is quite powerful, it is not surprising that it can disperse the hatchback to 150 km / h. Claimed fuel consumption by the manufacturer at the speed of 60 km / h – 4.2 liters. 100 kilometers.

And now for the price. We have already said that the Chinese market it amounted to 37900 yuan. In recalculation on rubles, this amount has not changed much, and the Russian buyer CD offer for about 188 thousand. Rub. It is for the basic package. But there are more saturated. For it will have to pay a large amount of already about 253 thousand. Russian rubles.

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