2020 Chery IndiS – budgetary crossover

Another representative enough known to us the Chinese manufacturer 2020 Chery model IndiS, appeared in Russia in the summer of 2011 is therefore not surprising that in such a significant amount of time in this car have emerged as supporters and detractors, is enough to read reviews of the owners.

2020 Chery Indis photo

Today we will not listen to the arguments of either first or second, and try yourself to find out what is the 2020 Chery Indis – consider the specifications, appearance of cars, interior decoration, the cost, as well as all other relevant parameters.

  • Dimensions 2020 Chery IndiS, more than modest: length – 3866 mm, width – 1622 mm, height – 1638 mm, 2330 mm wheelbase.
  • At such sizes 2020 Chery Indis surprised and pleased with the value of the clearance of 180 mm (with the under edge of the fairing of its value reaches an incredible 230 mm!). The conclusion: cars explicitly designed taking into account local peculiarities.

For the “Indian” (which is a playful nickname got a car) offers producers fits perfectly in the base set of rubber tires 185 / 65R15. Depending on your choice of car equipment, also provides for the installation of iron (alloy) 15-inch wheels. For this car manufacturer has provided a variety of options 5 Body color: silver, white, gold, cherry, blue and agree a considerable choice.

Regarding the appearance of the 2020 Chery Indis can say with certainty that the car has a bright, memorable appearance in any way to call it boring language does not turn. In our opinion, it is this criterion is the “apple of discord” between fans and foes Indies because it is bright appearance someone attracts and repels someone.

So, before the car was expressive headlights covered with black plastic bumper, narrow slit false radiator grille. In short, the Chinese state employees looked quite friendly. On either side stand imposing doorways, direct roof, neatly covered with plastic wheel arch protection. Behind it stands a huge bumper, a large tailgate, against which hardly noticeable small marker lights and compact rear door glass.

2020 Chery Indis photo

Special attention is given exterior 2020 Chery Indis knowingly its development was entrusted to skilled Italian company Torino. To be honest, the only four passengers affected by the impact of the above dimensions can be accommodated comfortably in the crossover.

Photo of the front seats 2020 Chery Indis

The front seats are pleased with the practicality and comfort despite the visual “plane.” Located in the center of the dashboard is primitive and uninformative. This center console is made compact, and visually looks very “air”.

Photo salon 2020 Chery Indis

Naturally, all plastic interior quite budget, but the interior elements are assembled with high quality. As we have said, the place in the second row is very small, especially noticeable lack of it becomes if you wish to extend forward leg. The trunk is also turned malovmestitelnym a volume of only 275 liters. However, with the rear seats folded volume increases to 1000 liters.

Photos trunk 2020 Chery Indis

Note To remove the back seat, you must first remove the head restraints of the second row, and then move the front seats forward. As a result, the driver and front passenger seat is very uncomfortable because of lack of space.

Rear sofa 2020 Chery Indis

In Russia, 2020 Chery IndiS available in two trim levels, a set of equipment which shall be fixed and not subject to extension. In the basic version available radio connectors for USB, MP3, 2-and medium-quality speaker, ABS, 2nd bags, CH, alarm, air conditioning, hydraulic actuator, power windows (front), steering, trip computer, fog. ‘Higher’ budget-grade different: CD player (with 4 speakers), heated front seats and mirrors with electric and alloy wheels.

Interior 2020 Chery Indis has left an ambiguous impression: on the one hand good equipment and ergonomics, with another – low-quality materials, the sheer lack of space, a strange process of folding the rear seats.

Relatively new 2020 Chery IndiS (g.v.) Is equipped with only a petrol engine 1.3 liters. (83l.s.), but 2 GB: a standard 5-speed manual transmission, optional – automatic transmission. Suspension does not surprise back – torsion beam ahead – standard on McPherson struts.

Engine Specifications noticeably weak for the car, whose weight is almost 1,200 kg even get under way from a place of the parish. Constantly adding gas. Well, that suspension characteristics allow confidence to move even on rough roads. “Maximum speed” Indis – only 150 km / h, however, and it reaches its strained. In this “slowness” there are some plus costs for crossover more than a modest less than 7 liters. in mixed mode.

On the road behavior of the “Indian” is to be commended excellent cornering, keeps perfectly straight. However, at speeds greater than 120-130 km / hr., The steering wheel to become less responsive to commands.

Offer see a small test drive mini crossover 2020 Chery Inds.

Summing up the review, we note that the car turned out quite good for local roads, especially in view of the declared class and cost. 2020 Chery IndiS – quite comfortable, has a recognizable appearance, has an excellent ground clearance. But still, the main argument in favor of the crossover is the price. Today, it starts from 379 000 rubles. for the base car. The most expensive 2020 Chery IndiS, equipped with all possible “twists”, and received a robotic box will tighten at 439,900 rubles.