2020 Chery Bonus 3 (A19) – a contender for the leadership in the budget segment

2020 Chery Company is gaining popularity with each passing year. Of course, to the leading manufacturers of Chinese enterprises is still very far, but there are doing their best in order to win customers.

Regularly there are new models under the brand 2020 Chery. One of the latest innovations became 2020 Chery Bonus 3 (A19), better known in his homeland as a producer E3. This car has all chances to become a worthy competitor in the segment of low-priced sedans. However, this is not going to happen. At least in the Russian market. The fact is that today officially 2020 Chery Bonus 3 (A19) was officially presented in Russia was not, in contrast to Ukraine, where sales of the sedan has started this spring.

The car really deserves the attention. It is hard to understand why there is still no official dealers brought a novelty to us. Nonetheless, from this interest becomes more sedan. In this regard, we want to offer you together with us to understand all the nuances of 2020 Chery Bonus 3 (A19), to examine his appearance, specifications, and prices. This will tell if the Chinese sedan does have a chance of success, or Cherie doing the right thing, that does not carry a sedan in Russia.


To call this car a masterpiece of design creation difficult. No, he does not look bad. We can say that this sedan looks simple. It is a standard solution for Cherie. But even with this new appearance is not inferior to its competitors on the low-end segment.

2020 Chery Bonus 3 photo front

Ahead we see quite an interesting bumper, which also received an aerodynamic skirt, beautiful stamps and stylish fog lights. At least for that designers should have to say thank you. Not a bad optics, neat label manufacturer, teardrop-shaped exterior mirrors make the front of the sedan is quite lovely.

2020 Chery Bonus 3 photo Side

On the side there is a practical approach to design, as the Chinese did have provided large doors, which greatly simplifies the landing at the salon even close to people. Also, the car fits flat roof line, large wheel arches enough to allow to set completely solid on the radius of the wheel.

2020 Chery A19 photos back

The back part is made is also quite original, but something is still missing here. See for yourself in the photo or video review study 2020 Chery Bonus 3 (A19), and then you can decide for yourself what kind of defect has on the stern. Although to the trunk lid, rear bumper and optics difficult to find fault.

If we talk about the dimensions, the car fits in your segment and your class. Regarding the figures, they are as follows:

  • length – 4450 mm
  • width – 1748 millimeters
  • height – 1493 mm
  • wheelbase – 2570 mm
  • ground clearance (clearance) – 151 mm (on the standard factory 15-inch tires)
  • curb weight – 1208 kg
  • Fuel tank capacity – 42 liters.


It’s all as with the exterior. It seems to be nothing unusual, but also to criticize the interior is difficult. Inside does not focus on trying to create a unique interior, it does not use bright components, some causing elements.

Photo Show in 2020 Chery Bonus 3 (A19)

Developers had another problem. They wanted their 2020 Chery Bonus 3 (A19) was within an ergonomic, user-friendly, clear, comfortable. Actually, this has been and achieved. Everything seems in place, there are no questions regarding the location of various controls. The driving position enables access to all functionality.

Photo dashboard 2020 Chery Bonus 3 (A19)

Devices installed informative, and with a certain hint of sportswear. Perhaps so Cherie wanted to attract younger buyers. It’s no secret that not every young person can afford to buy an expensive solid sedan, but because we have to choose something from the budget segment. Given the interior and exterior 2020 Chery Bonus 3 (A19), the youth may have caught this sedan.

Photos trunk 2020 Chery A19

Moreover, the car will be of interest to those who are concerned about practice. For example, the volume of the luggage compartment in this sedan is good 500 liters and a large tailgate allows you to easily ship items to put bags and so on. Sam interior is spacious and designed for five seats, including the driver. For its class performance space is impressive. It should be noted that the back and front, even tall people cling to the ceiling crown will not be, and it is important at times. This seat is not on the floor, and picked up at a very comfortable level.

Photo of the front seats 2020 Chery A19

To trim down minimum claims. The database is a fabric upholstery, but you can order and interior made entirely of synthetic perforated leather. Used plastic is not oak, but quite durable and reliable. Perhaps the central console is not performed in the style of modern cars, but still require something of this from the budget sedan hardly worth it.

The rear seat in the car Photo 2020 Chery Bonus 3

We can say that the interior 2020 Chery Bonus 3 (A19) did not disappoint, and even allowed to feel some nostalgia notes. Comfortable steering wheel, a comfortable chair, good distribution of controls, good equipment makes this car attractive to prospective buyers.


While not really clear whether the car we sold, and which offer a complete set of manufacturer. Because right now we study the available options of equipment for China. There Cherie offers a sedan in four different trim levels.

The first version includes the following components:

  • fog lights
  • central locking with remote control
  • heated and power mirrors
  • on-board computer
  • windows for all windows
  • audio to four speakers
  • air conditioning
  • two front airbags
  • ABS and EBD systems
  • steel wheels 15 inches.

If you pay a little extra, you can buy a 2020 Chery Bonus 3 (A19) in a rich equipment, which are complemented by:

  • rear parking sensors
  • alloy wheels 15 inches
  • CD player.

The third value of equipment includes:

  • multifunction steering wheel
  • leather
  • touch screen with navigation, audio system, telephone and a rear view camera
  • front parking sensors.

Well Bonus 3 a top performance of 2020 Chery will allow the buyer in addition to all the above before to get even:

  • electric sunroof
  • front side airbags
  • tire pressure sensor.

As you can see, despite its budgetary affiliation, level of equipment is very, very high. Many manufacturers would not be superfluous to learn from the example of 2020 Chery Bonus A19 and to offer its customers a range of options already in the database. Although it is a wealth of configuration options, and at least for a fee and make the purchase of such vehicles priority over more expensive cars, in which the set of prerequisites have to re-buy for a fee, for the database there are too few options included.


As we have said, officially 2020 Chery Bonus 3 cars in Russia yet. Therefore, to talk about the prices, we can not for the Russian market. Nevertheless, let’s find out what prices are set at the low-cost sedan in China in terms of the more familiar to us dollars, because I believe in RMB somehow complicated.

Pictures sedan 2020 Chery Bonus 3 (A19)

So, for the basic version of the already known equipment in China asked about 8700 dollars. Over the following packaging cost you have to pay about another $ 600 on top. For predtopovuyu version of the manufacturer asks for another 600-700 dollars to more than, well, a top execution will cost 11 200 dollars.


Modern and innovative developments in the engine compartment company Cherie their customers does not spoil. And in this case we are dealing with a car built with front-wheel drive platform, independent front and semi-independent rear suspension.

  • As for the power unit, then there is available only a gasoline engine 1.5-liter that produces not very impressive 108 horsepower with a torque of 140 Nm. Gearbox also do not have to choose, because the engine is complemented by a manual transmission without alternative on five stages.

As the producer, with the engine of the sedan 2020 Chery Bonus 3 (A19) can be dispersed to a maximum of 175 kilometers per hour. This is typed first hundred in 11.5 seconds. If you go on the highway at a speed in the range of 100-120 kilometers per hour, fuel consumption figure will be about 6-6.5 liters per hundred kilometers. In the city of consumption traditionally increases. In this case up to 9.8 liters.


Here we met with the novelty of the Chinese manufacture and can make a definite conclusion. As the opinions of owners in Ukraine and China, the car came out pretty good and practical. Should I call him a dangerous competitor in the segment of low-priced sedans for our market? Hardly. We have enough models from different manufacturers that exceed Bonus. However, their customers will certainly find this sedan.

2020 Chery Bonus 3 (A19) photos

Should the company 2020 Chery to go to our market this model? Probably yes. For the amount of 400 thousand rubles is a decent car with solid features, good looks, and quite good technical characteristics.