2020 Chery Arrizo 7 (M16) – a solid sedan C-Class

By the summer of in the domestic market should see the new sedan 2020 Chery comes from China. At home, he was offered to customers under the name 2020 Chery Arrizo-7, and the model is sold quite successfully. In Russia, apparently, he gets more familiar name, consonant with the already known models – 2020 Chery M-16. As a result, the new sedan will be the flagship of the manufacturer in the Russian market.

2020 Chery M16 photo

2020 Chery M-16 can be attributed to the class C sedan, which has a more expensive appearance. In appearance can be seen numerous European features, which appeared due to the cooperation of Chinese designers with the former designers of branded European brands Daimler AG and Porsche – they are actively working on the exterior.

As a result, 2020 Chery M-16 looks like the car is stylish and aeerodniamichny, while not losing the European severity and characteristics of the male character. Dimensions auto enable to say that in front of us – one of the largest sedans of its C-class, emphasizing its higher status.

  • The length, width and height of the body make up the 4652, 1825 and 1483 mm respectively. Wheelbase – 2700 mm.
  • The curb weight Arrizo-7 weighs 1350 kg.

Now let’s take a look inside the cabin and see what is the interior of the 2020 Chery M16. The feeling that the design of the inside, especially when compared with the appearance, still disappoint. Salon Arrizo-7 is designed for 5 people, but decorated simply, the assembly does not differ a special quality, small parts are not well adjusted to each other. Designers used the multi-faceted form, which are especially noticeable on the front console. But it is not all bad: at the wheel 2020 Chery M16 multifunctional, informative instrument panel and stylish. Front seats are also quite comfortable.

2020 Chery Arrizo 7 photo salon

The luggage compartment is designed for 455 liters, the boot lid has a well developed mount damping system, you will not see bulky and clumsy loops.

Specifications. Initially, it is planned that the market will be supplied to 2020 Chery M-16 with one powertrain – a gasoline 4-cylinder aspirated 1.6-liter. and a capacity of 126 “horses”. The power unit is equipped with a 16-valve timing the DOHC, fuel injection-distribution, timing are system changes.

Peak torque – 160Nm, allowing the maximum speed 2020 Chery M-16 – 183 km / h. The motor is either a 5-speed gearbox, or with the optional stepless “CVT”.

But what is a Chinese manufacturer is silent, so is fuel consumption. We only know that on the Chinese roads Arrizo-7 for 100 km spends about 7,3l.

It is planned that some time after the appearance of 2020 Chery M16 is also equipped with a turbo engine with a capacity of 1.2 and 1.6 “liter”, as well as diesel unit volume of 1.9 liters.

2020 Chery Arrizo 7 photo

2020 Chery M-16 has a front-wheel drive only and is based on a modernized platform already known to us 2020 Chery M-11. Front suspension – independent, MacPherson strut. The rear – multi-link, too independent.

Pay attention to the sedan’s suspension – it was developed and tuned in close cooperation with well-known Lotus brand, the disc brakes and shock absorbers provide the Chinese Sachs and Bosch.

Note that the manufacturer from China, placing on the market 2020 Chery M-16, is set to come to a completely new level of quality products.

Now – configuration and price. 2020 Chery M-16 in the base fabric has a lounge, air conditioning, front airbags, electric windows, ABS and EBD, steering wheel hydraulic booster, parent audio device with USB and Bluetooth. More expensive are equipped with a cruise control, adaptive optics, a rearview camera, parking sensors, ESP system, leather interior, the latest multimedia Cloudrive entertainment system that comes with a touch screen of 7 inches and a navigator.

In China, dealers offer Arrizo Cherie-7 from 13 thousand. Dollars. Domestic car dealers promise to name and price, and a list of all complete sets 2020 Chery M-16 by the time begin selling sedan.