2020 Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo

Virtual, become real. Charming car from virtual racing Gran Turismo 6 – 2020 Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo was presented at the opening of the Frankfurt Motor Show. Daring, powerful and uncompromising car is unlikely to soon come off the assembly line, but your attention it clearly deserv


Thanks to the bold design, 2020 Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo has all chances to become the new icon of style for ultra-racing cars and win many prestigious titles for the company. Front, look at you, “demonic” the eyes of the larger LEDs, inspire fear. Radiator grille in the form of an inverted horseshoe mask resembles one of the villains of the film “Star Wars.” Powerful front splitter with lateral aerodynamic “blades” like a Formula One car design 1. Waking imagination “reactive” hypercar profile stands out due to its huge wheel arches, wheels with spokes rectangular, oval bulges that surround the door, as well as small side mirrors, in which can be seen rivals, lost on the horizon.

Aggressive design resembles the back of the Batmobile in the undulating forms of “hidden” broad shoulders LED lights. Logo 2020 Bugatti though is on a massive pedestal of carbon fiber, which is displayed below the four “fire-breathing” pipe exhaust system. But the most important element in a unique design serves a huge spoiler, which has a number of additional fixtures, including a strong stance, connecting with the roof spoiler. Such a daring design – this is an unspoken challenge that concept is ready to give up its competitors in the Le Mans race.

The company argued that the 2020 Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo was designed for six months. At the same time, the engineers in their design paid tribute to the classic 2020 Bugatti Type 57G Tank, which won Le Mans in 1937. Also, the company issued a statement that this model is the “head of the completion of the Veyron ‘2020 Bugatti and the beginning of the future.

Unofficial sources say that the “virtual” car get a W16 engine capacity of 1500 hp a pair of four-wheel drive and sport transmissions. In this case, the maximum speed will easily exceed the mark of 400 km / h. But do not forget, for such a “hippo” you always need to have their own fuel truck waiting in the wings. And while the concept of preparing for real life, you can get pleasure from racing simulator Gran Turismo 6.

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