2020 BMW X6M – proximity to perfection

It is said that ideal people do not exist. In fact, the concept of “perfect” is very controversial even in relation to the vehicle 2020 BMW X6M . Few cars all the experts and ordinary motorists unanimously called perfect. It’s impossible.

However, there are cars that do everything possible to get closer to

the title of the unattainable perfect car. And today a shining example of commitment to the ideal of a new generation of 2020 BMW X6M.

2020 BMW X6M2020 BMW X6M photo

New made its debut at the end of last year, and already in , in many countries available for purchase. In fact, we have an improved version of the standard kupeobraznogo crossover 2020 BMW X6 . However, it was too severe upgrading in order not to talk about it separately vehicle.

Machinery is a whole placer of emotions, none of which is not negative. To date, almost all the available information about the new product, and therefore in a hurry to offer a comprehensive overview of the unique Bavarian crossover 2020 BMW X6M year, in which we examine the change of appearance, look at the model shop, as well as consider the most important thing – the technical parameters SUV.


Appearance – this is the aspect that buyers pay the first consideration when choosing a new car. If the machine is not like the appearance, then consider it as an option for the acquisition of people just will not.

What happens if you look at the new 2020 BMW H6M? You fall in love with this monster at first sight. Nobody argues that the usual crossover X6 looks great, cheerful and modern. However, for the version with the letter “M” Bavarians have done even more.

Photos 2020 BMW front H6M

The front part is decorated with two brand “nostrils” from 2020 BMW, enclosed in chrome edging. They are literally connected to the head narrowed optics, which looks to its predatory LED eyes, like an animal on the hunt. Prey for the 2020 BMW H6M perform all come riding cars, catch up and overtake that’s not a problem, as the primary task for the crossover. Powerful aerodynamic body kit adds sportiness and aggression on the front bumper, which is made of a plurality of sections and larger air intakes. Few outside the box, literally under the head lamps, fog settled down LED lights. Solid ribbed hood attached to the front of the muscles and successfully completes the image of the machine when you look at it from the front.

Photos 2020 BMW X6M Side

Side of the magic continues. Powerful doors with impressive vyshtampovki, large wheel arches with no less huge wheels, the radius of which is 20 or 21 inches. Here 2020 BMW allows you to choose among an extensive list of alloy wheels unique design, developed specifically for this version of the crossover. Add to that incident on the aft roof line, compact three-section glazing, sports building exterior mirrors, and get the perfect profile magnificent car.

The back of the Bavarian crossover

Foods welcomes us exquisite optics, solid lean bumper, compact luggage compartment lid, and immediately the four tailpipes of the exhaust system. It looks amazing and great.

Despite a number of exterior changes, the emergence of an aggressive sports body kit, the dimensions remain as close to the original kupeobraznomu crossover. The only thing worth noting is that the standard ground clearance of 205 mm remains only 195 millimeters. This is done in order to improve downforce and show the sports car’s features.

If anyone is interested in curb weight, the 2020 BMW X6M for it is 2275 kilograms.


Changes inside the car is much smaller than the outside. However, and here they are.

interior architecture borrowed from the civilian version of the crossover. However, the finishing materials were at the “M-ki” more expensive.

2020 BMW X6M 2016 photo salon

Customers will be able to choose the finishes and the materials used independently of the three versions. Two types of front seats are also available. And both sports, with pronounced lateral support, excellent lumbar support and extensive possibilities of adjustment by the operation of the actuator.

Luxurious seats M-ki

Of notable mention innovations and new sports compact steering wheel, plus a set of pedals made of aluminum. Extended list of equipment available for the 2020 BMW X6M, allows a little differently perceive the inner space, to expand its functionality, as well as raise the level of ergonomics.

The trunk in the standard form

Roof Unfolded

Also it should be noted that 2020 BMW H6M manufacturer has provided a projection display unit, in which to display the image with the tachometer, plus show the optimum moment to change gear. Thus, the machine itself tells you how to most effectively use the capabilities of a powerful powertrain and transmission, which is attached to it.


As is known, the first premiered as part of the showroom in Los Angeles, after which the official European presentation in Geneva in November of last year. Both exhibitions are allowed to find out which equipment the car fall into the hands of their owners.

Complete version of the United States of America will be slightly different, but the European and Russian are the same of the most interesting equipment in the base 2020 BMW H6M can note the following.:

  • leather upholstery;
  • inlays in aluminum;
  • parking assistance system;
  • Stability;
  • adaptive climate control;
  • Launch Control system;
  • corporate information and entertainment complex 2020 BMW KonnektedDrayv;
  • electric front seat adjustment;
  • memory settings for the front seats;
  • Cruise control;
  • full power accessories;
  • set of airbags and so on.


As we have said, the car started to sell this year. And for the sale started at the end of March , the Europeans and the Russians are only now waited for this premium crossover kupeobraznogo from Germany.

In European countries, the novelty of asking at least 117 000 EUR in the base set. Current prices for Russian fans of the German brand and model 2020 BMW X6M in particular ranging from 7.8 million rubles. For more “packaged” complete with a scattering of additional equipment will have to pay about 9.5 million rubles.

Equipment Price Engine Box Drive unit
4.4 xDrive AT 7800000 4.4 petrol (575 hp) Machine (8) full

As you can see, the crossover is not cheap. However, this does not prevent him to diverge enormous circulation and bring a handsome profit to the manufacturer. The company 2020 BMW is not just chose the auto show in Los Angeles for the premiere of a crossover, because it is the United States of America acting as the main market for the charged SUV.

Luxurious appearance

Though to be frank, in Russia and there are many who want to become the owner of such a vehicle. And their desire to coincide with the financial possibilities. There are still rich people in our country, and therefore the successful sales for 2020 BMW X6M year is virtually guaranteed.


Here we are getting to the most important thing that distinguishes the new 2020 BMW X6M on the background of not only standard, “civil” 2020 BMW X6, but also competitors, who also took their place in the segment of charged kupeobraznyh crossovers.

The car is based on the all-wheel drive chassis with independent suspension, plus enhanced. Front double wishbone design is located, and the rear – multi-link with two legs running on pneumatics. With their help leveling trim body. It is also worth noting the presence of adaptive dampers under electronic control. Total available to choose from three modes – Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus.


For crossover use proprietary system xDrive all-wheel drive. All wheels installed ventilated disc brakes on the handlebars is electromechanical power.

The engine of the car is only one. Moreover, this power unit, which was completed predecessor 2020 BMW X6M. Engine 4.4 liter experienced quite serious modernization. In particular, he has a new system of variable valve timing, a different system of direct fuel injection, as well as two dual torbokompressora. As a result, from the previous 555 horsepower was 575 horses under the hood. And the torque increased from 680 to 750 Nm.

2020 BMW X6M Powerful petrol motor

Changes in technical stuffing affect the dynamics. The car takes just 4.2 seconds from zero to reach the mark of 100 kilometers per hour on the speedometer. In many ways, this acceleration ensure the effectiveness of the new vosmidiapazonnoy gearbox. It introduced sport tuning, plus the driver can change gear yourself using the paddle shifters.

If we talk about the maximum possible in terms of speed, everything is unchanged compared with the previous crossover charged – maximum speed remained at 250 kilometers per hour. However, this is not the true potential of the car, because the speed is electronically limited to Germans. With a strong desire from the electronic collar can be removed, but it is not recommended to do so. In addition, 2020 BMW offers additional options to purchase a special package, which limits raised to 280 kilometers per hour.

Privlekalny rear view

Pleasantly pleased on the background of such serious performance speed and power consumption. According to the manufacturer, instead of the previous 13.9 liters of gasoline, which 2020 BMW H6M expended an average of 100 kilometers, the new generation model boasts of consumption in an area of ​​11.1 liters per 100 kilometers in the combined cycle. Consequently, for its class, and its 575 horsepower, it is quite economical car.

Video Test Drive


New 2020 BMW X6M years – a true work of art from the German automaker. Let no car can not be called perfect, but this is the “Bavarian”, as no one else was able to get as close to perfection.

Nobody will be surprised if a new version of the 2020 BMW H6M that appears after the discussion in our review model would be even better, even more powerful and faster. However, there is today, and there are now. And at the moment this car is great admiration.

You can not dispute the fact that this is a very beautiful, elegant, but at the same time bold and sporty car with superb interior, has an impressive list of standard equipment. What can we say about the technical characteristics that affect not as powerful and dynamic as the ratio of horsepower and acceleration speed with the fuel consumption efficiency. Yet with 575 horses under the hood to spend 11 liters – it is a major achievement of engineers.

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