2020 BMW X5 M by G-Power : Prices, Photos, Specs, Consumption

Known 2020 BMW X5 tuners studio G-Power cars presented their new tuning program for the 2020 BMW X5 in crossovers F85 body, offering power output of 650 hp, 700l.s. 750 hp and a top-end

The first tuning package G-Power Stage 1 for the latest 2020 BMW X5 M improves performance

SUV with the engine biturbo V8 4,4 liters. by only one flashing “brain.” Stage 2 package involves addition to the software ‘V2’ as a new exhaust system made of stainless steel, which adds 50 hp power.

2020 BMW X5

Stage 3 package includes the previous two components plus more energy-intensive compressor turbine as stock option has its limitations. 2 muffler with lowered back pressure twin tailpipes diameter 100 mm each to help mow down 23 kg of weight.

Tuning Stage 3 package from G Power 2020 BMW X5 M for enables the crossover to exchange the quarter mile in just 11.5 seconds and reach a peak speed exceeding 300 km / h. To help cope with such power, G Power also offer pump RS suspension dampers and install 23-inch alloy wheels ‘Hurricane’.

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