2020 BMW X3 F25 (2020 BMW X3 )

In 2010, 2020 BMW presented in Paris, the new 2020 BMW X3 F25 – another worthy representative of the family X, produced by German concern. All the same impressive form – in German, discreet design, powerful body, plus a host of innovations – both in functionality and in the interior and exterior details.

Sure, the 2020 BMW X3 F25 – big fish, it is quite podnabrat in dimensions: length is 4652 mm, 1881 mm 2020 BMW got wide, and 1687 mm in height. The wheelbase was 2810 mm. In short, all the parameters in the 2020 BMW X3 F25 become greater than that of the previous model of the family.

But such “growth” had no effect on the ease and mobility of the car: on the contrary, he capped this as competitors and predecessors.

Trunk 2020 BMW X3 F25 also grew – by 70 liters – and now is 550 liters, while the rear seats folded – as much as 1600 liters.

Specifications 2020 BMW X3 F25 extensive, and divided into different configuration. We are talking about “stuffing” – namely, the engine, which is equipped with an iron horse. The most complete sets diesel engine (xDrive 20d, 20d Urban, 30d, 30d Lifestyle, 20d SE, 35d Basic), the rest – gasoline. All-wheel-drive assemblies, work in tandem with both manual and automatic transmission.

Complete sets to 30d are equipped with Twin-Scroll system, and have the following model gained Common Rail system and direct fuel injection.

The power of the engine depending on the configuration ranges from 184 hp xDrive in 20і and to 313 in the xDrive 35d.

As for the security of the car manufacturer has taken care by equipping it with new devaysa: now do not miss the speed limit sign will help a special system, and another one – track layout.

As for 2020 BMW X3 F25 interior – it is radically different from its predecessors. Substituted design of the front panel, console, steering wheel, seats – in a word, everything. As a result – more space and ergonomically designed, thoughtful driver’s workplace. Shop – leather and trim options – whether it’s “silver satin”, wood or aluminum – do not press and make design easy and fresh.

A stereo five speakers, high-quality climate control and other nice little things make the trip more comfortable.

In Russia, the price of the new 2020 BMW X3 F25 ranges from 1.835 million to R 2 400 000 F, depending on the configuration.

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