2020 BMW M4 with extended body : Prices, Photos, Specs, Consumption

Company Varis, together with tuning by Vorsteiner, presented a new sporty model 2020 BMW M4 with a bold aerodynamic kit.

Thanks Vorsteiner package tuners from Varis was able to create a strikingly powerful car. According to its specifications, this model is able to compete with som

e of the world’s best supercars and hypercar.

2020 BMW M4

It is noteworthy that the front suspension is made of plastic reinforced with carbon fiber, which contributes to a better car aerodynamics. The elongated bonnet, extended front and rear wheel arches, powerful engine, upgraded front suspension, a more aggressive and aerodynamic body – the main features of 2020 BMW M4.

Further changes include new front and rear wings, a set of five-spoke black wheels, a new rear diffuser and spoiler rising car.

The availability and the cost of parts for this model has not yet been made public.

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