2020 BMW M4 : Prices, Photos, Specs, Consumption

With the car 2020 BMW M4 is already familiar to many of you. Nevertheless, this sports car is now available in a new body with an open top – convertible.

Appreciate the new product is not difficult. It deserves the attention to his person. This is especially true connoisseurs of the Bava

rian automaker, as well as the speed of the fans.

Novelty really is attracting increasing interest, despite what has already managed to get acquainted with the coupe. The new M4 is clearly successful example on himself a new body with a soft top. Because it is worth considering a 2020 BMW from every angle.

Photos cool exterior 2020 BMW M4

Front – this is something for which you can fall in love with the car. Prey, daring optics with LED filling huge nostrils branded products that serve as dummy grille, a small label on the edge of the hood already done half the things. But do not forget about the powerful front bumper with air intakes, as well as about a lot of aerodynamic elements, a positive effect on the dynamics of resistance and counter the wind.

2020 BMW M4Photo 2020 BMW M4 back

Side view allows you to enjoy the true beauty of a convertible. Moreover, the new 2020 BMW M4 equally looks great as a top with a folded, and the folded roof in the trunk. Huge wheel arches, stylish alloy wheels, sport rear view with LED repeater exterior mirrors. Literally every detail makes the car more beautiful.


2020 BMW M4 Rear

The rear part reminds us once again that we face is not just a convertible, and the car with high dynamic capabilities. Trim the trunk, the stylish and elegant optics, two double exhaust system nozzle on the edges of the rear bumper. The car is amazing, to say nothing.

Photo salon 2020 BMW M4

Clearly behind the wheel of this car wants to be one, regardless of how it relates to the Bavarian automaker. Comfort here is literally everywhere and in all, as well as high quality, premium finish.

2020 BMW M4 interior photo

That there is only one multi-function steering wheel with three spokes, for which we offer the eye a fairly classic dashboard. She does not particularly notable, but still allow the traditional contours perfectly fit into the interior.

The center console was found between the routing color display, multimedia complexes, system climate control and music, as well as a number of other useful buttons to each other, certainly not in the way.

High-quality finish, the highest level of assembly, fitting every detail is just respect. What can we say, the Bavarians know how to make their cars efficiently.

Convenient shifter, comfortable armrest, useful buttons and switches on the center console between the front seats provide additional convenience to the driver and front passenger.

Front seats above all praise. The pronounced lateral support, excellent lumbar support, leg, adjusted headrest, a fairly high level of the frontal part, so that even tall drivers do not face the air flow during fast driving. All is left to chance, so bring any claims very difficult.

Rear sofa sedan

Well, maybe the second row does not shine and comfort is clearly not intended for landing large passengers. Although let’s be frank, 2020 BMW M4 convertible – this is clearly not the vehicle for a large family. This is a machine for two, compact trunk which would be enough to put your luggage there. If it is too much, the back row can be omitted, thus forming a more spacious and comfortable area for luggage loading.


In fact, talk about what it was the Bavarians had packed his new convertible 2020 BMW M4 convertible in the body – it is a long and largely meaningless. To list every option for a long time because of their very much.

Excellent optics with an attractive bumper

Nevertheless, we will try to name the most interesting:

  • sports seats;
  • heated front seats;
  • electric adjustable seats with position memory settings;
  • multimedia complex;
  • a powerful audio system;
  • multi-function steering wheel;
  • climate control;
  • Cruise control;
  • a complete set of security systems;
  • full power accessories;
  • various electronic aids, and so on.

The price of the new 2020 BMW M4

Of course, now the potential buyers want to know how much it will cost the purchase of this beautiful German.

Recall, the opportunity to buy a novelty in Europe appeared since the beginning of this year. Of course, not all countries yet, but still.

And the prices were largely voiced. Prepare to be that you will have to pay for its powerful, dynamic cabriolet premium of about 106 thousand dollars.

Yes, the price tag is really quite large. Because at the 2020 BMW may be some difficulties in the market, because they are literally on the heels of other convertibles come no less well-known manufacturers – Jaguar and Porsche.

Engine Power (hp) Price (thousand rubles.) Fuel Flow rate (g / m / s)
3.0 MT 431 4488 petrol 12.4 / 7.2 / 9.1
3.0 AMT 431 4798 petrol 11.5 / 7.1 / 8.7

Specifications 2020 BMW M4 2016 2017

Talking about the technical characteristics of 2020 BMW cars – this is one fun. Their car is always different excellent dynamics, excellent performance capacity. And recently a lot of attention is paid to efficiency.

Convertible was able to absorb the greatest strengths of the Bavarian automaker.

Under the hood of new items placed three-liter engine, complete with a turbocharger. This allowed to remove from the six-cylinder engine an impressive 431 horsepower with 550 Nm of torque.

Engine 2020 BMW M4

2020 BMW M4 Convertible can accelerate to the level of one hundred kilometers per hour from a place in just 4.4 seconds. This is somewhat less than that of a coupe, but due to the presence of additional 70 kilograms of weight because of the design of the retractable roof. Although called a weak dynamics of dispersal do not dare.

In an automatic transmission used semidiapazonnaya DCT.

The manufacturer has limited the maximum speed of an electronic collar because above 250 kilometers per hour, you can not be dispersed.

The car, with a slight weight in 1790 kgs, consumes per 100 kilometers traveled path only 7.3 liters of gasoline over the combined cycle.

As you can see, convertible not only has an excellent dynamics and a powerful engine, but also to be able to properly consume fuel. Of course, if you continually squeeze the maximum speed of 2020 BMW, consumption will increase by several times.

Video Test Drive 2016 2020 BMW M4 2017


Convertible – a true pleasure to drive. This body can fully enjoy all the delights of a modern car. And 2020 BMW like nobody was able to show it, releasing its own convertible 2020 BMW M4, built on the basis of the same name coupe.

Should I buy a car? If you want to become the owner of a prestigious, high-speed and incredibly beautiful car, it certainly is. Of course, if you’re willing to part with more than 100 thousand dollars.

Recall, the main competitors for 2020 BMW’s new products are the UK and Germany the same – Jaguar F-Type and Porsche Boxter GTS. Their price tags are somewhat lower and that is the main problem for the Bavarian automaker.

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