2020 BMW M3 (F80) sedan new charged

Presentation of the updated “charged” 2020 BMW M3 F80 Sedan with body took place on December 12 last year, together with the coupe the M4 the 2020 BMW (the F82) . A world premiere of both cars for the general public took place in early at the Detroit auto show.

Picture 2020 BMW M3 F80 – year

However, the first official pictures of the new generation 2020 BMW M3, developed on the basis of the 3rd F30 series, were published the day before the official premiere. The car was very aggressive-looking front bumper, branded discs for wheels of 18 inches (even larger – 19 inch available as an option), vertical slots of several air intakes located on the front fenders, chrome exhaust pipes and spoiler on the trunk lid.

2020 BMW M3 F80

Under the hood is a 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine and a twin-turbocharged, capacity up to 431 liters. from. at a torque of 550 Nm, which is available in a very broad range from 1850 to 5500 rev / min. Which is 150 Nm and 11 liters. from. greater than that of its predecessor, which has 4.0-liter V8. The engine can be combined with a six-speed manual gearbox or a robotised manual M-DCT 7 speeds, equipped with special paddles.

The interior of the 2020 BMW M3 F80 photo

From zero to hundreds of the sedan, equipped with a manual gearbox can accelerate in just 4.3 seconds (which is as much as 0.5 seconds faster than the 2020 BMW M3 E90), and modification with M-DCT transmission spends on it is only 4.1 seconds. Top speed in both cases is limited to a traditional built-in electronics to 250 km / h, however, the installation of M Driver’s Package allows you to forcibly raise the bar up to 280 kilometers per hour.

2020 BMW M3 F80 photo

The total weight of the updated 2020 BMW M3 F80 designers were able to keep within the limits of 1.5 tonnes, helped by a lighter version of the engine, carbon fiber roof and trunk, hood and doors are made of lightweight aluminum. According to the manufacturer, the average fuel consumption of the sedan in a combined cycle is 8.8 liters per hundred km with manual gearbox, or 8.3 liters – with an automatic transmission. It is also noted that both versions are equipped with the function “Start / Stop” indicator suggests the optimal time for manual gear change and brake recovery system.

Picture 2020 BMW M3 F80 Sedan

As an additional option for the 2020 BMW M3 (F80) buyers can order the installation of powerful carbon-ceramic brake discs (they are easily recognized by the calipers with a characteristic golden color). The basic equipment is included solely controlled differential on the rear axle, specially configured stabilization system and electric power steering, which has three operation modes (Sport, Sport Plus and Comfort).

In addition, the sedan will come with an upgraded chassis with significantly reduced ground clearance and slightly extended track and a specially developed for this model system for added engine cooling. For a fee, an updated version of the M3 can be equipped with a system of “Smokey Burnout”, which allows you to smoke the tires when driving at very low speeds or with a sharp start from a place. Exactly the same “chip” which was presented recently and received a Ford Mustang 6.

Interior car is designed with classic recipes. From salon series “treshki” it is distinguished by the insertion of aluminum and carbon fiber, three-spoke M steering wheel, sport seats, revised instrument panel, and a special application called M Laptimer will enable motorists to analyze your own style of management from any smartphone. European sales of the Autonovelties start already this spring, the price 2020 BMW M3 F80 data is still there, however, in the opinion of competent experts estimated it would be about 65 thousand. Euro.