2020 BMW July : Prices, Photos, Specs, Consumption

Easier, more powerful, motivated 2020 BMW July. German flagship demonstrates the uncompromising force, fighting spirit and provides its owner with its own “galaxy” in the rear seats. Here is the apogee of luxury – the new 2020 BMW 7 Series in .

In the summer of , the audience for the first time saw, how it will look mighty flagship “shark» 2020 BMW July, dictates its own rules.
Externally, the sixth generation of the iconic business sedan 2020 BMW July Series model year has not received the changes, which is not about the technical “stuffing”, which makes the car more luxurious, comfortable and functional. Front look at you the power lights and swollen “nostril” grille. The conservative design of the front bumper is decorated with LED lights and thin chrome strip. model profile is maintained in strict lines and shapes, but the “feed” Conversely, sports a powerful tailpipes, muscular bumper and LED headlights, which connects the chromed “bridge”.

It is worth noting that the model was 86 kg easier through the use of a plastic structure, carbon fiber reinforced.

2020 BMW July

The most interesting is the interior of the model. The whole interior is saturated with literally a luxury: soft leather, which finished with 80% of the total space, sport aluminum inserts, complemented by precious wood. Before the driver is a digital 12.3-inch on-board computer that displays all the necessary information, which may also duplicate the projection display. By the way, the trip computer backlight depending on the selected mode of motion: the sports it glows red, eco – blue and relaxing comfort mode pleases white backlight. Another 12.3 inch display in the center console is slightly turned towards the driver so that he did not feel deprived of high technology. Despite this, the company did not forget about the tactile control buttons, which are made of metal.
The rear seats look better than the most expensive royal thrones and also offer many interesting features, including a soft cushion as a headrest, 8-mode massage and personal climate control. Among the innovations should be mentioned 7-inch touch panel control car and optional 10-inch displays, which are “hung up” on the backs of the front seats. End your will be a huge glass roof, the giver of beautiful panoramic views, a charming music.

No less luxurious looks and engine compartment of the 2020 BMW July, the owner promises impressive 445 hp power and 650 Nm of torque, which generates 4.4-liter V8 double turbine. Flawless 8-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive system, allowing two-ton sedan to accelerate from zero to hundred in 4.5 seconds. The company also announced a hybrid sedan models with fuel consumption at 2 liters per hundred 2020 BMW July.

Cheapest equipment will cost you 5.29 million rubles. For “long-legged” version will have to pay already from 6.85 million rubles. The result – a new, exuding confidence 2020 BMW July, very dangerous competitor for the Mercedes-Benz and the Audi .