2020 Audi Sportback PC3 : photos videos price and specifications

December of this year, has become quite a landmark for the company 2020 Audi Sportback PC3. Recently, one of the most famous car manufacturers from Europe, presented the second generation of its 2020 Audi Sportback PC3. Although the show is not an official, the company still has declassified a l

ot of useful information.

World premiere of new items scheduled for March next year. As you know, at this particular time is a traditional Geneva Motor Show.

It is noteworthy that the first generation of RS3 made its debut just seven years after on sale ordinary civilian version of the A3. In the case of the second generation of the 2020 Audi did not tighten. Recall index A3 8V appeared in the spring of .

Try to understand exactly what version of 2020 Audi PC3 Sportbek different from the usual, what innovations was charged car, see photos and videos, as well as interesting facts hidden under the hood of new items.

Mesmerizing appearance 2020 Audi Sportback PC3

If you look at a photo and video materials, it becomes evident that the designers have done a painstaking and largely dot work. Radical innovations compared with no new A3.

2020 Audi Sportback PC3Photos 2020 Audi RS3 Sportback Front

However, the front end now wears a stylish new grille trim, topped with an elegant glossy black mesh. Of course, it caused an inscription that fascinates all fans of 2020 Audi and makes competitors nervous – Quattro. The front bumper has turned quite aggressive and athletic, of course. The stylish inserts on the sides only add appeal.

The side of the PC3 Sportback

Side view opens eyes to vyshtampovki neat, nice door, slightly curved roof line, all this is easily visible in the photo. Exterior mirrors have a new body and looks very well on car background. The ideal radius of the wheel arches perfectly highlights no less perfect wheels. Apparently, 2020 Audi provides a choice of design drives.

RS3 Sportback rear

The back part was an aggressive spoiler, a notice on the photos, has got a powerful diffuser. For the sound and appearance of the exhaust system will meet the two oval pipe. Note that they look really cool, and the emitted sound – it’s not fisheries specialists in the sound, and the sound of a thoroughbred powertrain. But let’s talk about it later.


Length 4254
Width 1777
Height 1401
Wheelbase 2596
Front track 1535
Rear track 1511
wheel size 225/40 / R18

Excellent interior

Peering inside 2020 Audi RS3 Sportback, once you understand what the German quality and a high level of ergonomics. Yes, it can, in some components of the Germans began to pass or the competitors have started to press. Anyway, for some reason, a lot of negativity poured lately towards companies such as 2020 Audi, Mercedes.

Photo salon 2020 Audi RS3 Sportback

The center console

But when you look at such an interior (even in the photo) is made in the case of the 2020 Audi Sportbek PC3, you know that such a machine would be desirable to possess, it would be desirable to go every day.

driving Area

In the first place, the driver should be like a new sports steering wheel with a very comfortable grip to the rim. On the pedal set a special metal plates, and the interior was decorated with carbon fiber, Alcantara and Nappa leather.

Qualitative chair


The standard seats have a pronounced lateral support, a comfortable headrest and everything necessary for the driver and front passenger to feel well. If desired, conventional chairs can be changed to sports buckets. They frame made of carbon fiber, and their weight is 7 kilos less.

Rear sofa

Back row spacious enough, enough space in all directions. Deploy a threesome is not difficult.

Options and Prices

We’ll have to wait for the official presentation, which will be held in the spring in Geneva. Only after that the company should announce when the car will be available in Russia, whether it intends to deliver 2020 Audi novelty to us. Accordingly, there will be data and relative equipment.

Equipment Engine Price Fuel Drive unit Consumption
S3 2.0 MT 2380 petrol full 9.1 / 5.8
2.0 AMT 2450 petrol full 8.8 / 5.9

At the moment, not much is known. So, for Europe an estimated price of 50 thousand euros. This first batch of 2020 Audi PC3 Sportbek go to the official European dealers only next summer. About equipment, unfortunately, even for European consumers have not been announced.

Technical characteristics of the 2020 Audi Sportback PC3

Interestingly, with all the splendor of specifications, the manufacturer is positioning its charged hatchback as a vehicle for everyday use. It is true, although this really hard to fit in the head. Especially when you know that the news under the hood, and what it demonstrates the dynamic performance.

Let’s start with the fact that 2020 Audi finalized its Quattro system, resulting in its increased efficiency but also reduced weight by 1.4 kilograms. The engine is equipped with a base recovery system, oil pump with the ability to manage its performance. All this is possible to achieve consumption of 8.1 liters per hundred kilometers in the combined cycle. Motor fully complies with stringent Euro 6 requirements.

What kind of engine this turned out?

Under the hood of the 2020 Audi RS3 Sportback second generation will be located, in fact, the same engine that is used when a predecessor. This 2.5-liter engine. Due to its modernization and improvement of turbine manufacturers to increase output to 367 horsepower and torque to 465 Nm. For comparison, previously only powerplant gave 340 horsepower and its torque was 450 Nm.


During engine operation and the movement of robotic meets seven-speed S Tronic. To accelerate from standstill to mark one hundred kilometers per hour on the speedometer, the charged hatchback takes only 4.3 seconds. Do predecessor it took 4.6 seconds.

As always, 2020 Audi has limited the maximum speed of an electronic collar on a mark of 250 kilometers per hour. For this extra stop several weaken, resulting in accelerated it can have up to 280 kilometers per hour.

Well, the engine looks really impressive. But most of all impressed by the specialists from Mercedes. And all because the new generation 2020 Audi RS3 Sportback has managed to surpass the performance of the car Mercedes AMG A45. He had to sprint from zero to hundreds of takes 4.6 seconds. Consequently, a German surpassed another.


However, now it is reported that the alliance and Mercedes AMG are working to improve the model. And all because of the fact that 2020 Audi has done. In the near future, to all appearances, we learn about the release of a new modification of the A45 AMG, which will be able to overcome the bar in 4.3 seconds to accelerate from zero to hundred kilometers per hour.

Video test drive 2020 Audi RS3 Sportback


2020 Audi has once again managed to please and surprise. Yes, until the official premiere took place were not made public, and a complete set prices, to give an objective evaluation of new items too early to fully.

Nevertheless, we can not hide the fact that shortly amazing hatchback will be available with excellent dynamic performance. Could anyone suggest a few years ago that the power at 370 horsepower consumption will be a total of 8 liters. Let the combined cycle, but nevertheless.

Picture 2020 Audi Sportback PC3

2020 Audi Sportback PC3 – it is one of the best car manufacturers today. They manage to create a very attractive car, equip them with excellent motors provide excellent build quality. For this, you can pay the money that the company asks. Such vehicles would be desirable to possess. But in fact they have you.

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