2020 Aston Martin DB10 – Price, Consumption, PHOTOS, Technical Sheet

Another premiere 007 not without the presentation of the new Bond car. On the roads of the UK and Switzerland, he traveled under the close supervision of the director’s camera, the new 2020 Aston Martin DB10. Only 10 cars were built for the filming of the movie 007 Spectre. So let’s quickly get acquainted with at least one of them, until they were defeated, not burned or drowned when the next trick.

You just think, cars 2020 Aston Martin escorted Bond adventure over many years of long film 24, which has grown at least a few generations of viewers. If a long time ago, Sean Connery drove the legendary Silver Birch 2020 Aston Martin DB5, the spectrum in the film, Bond has appeared behind the wheel of the new “chariot”.

2020 Aston Martin DB10

2020 Aston Martin DB10 – a modern and unique coupe having sports and classic features simultaneously. Externally, the model is quite different from the current generation Vantage and DB9. Front, DB10 is a bit like an alien: pointed headlights have a “look” cold-blooded and senseless killer, and a huge hood done a lot of “stab” the air intake holes. Classical grille became larger in size and is now located closer to the road surface. Side of the hood becomes apparent how much was raised and moved back cabin, which almost immediately “flows” into the trunk. On wheels mounted 20-inch wheels with spokes of the blade; between them is the threshold of the bonds of carbon fiber. Also, the profile of 2020 Aston Martin design captivates the side mirrors on carbon “pedestal” and built into the back of the door handle. Due to thin, darkened headlights, the rear side of the sports car looks a bit grim. At the bottom of the rear bumper, a pair of exhaust pipes, surrounded by carbon “frame” with a massive ledge above. Also, note the small aerodynamic channel made on the roof of the British gentleman.

Predvarietlno, Long-2020 Aston Martin DB10 will receive a 4.7-liter V8 engine, but what will be its characteristics and how it will operate the transmission, at the moment it is not known.

Incidentally, the film will be another new pride of the British car industry – Jaguar C-X75. But this car you will find out a little later in our future reviews.